How to increase the performance of your wireless network

“Wireless networks are so ubiquitous that many of us rarely pay any attention to their setup. For a lot of us, as long as we can get on the Internet, then that’s all we need,” Jordan Merrick writes for Mactuts+.

“However, it’s likely that your wireless network isn’t anywhere near as good as it can be,” Merrick writes. “With some simple tweaking, and some great utilities from the Mac App Store, we can make sure it’s the best in the neighborhood!”

Merrick writes, “So we can make the best changes possible, let’s see what we’re dealing with. There are a few questions we need to answer before we start optimizing our wireless network…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. A good guide for the non-techie …

    Here’s a clue for within the article:

    7. If your router has antennas, make sure they’re securely connected.

    HULLO, don’t all things wireless have antennas? I think the word for which the author (honestly) forgot was “visible”. LOL

      1. Just out of curiosity, what is so important that requires you to be using wi-fi while mowing? Mowing is supposed to be a pleasant outdoor activity, getting some exercise, smelling the scent of fresh-mown grass, etc. I wouldn’t want to spoil all that by being tied to an iDevice.

        1. Jeff II, some people don’t look at “being tied to an iDevice” as a negative. Sure, there is something to be said for the terrible watering of eyes, sneezing, and such brought on by the smell of fresh-mown grass, but some people like to take pictures of the beauty of the day to save or send to someone else for gloating. Having an iDevice handy when you must call for help in the middle of a moose attack (or moose wannabes if you just have attack-deer around) adds yet another reason to be “tied to an iDevice.”

    1. Are you stupid? The author means exactly what they wrote. Lots of antennas are removable. Make sure they are securely connected. There is a big difference between visible and securely connected.

          1. Good for you.
            Now, before you call someone a dick, read the article and try to understand what the conversation is about.

            The author made a slight error and gary caught him. No big deal, just good humor.

            ALL routers have antennas, only some are removable. Clear?
            Let me help…

            “If your router has antennas, make sure they’re securely connected.”

            See?. He should have said “If your router has REMOVABLE antennas, make sure they are securely connected.”

            Again, no big deal until Dick got all excited and up in arms….so to speak.

            Say no more…..apology accepted.

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