Why Apple stores are raking in bags full of cash and nobody can crack the code

“Apple’s stores are leading the retail industry in revenue per square foot, and none of its competitors seem to be able to crack the code,” Geoff Duncan writes for DigitalTrends.

“According to RetailSails, Apple Stores generate more revenue per square foot than stores operated by high-end jewelry retailer Tiffany & Company. That would be impressive in its own right – Tiffany & Co. is the leading retail diamond merchant and came in number two in RetailSails’ metrics,” Duncan writes. “But Apple didn’t just beat Tiffany, it trounced the poor jeweler: RetailSails estimates Apple stores pulled in $6,050 per square foot, compared to $3,017 per square foot for Tiffany & Co. Other retailers didn’t even come close.”

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Duncan writes, “Given that Apple stores have been around since 2001, why haven’t other retailers been able to copy the experience and try to beat Apple at its own game?”

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    1. Yes, YOU have “cracked the code.” All the stuff mentioned in the article is VERY important. But it’s NOT more important (for generating sales) than actually having products customers want to buy.

    2. It’s easy for Apple to maintain sky-high revenue per square foot when the stores are always jammed with people. Could this be a reason why Apple is slow to expand the sizes of existing stores—that topping Tiffany’s is high-luster free P.R.? On the other hand, doubling the store footprint with the same customer volume would halve the revenue ratio, and the headlines would trumpet imminent doom. At least until additional folks showed up. “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded” – Yogi Berra

      Another reason to leave the old stores alone is that opening new stores has higher marginal value. Not only does it expand Apple’s geographical reach, but also every opening is a spectacle, generating more free press coverage and arousing consumer interest.

      Still, those old, crowded stores need attention because ultimately Apple is a brand, one that needs sparkle to work its magic. Apple’s focus seems to be on conquering new lands, but it needs to keep the home fires burning too.

            1. Naaa… we did very well (or were very lucky) the first time around. Unlike our esteemed “leaders” of the past century or so, Ol’ George knew when enough was enough.

              It’s just been downhill ever since then.

            1. Botvinnik, please keep reminding us that we live in a new world where Emporer Obmambo from Kenya is the new brown messiah surrouded by his criminal gang and we must all lean forward daily to receive his filthy communist blessings shoved up our ass.

              All hail Emporer Oscumbo the Kenyan!

            2. Ubermac — So much small-minded poison; so little ability to articulate anything meaningful.

              “This is a Mac news site. On that count alone, fuck off.”

            3. I don’t know who’s worse–botvinnik or
              Ubermac …are you guys off your meds or something??? Or perhaps listening to too much Rush Limburger? LOL

  1. Wall Street insists Apple’s days are nearly over because most consumers will be buying $50 Android smartphones and $100 Android tablets because they’ll be getting more features for less money. This is supposedly the last Christmas for Apple’s high sales. It’s being claimed that there’s nothing left in Apple’s product pipeline because Steve Jobs is no longer alive.

    When a company such as Apple only warrants a P/E of 12.94 yet Microsoft has a P/E of 14.97, you know Wall Street has already declared Apple as having nearly no future.

    1. Do you even have a clue as to what your talking about when it comes to Price to Earning ratio?
      As far as who’s selling more, anyone who’s relevant will pay up for quality. All others will settle for android. Btw market share of the Zune…,er, um Lumia phones will eat away at android more so then iPhone. Now go and run along 🙂

    2. And yet, somehow Apple continues to have record revenue and earnings each year-over-year quarter. Apple has historically only come out with a new direction in technology every 5 to 7 years. They just comparatively recently introduced the iPad. It’s a bit pre-mature to say they’re out of ideas.

    3. Too bad there is no connection between the real world of the marketplace and the fantasyland of Wall Street.

      We all might be far better off if there were… by which, I mean Wall Street being connected to reality.

    4. PEG (ratio of P/E to growth rate) is a better metric than just P/E. A high or low P/E can be justified by circumstances, or it can be driven by unreasonable pessimism or irrational exuberance. When you compare a company’s P/E to growth, you get a better idea of whether the company is over or undervalued relative to its past (trailing) or estimated future (leading) growth rate. Apple has grown very fast over the past five years, and it’s PEG shows that it has been consistently undervalued. The market drivers cannot seem to believe that Apple’s revenues and profits can continue to grow year over year, even when faced with reality. As has been demonstrated, we know a lot more about Apple than does Wall Street.

  2. Its a lot of things. The Genius Bar breeds trust, and that is marketable, because people will buy where they trust, plus real ly top quality service. I went in to buy an iPhone, and put it off for three days, and the gal who waited on me KNEW that I had been there a few days before . There was a hitch in updating with Verizon and she stuck with me. I never have that kind of retail experience anywhere else. And when my five year old iMac locked up, I went in and the guy cleared the problem in 10 minutes. Yea, the products are unmatched, but why would I ever consider buying elsewhere?

  3. It is because companies have a hard time turning away from dollars and cents and towards customer service. The difference is company culture. No one motivates you like yourself, and when you are in a culture that focuses and customer service and not dollars and cents, you end up with success.

  4. This is hardly news. Apple Stores have been leading retail for years now.
    Maybe the real news is that they continue to do so and signs of slowing down are not occurring.

  5. .. you know like all the other electronic retailers

    I bet it will STILL outsell the other dudes, perhaps not to the level of twice Tiffany’s but still outsell them.

    that’s because they have products people WANT

    man, people line up on start day at run down god awful ugly miserable phone stores to get an iPhone, and others go there every day to see if they have stock. The reason those phone stores don’t make more per square foot is that they also have bins of black berries etc that nobody wants that they have to write off , deal with android returns (many times higher than the iPhone) and waste time on support ( “how do I load my desktop MS Office onto this Windows Phone? Windows is unified right? )

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