Steve Jobs’ ‘Mothership’ Apple campus delayed until mid-2016

“Apple Inc. said the construction of a new spaceship-like headquarters with a circular design in Cupertino, California, won’t be completed until mid-2016, later than originally projected, as the company revises its plans,” Peter Burrows reports for Bloomberg.

“The iPhone maker included the new timetable in an updated proposal it submitted to the city on Nov. 14. While Apple, the world’s largest company by market value, had wanted to break ground on the 176-acre campus this year, the city may not complete its environmental impact report until June, and Apple may not be able to start work until 2014,” Burrows reports.

Burrows reports, “In its original plan, the company said it envisioned moving in by 2015. The new document includes no major changes from the ambitious plan that Steve Jobs presented to the city council in June 2011, four months before his death. Apple submitted revisions that will let it complete the project without having to truck out any dirt, and wants to move a free-standing, 1,000- seat auditorium farther away from one of the surrounding roads than in the original plan.”

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA


Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA
Apple's "Mothership" Campus 2 - Street view from East Homestead Road

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA

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MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs presents the campus plans to the Cupertino City Council on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at the Cupertino Community Hall:

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  1. Is it any wonder that manufacturing isn’t coming back to America any time soon. In China, they can build a 200 storey building in 90 days. In California it takes 5 years to build a 4 storey corporate headquarters. There’s some awesome red tape for you.

    1. oh cut the crap. The crap they build in China is junk. The construction is junk, the materials are junk and the labor is too cheap to maintain a decent lifestyle.
      We don’t have manufacturing here for a number of reasons, none of which has to do with building a manufacturing plant.
      – 2016-2013 = 3 years, not 5.
      – This will be the most advanced office space ever built
      – If zoning takes a bit longer, so be it. The construction may or may not have to be postponed for a number of reasons, including weather.

      Prefab and modularity can help speed things up a bit, but in now way is it safe to build a building in 90 days.
      Stop comparing the US to the most rich 3rd world nation. Would you compare yourself to toddler? No. So don’t compare us to China. It doesn’t do us any good.

    2. The former H-P Campus is filled with buildings loaded with Asbestos- a known carcinogen. Asbestos removal is a necessary step prior to demolition.

      Would you rather Apple build it and then find out the campus is contaminated and every employee has been exposed to a lung cancer causing agent?
      Sure China can build it in 90 days, they also have put anti-freeze in dog food and lead paint in children’s toys shipped to the US.

      Those ‘job killing’ regulations so-called conservatives are always bitching about were mostly created after a human toll of death, disability or injury was inflicted on a significant number of people. Prior to those regulations we had rivers catch on fire (Cuyahoga River), workers burned to death (Triangle Shirtwaist Factory) & blown to bits (Washburn Mill), etc. It also got the lead out of gasoline and paint.

      Do you really want to regress to the Gilded Age?

      Most governments could do a better job co-operating with industry, but all too many are more than willing to cut corners that put the lives of workers, customers, and bystanders at risk. We need well thought out regulations that are regularly reviewed, evenly enforced and not designed to impede law abiding commerce.

    3. “China can *pretend* to build the world’s tallest building in 90 days” is more like it.

      Regardless, the fact that “work” continues on the World Trade Center 11+ years later is a NATIONAL DISGRACE for all involved, regardless of party.

      I’ll tell you one thing, if I was U.S. President (I know, I know) instead of Bush, those buildings would have been right back where they stood, looking exactly the same, but stronger and one floor higher within the year (the 11th floors of both towers would be forever-empty as a permanent memorial).

      I might have failed at many things, but I guarantee that I wouldn’t have failed at that.

      The U.S. ought to be deeply ashamed at its un-American response to rebuilding after 9/11 in NYC.

  2. It is quite likely that even if they started it now, it will take 3 years to complete, furnish, and occupy. So saying it will be delayed until 2016, is a misleading timeline, unless they break ground in 2016.

  3. BLN – You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. I have built over a quarter of billion dollars in real estate development projects in my career-most of them in California-and unreasonable government regulation was rarely a problem in getting the projects done.

    1. As for China-where I will soon be going for the fourth time in the last year-the short construction periods are often paid for with high environmental and community impacts. By the way, that’s changing in China, too.

    2. It took my boss six years to break ground on his house because of California’s ridiculous environmental laws (they originally claimed the property where he wanted to build — which already had a shack on it — was home to an endangered species of a bug that farmers routinely kill as a vile pest). He had to fight through gobs of red tape and pay for his own scientific studies to prove the bug didn’t live on his property (the bugs’ home was elsewhere — they just flew around and landed on various properties in the area). It was absurd.

      1. California’s “ridiculous environmental laws” are created so that fools like you and your boss don’t damage God’s earth any more than your silly capitalism has already done. The sheer population density in California, coupled with a wrm climate and the LA Basin, and the San Andreas fault line etc. make in super critical that no one ass clown can do whatever they want because they think that they have some god-given right to do. The planet is for everybody. Put your little pile of greed back in your pants. Your brains are showing.

        1. Oh, stop it. Anyone who can’t see the following as ridiculous, out-of-control, idiotic, and grossly infringing on personal freedom is too far gone for even the most professional of mental health providers:

          Demolition of Steve Jobs’ dilapidated Jackling House finally begins – February 15, 2011

          Steve Jobs’ ‘dump’ of a house to be razed – February 8, 2011

          Plans reveal Steve Jobs’ $8.45 million home to replace Jackling House – September 28, 2010

          Opponents drop appeal of Steve Jobs’ permit to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – August 19, 2010

          Steve Jobs wins approval to apply for permit to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – again – March 13, 2010

          Town grants approval for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to tear-down ‘dump’ of a house – July 15, 2009

          Apple CEO Steve Jobs inks deal to move his ‘dump’ of a house – July 13, 2009

          Activists yet again stop Steve Jobs from demolishing his ‘dump’ of a house – June 10, 2009

          Steve Jobs finally wins approval to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – May 13, 2009

          Apple CEO’s house teardown attorney: Steve Jobs not strong enough to attend late night meeting – April 29, 2009

          Apple CEO Steve Jobs to get another chance to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – April 25, 2009

          Court won’t hear case to tear down Steve Jobs’ house – April 30, 2007

          Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives away Jackling House; structure to be relocated and restored – February 16, 2007

          The saga continues: Steve Jobs loses appeal to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house – January 11, 2007

          Steve Jobs patiently waits to tear down his 30-room Jackling House ‘abomination’ – February 27, 2006

          Judge stops Apple, Pixar CEO Steve Jobs from demolishing historical house – January 04, 2006

          Preservationists battle Apple CEO Steve Jobs over his ‘dump’ of a house – October 17, 2004

          If you believe what is documented above is right and just, then you are a major part of the problem, not part of the solution, to the woes the U.S. currently faces.

    3. Yeah… But that’s what BLN is famous for….throwing out sh:t and seeing what sticks….glad you called him on it….I also have built in Cali…. Regulation were never the problem….however financing is an issue now that his friends on wall st., in the banking business and the GOP under Bush have screwed the pooch.

    4. You should know then that it often depends where and what in Calif you want to build. As much as it pains me to say, BLN is more right than not in this case. Apple is replacing HP buildings with their building. Replacing asphalt with parkland. It shouldn’t take until June to decide if Apple can break ground.

  4. We all hope that by 2016 Apple will have axed their architect and hired someone who can design a practical building: compact, efficient, and pleasing to the people who will work in the building, not the people who will be looking at it from online satellite photos.

    A ring shape by definition does not:
    – take best advantage of natural light
    – take best advantage of site topology
    – enable convenient access inside or out
    – maximize HVAC & systems efficiency
    – and so forth.

    what single advantage does the proposed building offer? It can be architected by a 5-year old with a compass and crayon.

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