Apple’s OS X 10.9 early builds include Siri and Maps integration

“Early builds in testing of the next-generation Mac operating system, OS X 10.9, point to Siri and Maps integration coming to Mac computers next year, according to our reliable sources,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5 Mac. “These sources say that early builds of OS X 10.9 integrate Apple’s Siri voice command software much like Apple’s newest iPad models running iOS 6.”

“With this MapKit framework, as developers refer to it for iOS, in OS X 10.9, it is also possible that Apple will extend its own work on mapping on the Mac besides integration for developers,” Gurman reports. “It is possible that Apple will want its own full-fledged Maps app on the Mac, but we have not been able to confirm that as of yet.”

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  1. Nice!

    Siri should be on all Apple platforms as standard.

    Been after this for ages. All we need is a Siri guesture for the magic mouse so we can activate siri without touching the keyboard.

      1. Obviously you’ve never used Siri.

        To activate Siri you have to press a button.

        A gesture on the mouse is better than holding down a button on a keyboard for 2 seconds. Its more immediate.

    1. Exactly the reverse, IMHO. Get a Maps beta on Mac out ASAP so we can report issues with greater detail than we can on iOS.

      Messages was released as a downloadable beta on Lion, no reason they can’t do the same for Maps on Mountain Lion.

      1. Re-reading what TheConfuzed1 wrote, I’m not sure we’re actually disagreeing–the beta itself needs to be of sufficient quality. My take is simply to say Apple shouldn’t release the first public version of Mac Maps that’s “final”

  2. Two turkeys don’t make an eagle.

    Apple maps = fail.
    Siri = fail.

    Apple needs to get some real cartographers, professional ones, not those trained using monochromatic green crayons to draw their maps.

    As for Siri, I think a stick up her ass to make her understand natural speech will be a good thing.

    1. So your complaint boil down to the colors used in maps and Siri’s inability to understand you? Yea – that makes them insta-fails alright.

      PS – ML’s dictation uses the same engine as Siri, which I find to be consistently good. I’m sure you’re still sticking with good ‘ol SL being the iconoclast you are. You should try out “MDN’s wing nut” as an avatar. I think it suits you better.

      1. Siri probably just ignores BLN like most of us here do. If he curses when speaking to Siri as much as he does here, she probably just doesn’t want to deal with him.

    2. BLN=FAIL, your comments are useless.

      Maps and Siri work just great and can’t wait for both of them on the next OS. BTW, the cartography work on Apple maps is far superior than that of Google. Using maps has to be visually appealing and easy to read. Apple Maps accomplishes this superbly.

  3. Keeps getting better and better. My only concern is with the rapid push of an os every year my 2011 iMac will be left behind in a few years. It has an ssd in it and should last for the next 5 to 8 years as far as I am concerned.
    Apple does need to stabilize siri and their other services before going forward or it will all collapse on them.

      1. Um, I just said that I don’t use Apple Maps, and have stated so multiple times. I don’t even like it. That makes me a fanboy (or “boi” as you so eloquently spell it)?

        Siri works great for me, and most other people. Maybe if you got the crap out of your mouth (I’m actually surprised there’s any left in there since you spew so much of it regularly) then Siri would be able to understand you.

  4. If Apple is making a concerted effort to rid itself of invasive Google crapware, I wish it would to us all a favor and exterminate Farcebook and Twit-whore too.

    No operating system needs this marketing rubbish.

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