Apple’s iTunes Match down as Apple’s iCloud problems continue

“Only hours after a significant iMessage and FaceTime outage, Apple’s iTunes Match was also unavailable Monday morning,” AppleInsider reports. “The latest iCloud outage discovered by AppleInsider was still in effect as of around 8 a.m. Eastern. Attempts to play or download iTunes Match content via an iOS device or Mac was not operational.”

“While iMessage and FaceTime are free features for iOS and Mac users, iTunes Match is a paid service that users pay $24.99 per year to use,” AppleInsider reports. “It allows customers to store their own personal music collection in Apple’s iCloud, giving remote access to song files that were not purchased through the iTunes Music Store.”

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    1. Locked in? Did iTunes re-encode your music with DRM to keep you from pulling it from Match? Did they delete music you already uploaded? Are you making an mis/ill-informed statement about which you have no corresponding real-world evidence?
      I think it’s one of those 3.

      1. They sure screwed up my playlists. I have 2 to 7 copies of several playlists, with varying numbers of tunes in each one and over 10 playlists that have disappeared completely.

        I don’t think any music is missing but when you have more than 15,000 tunes, it’s hard to tell.

    2. I thought iTunes was one of the few media conduits that did NOT lock me in. No DRM. No random deletions by the mothership. No subscriptions aka ransom notes.

      I have all my iTunes music on my own computer and backup drive, with Apple’s blessing, while I take advantage of iTunes Match on all my other devices. Now the service is down (partially and briefly) for the first time ever? Even so I am definitely getting my money’s worth.

      I must be suffering from Happy Customer Syndrome.

  1. Just because I deleted my originals last week. (After a year) Thanks. It’s better I won’t install iTunes 11 this year I think. Please just don’t delete my stuff.

  2. I have not noted any issues, I suspect that every service has some issues from time to time, they just aren’t reported unless they actually last a while, Apple has an issue for an hour and its the end of the world.. Some people really need to get a life..

    1. I agree, but we’re talking about digital life… I pay for this service. My money is life, my digital stuff is my life. I don’t have backup right now. All Google/Facebook users have backup of their photos, texts, emails, docs… ah well, it’s free.
      I pay $25 for Match + $100 for iCloud storage… and all the hardware to have the right to use these services.
      my sabbath bloody sabbath artwork doesn’t match anymore… censorship? come on.

  3. Oh goodie-goodie. More fodder for the media to spell Apple’s impending doom in the coming months. Is it “not our finest hour” all over ahead? Time to scrap iCloud as another poor attempt to implement cloud computing? Time to over-hype all the issues and manipulate the stock prices again. Now over a year since passing of SJ, Tim Cook’s poor performance, Forestall’s screw-ups, Maps fiascos, iPhone-gate, Apple missing the Street, it goes on and on. It’s all down hill for Apple I’m afraid. Or is it?

  4. Apple seems to be incapable of dealing with online services and really sucks at execution on them.

    “Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” Steve Jobs asked the team that created it shortly after a disastrous debut in 2008 that nearly ruined the launch of the iPhone 3G.
    Having finally received a satisfactory answer, Jobs then asked (according to Adam Lashinsky’s 2011 account in Fortune), “So why the fuck doesn’t it do that?”

    1. “Apple seems to be incapable of dealing with online services and really sucks at execution on them.”
      Oh yeah, iTunes is a fail, App store is a fail, nobody is copying… don’t sell music, movie, nothing. what a joke.
      Give your ass to google and facebook… I’d rather pay for a not too good service (still in progress) than pay for a evil-spy companies. good luck with your spyware/virus/invasion of privacy/ads/no guarantee… iTunes Match way better than Google whatever… Facebook web app? joke. Android? what version? what model? oh what a mess. Provocateur my ass.

    2. AP exclaimed that “Apple seems to be incapable of dealing with online services and really sucks at execution on them.”

      Good one, AP. I guess that over the last 10 years those 20 BILLION media files and 15 BILLION apps and BILLIONS of software updates and 100s of millions of iCloud transactions were all delivered by the USPS, right?

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