Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime suffer another significant outage Sunday

“A number of AppleInsider readers reported on Sunday that they could not send or receive iMessages from their iPhones and iPads, a problem that is becoming more common since the company’s newest iOS 6 was released in September,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to Apple’s iCloud system status webpage, ‘some’ users unable to use iMessage or place FaceTime calls, with the error coming less than two days after an issue appeared with iCloud storage upgrade payment transactions,” AppleInsider reports. “All services have been restored as of 4:41 PST [Sunday, November 18, 2012].”

AppleInsider reports, “Sunday’s downtime marks the fourth such outage in the past three months, with one incident in September and two in October affecting users of iMessage on both iOS and OS X clients. At the time, messages sent through Apple’s proprietary service were pushed through as SMS texts.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Apple’s iCloud system status webpage is here.


    1. Funny how you don’t know the meaning of the word “constantly.” Here’s a hint: It does not mean the same as “rarely” or even “occasionally.”

      And while you’re looking up the definition of “constantly,” why not bing, yahoo, or duckduckgo the phrases “google outage” and “amazon outage”. You’ll be amazed at what you discover!

  1. Unacceptable. This is what everyone expects from small players like RIM. There’s no excuse when Apple has hundreds of billions … yes …. *BILLIONS* …. in reserve cash. Apple doesn’t care if the products and software they offer are fatally flawed or worse, unreliable, just as long as they’re sucking maximum profits out by leveraging vapourous promises. I’d blame it on Mr Cook, but Steve Jobs never cared enough to get iTools, .Mac, or MobileMe working reliably either. Laughably, iCloud is continuing that legacy despite having dropped almost all the biggest features (IE: syncing, web-hosting, galleries, iDisk [unlimited file sharing]) and still doesn’t reliably send push notifications of emails to the iphones in our network (the most basic of services). What a sad joke.

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