Morgan Stanley: iPhone, iPad sales to surge to higher than expected levels over next two quarters

“The iPhone 5 and new iPads will trigger a surge in sales for Apple this quarter and next, says Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“In an investors note out today, Huberty pointed out that key suppliers for both devices say their own revenue will be higher than anticipated for the current quarter. They’re also seeing above-average orders from Apple for next year’s first quarter. And demand could rise even higher before the year is over,” Whitney reports. “The analyst believes the iPhone 5 will drive more customers to upgrade this quarter and on into next year. At the same time, the iPad Mini and 4th-generation iPad will accelerate the growth of total iPad shipments.”

Whitney reports, “Wall Street expects shipments of 46 million iPhones and 23 million iPads this quarter, followed by 43 million iPhones and 19 million iPads next quarter. But Huberty thinks the numbers will be even higher.”

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  1. It totally depends on manufacturing — which can only produce so much of iPhones and iPads.

    So in the end sales might not reach those numbers. And those analysts know that; but their goal is to make Apple’s shares move higher in price — only to fix profits when Apple will announce quarter results in late January.

  2. With AAPL likely to go under $500 by tomorrow or monday I think it is time MDN starts all articles with Bealeagured Apple.continues…
    A drop of 30 percent in about 30 days is a trend. I do not care how many gadgets they sell, this is not the first time Apple has lost more than half its worth.
    I started touting AAPL to friendS,neighbors and coworkers a year ago when it hit 500. Many bought shares thru the year. Now I send the wife out to get the paper in the driveway, I am tired of everyone asking WTF with AAPL. I am still in the black but none of them are. I was mister apple for a while, now I am that fool who made them buy a losing stock. It is so fun to hear that and to lose about $7k every day.
    Tell me MDN genius, where do you think the bottom will be?
    Forget MS woes, AAPL is tanking faster.

    1. Why were you in the stock in the first place? If you were “mister apple”, is it just because the stock was going up, or did you do any of your own analysis? Also, if any of your friends bought APPL just because you told them to, they are morons who deserve to lose money. Anyone who invests on a tip and doesn’t do their own homework is not qualified to invest and should just invest in a mutual fund with a professional manager.

      It does suck to lose money, and I would bet that most of the people that come here to MDN are invested and have lost. However, I have been an investor in APPL for the past 15 years, and have seen the shares tank for no reason many times. It has never had anything to do with APPL’s fundamentals, and it doesn’t this time either.

      You can panic and sell, or if you are truly “mister Apple” and believe in the company (instead of “mister APPL”, in which case you only care about the stock short-term), you can hold on and enjoy the ride back up.

      1. It is not like I just started buying AAPL. Bought my first AAPL in 1991. I have been buying and selling AAPL for nearly 20 years. I have made quite a bit, but I have lost several times as well. My last purchase was just a year ago. Moved $500,000 in an IRA to AAPL at $394 a share. So I am still ahead, but for a short period I was had nearly doubled my money there. That was my goal. So I am not going to panic, I have set a stop order at 450 so I will guarantee a small gain. I have been in the stock market for nearly 30 years, I am not quite the idiot you think. I did not tell folks to buy Apple, I just reported how much profit I had on paper. I bought my first Mac in 1985, a 512 model. Been a huge Apple fan since. My son works at Apple in fact.

  3. As I said yesterday, Apple and analysts have a bizarro inverse relationship in that the stronger the recommendations the harder the stock tanks. I don’t think I’ve seen such phenomenon with any other companies. Btw, S&P upgraded to strong buy today.

    I’ve also heard that big boys have been unloading big time since the last disappointing earnings. Fidelity alone has dumped 44m shares and that explains the daily stock free fall.

    This seems to confirm my worst fear that analysts have been touting and defending the stock publicly to retail investors urging them to buy, while whispering to their sweetheart clients telling them to dump at all costs. Yes, I’m talking about the classic pump and dump scam. It appears retail investors once again have been taken to the cleaners by charlatans like Munster, White, Huberty, etc. for the last several weeks.

    That said, I still believe AAPL is extremely oversold and due for a bounce anytime. I will add more today and tomorrow.

    1. I sold the 10% I bought yesterday for a small loss and exited the stock. AAPL acts very poorly and the path of least resistance is down and it has a way to go. Big boys have not stopped dumping and until they do, AAPL is a falling knife.

      There’s reason for big boys like Fidelity to dump massive amount of shares in supposedly Apple’s best quarter with supposedly the best product lineups. Serious production snafus? Disgust with Cook’s performance? Deep recession is coming? Empty product pipeline? Your guess is as good as mine. Right now, I go where the big boys go, not what the analysts say.

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