Apple staffers call Taiwanese filmmaker an ‘idiot,’ have police escort him off campus

“A Taiwanese writer and director who flew to Hong Kong to confront Apple in person over a long-running copyright infringement saga says he was branded an ‘idiot’ by staff and escorted off the premises by police,” Phil Muncaster reports for The Register.

“Giddens Ko, who wrote and directed the hit Chinese language movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, revealed his encounter at Apple’s Causeway Bay headquarters earlier this week in a series of Facebook updates,” Muncaster reports. “Ko, who has written scores of books under the pseudonym Jiubadao (九把刀), or ‘nine knives’, claimed he has been trying for two years to get Apple to remove copyright-infringing apps featuring his content from the iTunes Store.”

Muncaster reports, “However, Apple apparently said it could not remove the apps because it was unable to confirm the novels’ true owner – in other words that Ko’s ‘authorised publisher’ had his genuine authorisation. His solution was to travel physically to Apple’s Hong Kong offices and tell the legal department in person that he had not authorised any of the pirated versions of his works.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, we’ve never worked security at Apple’s Hong Kong offices.


  1. If he can’t prove he holds the copyright, and the app publisher can show that it has the rights to publish the books, then he’s out of luck. Wouldn’t be the first time a content creator signed a bad contract.

  2. In Asia, why would content creators create under the conditions in China or Korea they won’t. It’s also an example of what will happen in Asia-Russia (world) to a developer on Android, all your content uploaded and copied with impunity, still want to move out of the country.

    1. I seriously have no idea what you are saying, especially in the first sentence. Please learn to use periods and question marks.

      Although, even if I try to do that to your first sentence, I still have no idea what you’re saying.

      1. …reads like an introverted M$ ex-Surface / Win8 developer out on his ass for talking bollocks (you know, Surface can do this …AND THIS…WIn8 can run TWO apps at a time (what a concept) – whoops its crashed oh shit damn NOT AGAIN!!! – pass me another one? Please? One that works? Whaddaya mean we ain’t made one of those yet?? – so they end up twitching & dribbling & spouting gibberish to no-one in particular about nothing really at all that makes any sense. Sad really…

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