PC Magazine reviews Apple iPad (4th gen.): A very rare 5 star product; a slam dunk Editors’ Choice

“Now in its fourth iteration in two years, the Apple iPad continues its reign as king. The best large tablet you can buy today, the Apple iPad (4th Generation) has it all: top performance, a stellar screen, a surprisingly good camera, speedy Wi-Fi, and a breathtaking library of spectacular apps,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “Unlike other 10-inch tablets on the market, it’s the full package, which makes it a very rare five-star product, and a slam dunk for our Editors’ Choice.”

“The previous iPad received 4.5 stars; I dinged it for its A5 processor. At the time, I told iPad 2 owners to wait for the next model. And this is it,” Segan reports. “The fourth-generation Apple iPad is the only product I have ever personally rated five full stars because it represents the tablet state of the art.”

Read more in the full review here.


  1. Granted PC Magazine has been on the MacBook bandwagon for many years now… I remember a solid decade or so when they, and other PeeCee rags wouldn’t even mention Apple products. It’s called survival! Glad to see it; great review!

  2. “State of the Art” would seem to be more of a descriptive statement than a term of high praise. Every iPad is state of the art… because they are the current state of the art.

    Just procrastinating around the house, so pardon the quibble. i get what he means.

  3. Did you guys even READ the article?

    The reviewer called the Nexus 10 “laudable” and said the Surface RT was “a competitor”! And they even criticized the iPad’s perfect built-in speaker!

    These PC Magazine idiots are clearly shills for FANDROID and MICRO$OFT. They are just pretending to be balanced but we know who they REALLY work for!

    (how was that, guys?)

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