Judge Lucy Koh to consider whether foreman in Apple v. Samsung concealed info

“Federal District Judge Lucy Koh will ‘consider the questions’ of whether the jury foreman in Apple v. Samsung “concealed information” during the jury selection process and whether there was any misconduct,” Greg Sandoval reports for CNET.

“Koh said she will look into the matter during a December 6 hearing,” Sandoval reports. “As part of her inquiry, Koh said she will require Apple to disclose what information the company’s lawyers knew about the jury foreman.”

Sandoval reports, “Samsung is trying to get the $1 billion patent judgment that a jury awarded Apple in August thrown out. Apple filed suit against Samsung last year claiming the South Korea-based company had ripped off some of the technology and designs that went into the iPad and iPhone… After the verdict, Samsung alleged that it didn’t receive a fair trial as a result of juror misconduct… Typically, it’s hard to overturn a jury decision for alleged misconduct, say legal experts. The reason for that is U.S. law doesn’t want lawyers trying to peek into the jury room.”

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  1. He forgot to mention he use to have a good friend who is Korean and he is no longer his BFF so he’s obviously prejudice now. What’s Lucy’s excuse?

    Samsung sucks, period!

  2. The jury selection questions asked for involvement in litigation during the previous 10 years. 1993 sits at 19 years according to this new fangled math stuff. Both sides agreed to the questions, and approved the jury members selected. Not a leg to stand on, but I fear rdiddly is right, Koh will find a way to reverse it. Hell, at this rate we are going to be lucky that she doesn’t make Apple pay SameDung $50 Billion for making products so tempting that SameDung could help but to copy them.

    1. Oh yeah? Name a better one if you can. I get so tired of you who think everything in this country, the courts, stock market, government, every company that is mentioned, every CEO, and on and on. Bet you have no legal training. In fact I will bet you have never served on a jury. Where cdid you become so smart?

      1. FU. Where did YOU get your legal credentials? The courts ARE a joke…not just in this country but the world over. The judges have no knowledge/sense of what Engineering and Science and Computing ACTUALLY involves. They are all educated in arty farty subjects throughout their education. Ask any of them if they have ever got any good grade in science/maths/computing and they will be PROUD to admit that they didn’t understand any of it. they were the cool ones who liked History, geography and English.

        1. … credentials to realize that the courts in this country range from excellent to pathetic and the courts in most other countries are no better – usually worse.
          BUT! It isn’t the judge’s job to understand the Engineering, or the Science, or the Math, or the Computing, or (whatever else) is under discussion. Even the lawyers don’t NEED in-depth knowledge of the topic to do a good job. The plaintiffs in these suits should have sufficient knowledge to guide the lawyers to Expert Witnesses and sufficient understanding that they can present the case adequately. Either they can provide the judge and the jury with an understanding of the argument, or they can’t. Neither the judge nor the jury needs to understand the TECHNOLOGY, just the argument.
          Of course, then there are the laws that apply to the case. Many of these are over a century antiquated! Even the newer ones require the legislature understand more about the technologies involved than the man-on-the-street cares about. This most recent election cycle we learned that some of the more powerful legislators regarding technology do not BELIEVE in technology. Or science. THIS is where the worst of the legal system comes into being! I don’t understand how the electorate can send these people to Congress, but that’s their right. Nor do I know how such ill-equipped people can win RANKING seats on committees they are so ill-uited for! But! That’s not the fault of the courts, So don’t blame the courts for that. Elect better representatives!

  3. Hope this “consideration” by Koh is just saving her ass, as that just sounds a lot like desperate grasping at straws from Samsung.

    Is Samsung going to use “six degrees of separation” next to try and claim the foreman was connected to Steve Jobs? Nothing would surprise me.

  4. don’t you still see it? Apple apparently don’t want samsung to dominate smart phone market. that’s why apple was suing it. just look at infringement of all bullshit. it doesn’t make any sense. recently, Samsung won lawsuit more than apple (well, the company only won two times only so far). now, what can you tell me, huh? apple lost. it was a big mistake no matter what apple did. they started war. if they didn’t, everything is still up to apple in market. I think that apple is stupid.

    1. You counting skills are as weak as your English skills. Samsung has not won anything they just didn’t lose. Samsung is being investigated in many countries and organization for fraudulent, unfair and bad behavior and activites. Samsung is led by a convicted felon and that’s how the company behaves. Samsung may be doing well but only because of lying cheat and stealing from other companies. Not just Apple. That’s how Samsung does business. That’s how Samsung has always done business. Corporate Korea at its best (worst).

    2. Go back to your cesspool, Edward. What fool let you out today. Have a good swim with all the turds in there, as they seem to feed you all that you spurt from your mouth. Enjoy eating amongst them, the nutrition will enhance your understanding of nothing. D========))))

      1. It’s bad enough that ban6dit didn’t catch his own typo which suggested, in his first sentence, that his English skills are no better than edward‘s, or that Billy didn’t want to allow a dissenting opinion! (Free Speech, anyone?)
        You added nothing but gutter-speak to the “conversation”. edward IS (I believe) correct in his facts – though I question his conclusions. ban6dit provided a useful argument (other than a typo and some poor English) to the offensive hypothesis. After which, the guy’s First Amendment rights were abused (mildly) and you inserted your offensive nonsense. Are you actually smart enough to understand any of what went before? Or is gutter-talk your usual response to anything you think might offend you?

  5. Clever tactic by samedung

    They lost the case and now they are gradually eroding the court decision bit by but.

    Plus she is Korean as well so you know how this will end.

    Wanna know why America could never have won the Korean War? This is why.

    If I was a billionaire I would buy samedung and close the bloody company down.

    They’re fucking parasites and taking apple for mugs.

    Apples seriously needs to get som balls and go for jugular with these parasites.

    1. No single person could buy Shamedung for a Billion. It’s too big and has Quasi-Korean government connections. That would be like trying to buy the country. Not going to happen unless you have a strong military.

    1. … the recently RE-elected President and his Administration a “criminal gang”?
      First, how does this relate to the Apple/Samsung suit? Does it?
      Second, what imagined evidence do you have that the POTUS has done anything even quasi-ilegal? We’re not talking about the War Criminals and Influence Peddlers of the Bush II Administration, here. Or have you missed the past four years?
      FWIW: I’m hoping the next non-Republican’t offering will be an angry, hard-core Progressive. A true believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ! Not some agreeable middle-of-the-road moderate wanting to make a deal with the OT-worshipping anti-Christ Right Wing. That’ll teach you! 😉

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