A Romney win would hurt Apple very badly – Nigam Arora

“A Romney win would hurt Apple and General Motors very badly,” Nigam Arora writes for Forbes.

“Both of these companies are highly dependent on China for their growth,” Arora writes. “Romney has repeatedly stated that he will declare China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. Such a declaration would likely lead to a trade war.”

Arora writes, “Chinese consumers are nationalistic… Apple will find itself in a much worse position than General Motors. Apple will be hit with a double whammy, falling sales and falling margins… In my analysis, a trade war would result in Apple stock falling under $400.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Do the math:

        By definition half of a group is below average. That is why half the nation is Democrat. Take the Democrat group. Half of them are below average and will vote for Obama. All republicans will vote for Romney regardless how dumb they are. Hence, Romney 75%; Obama 25%.

        Thank you Einstein.

        1. “That is why half the nation is Democrat. Take the Democrat group.”
          should read
          “That is why half the nation are Democrats. Take the Democrats.”

          Are you a member of the Republic Party? There is a Democratic Party and those in it are Democrats. There is no Democrat Party.

          Of course, If you were home schooled you might not know that. Or if you went to the Jesus Online Emporium of Education (Minus Evolution) of Bob Jones University.

          1. To be that smug & grammatically incorrect is not a good combination.
            I can say I am a Republican. I can also say I am a Democrat. I would not say I am a Democratic. A Republican is a person in the Republican party. Therefore a Democrat is a person in the Democrat party. Just taking the last 2 letters off the word “Republican” does not make the new word have a similar meaning to the word “Democratic” minus its last 2 letters.
            Although Democratic is generally accepted as the correct use of the word for the Party name, grammatically it is probably not. Republican and Democrat are similar parts of speech; Republican & Democratic are not.
            From Merriam-Webster: adj. 1) of, relating to, or favoring democracy. M-W #2 is the Party meaning.
            This is a distinction many people (most likely Republicans) are trying to make known.
            Both parties are democratic (adjective). Now whether you believe that or not is another discussion.

            1. My posit was this
              A person is a Democrat, the Party is Democratic. Republicans started saying Democrat Party intentionally a number of years ago as a dig.

          2. @Agent Provocateur

            Haven’t you heard? The latest RWNJ craze is to say democrat instead of democratic or Democrats. Why you can hear it every day being regurgitated by mush gumball and the other right wing wind bags.

            1. The problem is that it is coming into common usage courtesy our Right leaning MSM that the right likes to accuse of being liberally biased.

              I’m sure a $7 million/year anchor that lives in Manhattan and gets chauffeured daily is deeply empathetic with the blue collar folk.

          1. If so, that could explain the why our representives are less worth the vote every election cycle. As the dollar declines in value with the ever expanding national debt ( /- 49,000 per American) as does our public servants decline in value. What ever happen to the past where they said what they believed and not what the PR reps told them to like or hate. Damn dollar!

        2. In Australia, it appears that the democrats are the educated and the republicans are the Christians. But we can only go by the facts, we don’t really understand the propaganda here.

    1. Obama’s list of firsts:

      Law and Justice
      • First President to Violate the War Powers Act (Unilaterally Executing American Military Operations in Libya Without Informing Congress In the Required Time Period – Source: Huffington Post)
      • First President to Triple the Number of Warrantless Wiretaps of U.S. Citizens (Source: ACLU)
      • First President to Sign into Law a Bill That Permits the Government to “Hold Anyone Suspected of Being Associated With Terrorism Indefinitely, Without Any Form of Due Process. No Indictment. No Judge or Jury. No Evidence. No Trial. Just an Indefinite Jail Sentence” (NDAA Bill – Source: Business Insider)

      • First President to Have His Attorney General Held in Criminal Contempt of Congress For His Efforts to Cover Up Operation Fast and Furious, That Killed Over 300 Individuals (Source: Politico)
      • First President to claim Executive Privilege to shield a sitting Attorney General from a Contempt of Congress finding for perjury and withholding evidence from lawful subpoenas (Source: Business Insider)
      • First President to Issue Unlawful “Recess-Appointments” Over a Long Weekend — While the U.S. Senate Remained in Session (against the advice of his own Justice Department – Source: Heritage Foundation)

      • First President to Fire an Inspector General of Americorps for Catching One of His Friends in a Corruption Case (Source: Gawker)
      • First President to “Order a Secret Amnesty Program that Stopped the Deportations of Illegal Immigrants Across the U.S., Including Those With Criminal Convictions” (Source: DHS documents uncovered by Judicial Watch)
      • First President to Sue States for Enforcing Voter ID Requirements, Which Were Previously Ruled Legal by the U.S. Supreme Court (Source: CNN)

      • First President to Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at Polling Places (the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Source: Investors Business Daily)
      • First President to Refuse to Comply With a House Oversight Committee Subpoena (Source: Heritage Foundation)
      • First President to Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional and Refuse to Enforce It (Defense of Marriage Act – Source: ABC News)

      • First President to Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His Political Appointees (BP Oil Spill Relief Fund – Source: Fox News)
      • First President to Have a Law Signed By an ‘Auto-pen’ Without Being “Present” (Source: The New York Times)
      • First President to Have His Administration Fund an Organization Tied to the Cop-Killing Terrorist Group, the Weather Underground (Source: National Review)

      • First President to publicly announce an enemies list (consisting of his opponents campaign contributors; and to use the instrumentalities of government to punish those on the list – Source: Heritage Foundation)
      • First President to Attempt to Block Legally-Required 60-Day Layoff Notices by Government Contractors Due to His Own Cuts to Defense Spending — Because The Notices Would Occur Before the Election. (Source: National Journal)

      • First President to Intentionally Disable Credit Card Security Measures (in order to allow over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fundraising measures – Source: Power Line)

      • First President to send 80 percent of a $16 billion program (green energy) to his campaign bundlers and contributors, leaving only 20% to those who did not contribute. (Source: Washington Examiner)
      • First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts (Source: Wall Street Journal)
      • First President to issue an Executive Order implementing a “Racial Justice System”, a system that tries to achieve “racially equivalent outcomes” for crimes (Source: Daily Caller)

      • First President to Send Millions in Taxpayer Dollars to His Wife’s Former Employer (Source: White House Dossier)

      • First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government (Source: Reuters)
      • First President to Bypass Congress and Implement the DREAM Act Through Executive Fiat (Source: Christian Science Monitor)
      • First President to Move America Past the Dependency Tipping Point, In Which 51% of Households Now Pay No Income Taxes (Source: Center for Individual Freedom)

      • First President to Increase Food Stamp Spending By More Than 100% in Less Than Four Years (Source: Sen. Jeff Sessions)
      • First President to Spend a Trillion Dollars on ‘Shovel-Ready’ Jobs — and Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs (Source: President Obama during an early meeting of his ‘Jobs Council’)
      • First President to Threaten Insurance Companies After They Publicly Spoke out on How Obamacare Helped Cause their Rate Increases (Source: The Hill)

      • First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters (Source: Wall Street Journal)
      • First President to Propose Budgets So Unreasonable That Not a Single Representative From Either Party Would Cast a Vote in Favor (Sources: The Hill, Open Market)
      • First President Whose Economic Policies Have the Number of Americans on Disability Exceed the Population of New York (Source: CNS News)

      • First President to Sign a Law Requiring All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party (Source: Wall Street Journal)
      • First President to Sue States For Enforcing Immigration Laws Passed by Congress (Source: The Arizona Republic newspaper)
      • First President to See America Lose Its Status as the World’s Largest Economy (Source: Peterson Institute)

      • First President to redistribute $26.5 billion of the taxpayers’ funds to his union supporters in the UAW (Source: Heritage Foundation)
      • First President to Threaten an Auto Company (Ford) After It Publicly Mocked Bailouts of GM and Chrysler (Source: Detroit News)
      • First President to Attempt to Bully a Major Manufacturing Company Into Not Opening a Factory in a Right-to-Work State (Boeing’s facility in South Carolina – Source: Wall Street Journal)

      Energy Policy
      • First President to Endanger the Stability of the Electric Grid by Shutting Down Hundreds of Coal-Fired Plants Without Adequate Replacement Technologies (Source: National Electric Reliability Corporation – PDF)
      • First President to Have His EPA Repudiated by a Federal Judge for “Overstepping Its Powers” When They Attempted to Shut Down Coal Operations in Appalachia (Source: Huffington Post)
      • First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (Source: Politico)

      National Security and World Affairs
      • First President to Lie Repeatedly to the American People About the Murder of a U.S. Ambassador and Three Other Diplomatic Personnel for Purely Political Reasons (Source: Roger Simon)
      • First President to Openly Defy a Congressional Order Not To Share Sensitive Nuclear Defense Secrets With the Russian Government (Sources: ABC News, Rep. Michael Turner)
      • First President to Leak Highly Classified Military and Intelligence Secrets to Hollywood In Order to Promote a Movie That Could Help His Reelection Campaign (Source: Judicial Watch)

      • First President to Terminate America’s Ability to Put a Man into Space (Sources: USA Today, ABC News)
      • First President to press for a “treaty giving a U.N. body veto power over the use of our territorial waters and rights to half of all offshore oil revenue” (The Law Of The Sea Treaty, Source: Investors Business Daily)
      • First President to send $200 million to a terrorist organization (Hamas) after Congress had explicitly frozen the money for fear it would fund attacks against civilians (Sources: American Thinker, The Independent [UK])

      • First President to Insert Himself into White House Biographies of Past Presidents (Source: The New York Times).
      • First President to Golf 105 or More Times in His First Three-and-a-half Years in Office (Source: The Hill)

      But remember: he will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.

      1. You’re kinds running ahead of yourself, sparky. Presidents have for a long time acted without thew consent of congress. You should have stayed awake in history class.

        The overwhelming majority of “sources” you cite are tremendously partisan. “National Electric Reliability Corporation?”

        You’re kidding, right?

        So, you’re the first commentator today suffering from the dreaded cranial-rectal inversion.

        1. Tbone is right. Ubermac is a habitual and verbose spin doctor on this forum. One can only marvel at the amount of time that Ubermac spends on his attempts to validate his “interesting” political viewpoints. There is no room for moderation in the minds of several vocal contributors to this forum. So be it – that won’t change and the world will likely survive their obstinacy.

      1. The real financial mess is due to Bill Clinton’s Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac decree to issue mortgages to anyone with a pulse, in a blatant attempt to shore up his political support among lower income voters. Then, the Bush economy did just fine for 6 years, until the democrats took control of congress for his last 2 years in office. Within 8 months of the dems taking control, the economy started into a tailspin. Then shameless Democrats used the collapse of the mortgage industry Clinton had created as their famous October Surprise to blame on Bush to get Oblabla into the White House.

          1. Yes it did, and it didn’t even include the off-budget “emergency fund” for the war games which had no oversight at all… which Bush and Co. treated like it was free money. Free to hand out to favored, no-bid contractors, that is. Now the taxpayers are stuck paying the interest and principle on that fiasco while the Bush tax cuts to the Sam Walton heirs, the Romneys, the Kochs continue to this day… I can’t see why the uber-rich don’t give Obama a big kiss, since he hasn’t made them pay a cent for all the goodies they’ve enjoyed for 12 years so far.

    1. No dear: Romney and his clique of religious extremists, tea party freaks and other blind ultra-protectionists, would not only bring back the ancient errors done by the USA, but would also be a disaster for the rest of the world.
      Republicans will only fasten the pace of the doom!

      1. Liberals have their share of extremists and freaks also blind to many things as well. Would be nice to have a LOGICAL MIDDLE. All we get for voting choices anymore in the USA is 2 people trying to represent and please the extremists in BOTH parties.

        1. Sorry but you US dummies do neither know what a commie, a lefty, a socialist extremist really is. One thing is for sure. Obama is NOT a left wing radical. In Europe (which is NOT socialistic) he would be rather considered a left leaning conservative. The only radical extremist in this election is Mitt Romney.

      2. So tell us, what type of extremist are you? I belong to the Tea Party. We want a government that is fiscally sane, and will not spend this country into oblivion, like the failing socialist countries of Europe. This country is heading for a fiscal train wreck with Obama and the Democrats leading the way!

        The only constituents Obama has concern for are the labor unions, and welfare recipients. The Democrat party’s new mantra should be:

        “Ask not what you can do for your country
        Ask what your country can do for you!”

        1. Utter FUD. “Tea Party” and “sane” are words that don’t belong in the same sentence. Just as the garbage you spout about the Dems and Obama’s concerns are just that – garbage.
          Look at Europe, which practices the republican ideas of “severe austerity” without also stimulating the economy. Double dip recession, shrinking economies, unemployment in the high teens to mid twenties and growing. The US, which stimulated its economy, is miles ahead of Europe now. And the non partisan economists (eg Moody’s, Beacon) have for months been saying that no matter who wins the election there’ll be 12 million more jobs by 2016 because the foundation has been laid and the hard work done. That’s where Romney got the line in his infamous 47% tape that he doesn’t need to do anything for the economy to improve. And the non partisan economists also agree that the biggest element of the current deficit are the Bush tax cuts. Followed by two unpaid for wars. They also agree that cutting top income tax rates DOES NOTHING to stimulate the economy or employment. You need to educate yourself in real world terms instead of relying on right wing propaganda. Bush took massive surplus created under the Dems and turned it into massive debt. The numbers don’t lie. Far more jobs are created under Dem administrations than under Republican ones.
          Governments are not businesses. Countries are not businesses. They have different needs and different solutions to problems. Yes, deficits have to be cut but the best way to do that is stimulate the economy so that it becomes healthy and grows on its own again. Tea partiers want everyone to be on their own. Dems want us to all work together. Tea partiers are divisive (as shown by your post). Dems want us to all work together.
          Look at Europe again. Belatedly, those countries are changing their austerity only policies to copy the stimulus programs Obama used.

          1. If it were demonstrably true that members of the Democratic Party were for togetherness I’d join. I’m being careful here, because look what “daugav369pils” wrote right after you. S/he may not be a member of any party and just hates Republicans, I can’t know for sure. But people from both sides of the aisle will say that their party is the together party and the other side is the divisive one. Evidence in the real world shows that both sides do pretty much the same amount of bashing the other side. The USofA needs a credible third party to stop this downward spiral of bickering and blaming and obstructionism.

        2. There is no Tea Party. It’s called Tea Bag Party.
          Also : Republican Party/Republicans, Democratic
          Party/Democrats. You’ve been home schooled
          which consists of listening to Limbaugh and
          Hannety and Beck.

  1. Oh, bolder dash. Total leftist scare mongering. Romney is pro-business and pro-American. He’ll come up with the right balance that will move this country forward in both jobs and business unlike the anti-colonialism anti-capitalist Obama which wants to weaken the US in the world’s economic picture. This will kill even more US jobs and destroy this country by putting it into another civil war between the haves and the lazy entitled minded have nots.

    1. “Anti-colonialism” Obama? We need need to colonize more?
      “This will kill even more US jobs”? I thought the unemployment rate was going down, not up? “The lazy entitled minded have nots”? Do you mean the people who paid into Social Security AKA FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) and expect a return when they retire?

      Where are all these entitlements you are talking about?

      I thought we paid for our “entitlements” and the Republicans stole the money to pay for their un-budgeted war? Maybe I’m wrong.

      Maybe Republicans like you paid for the war out of your own pocket while us Democrats have been freeloading and reaping all the “rewards” of these Republican wars.

      I have no idea what reality you are living in. I guess in your mind there are two types of people. Republicans like you who work and do everything, and Democrats like me, who get our iPods for free and expect you to buy them for us.

      I’m a Democrat, and I need a new iPhone. You’re are Republican. Can you give me one please?

      1. Yeah, you’re confused alright…

        1. The financial meltdown was caused by loosening the credit restrictions by the Clinton administration in the 90’s. A Democrat.
        2. Yes a Republican did initiate 2 wars, guess who was in control of Congress at the time, to vote yes on military budgets? Democrats!
        3. Watch Obama’s 2016 movie to see the basis for his anti-colonialism. It’s from the views of his drunken Father, and his communistic Mother. Even one of his half brothers in Kenya thinks he’s wrong! He even returned the bust of William Churchill since Churchill was a great colonialist. If you don’t understand colonialism, maybe you need to go back to school and re-learn World History 101. BTW, this country was FOUNDED UPON COLONIALISM!!!!
        Talk about Obama fanboy, you’re #1 with a future bullet!

        1. Actually you are wrong about Obama fanboy. I would have voted for Ron Paul if I could. I just think Obama is better than Romney. I don’t fall for the Democrat/Republican crap. I switch sides on a dime.

          …but most of what you say is complete nonsense, because if you were in a coma for the past two years and just woke up knowing nothing about the government, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference as to whether we had a Democratic or Republican President.

          This whole debate about “this one did this and that one did that is stupid”. I commute, pay tolls, work and shop and unless I watched the news I wouldn’t know either. I didn’t see any great boundary that occurred between the Bush years and the Obama years. Did you?

          Tell me how did your life change so dramatically for you to be so irrational?

          I still shop in all the same places, don’t you?

      2. Oh…that free phone program that started with the Democratic party under Clinton? Yes, because of Clinton, Obama, etc. yes, you can have one! Maybe even one of those fancy ifone thing-a-ma-bobs!

  2. There’s somebody that wants to buy AAPL at $400.

    Ingram clearly doesn’t understand capitalism. A trade was would be destructive for BOTH sides, which is why they are avoided at all costs. Think of the destruction to the Chinese economy, if they lost all those American manufacturing jobs, even if for only 3 months. Think of the loss in capital to all those Chinese business people if that were to happen.

    It ain’t going to happen.

    BUSINESS PEOPLE, with skin in the game, with something to lose, will make leadership understand the consequences of such an occurrence. And believe me, it might be the Chinese Communist Party that’s in charge of the government, but its the business community that’s in charge of the Party.

  3. We already are Greece. If there were anyone larger than the US to bail us out, we’d be talking. There isn’t so the rest of the world prays we get our shit together before the house of cards collapses.

    1. I disagree. The US has a culture in which paying taxes is expected and has the capacity to wipe its debt out with either an adjustment of the base tax or adding a consumer tax (VAT,GST). Not the same in Greece at all.

  4. Don’t worry. Romney will change his mind tomorrow. Then again next week. Kinda depends on who he’s talking to usually.

    He doesn’t even know what he’s going to do.

            1. Excuse me? The democrats held a majority in both the House and Senate during the first two years of Obama’s reign in the white house. They were too worried about shoving Obamacare through instead of passing a budget! Your ignorance is showing! Dumb ass!

          1. Maybe by having a majority in the House? Maybe by mustering a filibuster in the Senate for anything that even smells like it would help Obama get re-elected? A filibuster doesn’t require a majority, it only requires your party have over 40 votes, which the Republicans have for years. Which very nicely explains the gridlock beginning not long after Obama took office.

            You know, like they stopped the debt ceiling increase and got the US credit rating downgraded for the first time in history.

            That’s how.

            Why attempt to pass a budget when your opponents won’t even talk to you about yours while they wave theirs in your face and insist on its passage without amendments.

            Even when the Dems had the House, they didn’t have a filibuster-proof Senate.

            1. you have a *slight* problem with your argument.

              the dems would have to actually bring something to the floor for ANY filibuster to even happen…. and dems never brought anything to the floor.

            2. go to open congress dot org and educate yourself. I’d be ashamed to be as ignorant as anyone who could make that statement much less broadcast it to the world.


            3. Excuse me? The democrats held a majority in both the House and Senate during the first two years of Obama’s reign in the white house. They were too worried about shoving Obamacare through instead of passing a budget! Your ignorance is showing! Dumb ass!

    1. True. Romney keeps saying that he’ll create 12 million jobs. He also says pretty much everything should be in the private sector. So, why hasn’t HE created jobs in the private sector over the past 4 years?

      1. He also said he’d do away with capital gains tax. Lol. Only a sucker would believe that.

        Romney is like that kid who runs for 8th grade president and promises to make sure everyone has Fridays off if he’s elected.

      2. First, the 12 million jobs were already forecast based on current economic trends, regardless of any policy changes, so that was an fairly easy “promise” for Romney…
        “Hmmm, if I don’t do anything, bingo, 12 million new jobs I can take credit for. Sounds like a nice number to offer up as an idea… just don’t ask me to explain how I’ll actually do it, because saying I didn’t do a thing… well, that just won’t work. I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake!!”

        Second, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to promise to “create” all these jobs if American’s will just hire this guy to run the government while he’s repeating over and over again… “Government can’t create jobs! Government doesn’t create jobs!” … ad nauseum…? Think about that one.

        It doesn’t matter anyway, the guy’s done, nothing to see here, let’s move on.

  5. I wonder if people who write, “According to my analysis…” actually did an analysis or just like saying that they did. Of course, there would be so many variables in this case, I would wonder that a single “analysis” would be determinative anyway.

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