Apple stock gives another negative signal

“As though Apple stock needs more trouble, Thursday, Apple traced out another dreaded pattern,” Nigam Arora writes for MarketWatch.

“Even though Apple is the leading stock with the heaviest weighting in Nasdaq 100, underperformance of Apple on a 15-minute chart is remarkable,” Arora writes. “According to traditional technical analysis, when a leading stock drastically underperforms its benchmark index, it is a negative signal.”

Arora writes, “Unfortunately, in the world of investments, there is nothing that is black and white. Technical patterns do not always work. On the positive side, Apple stock is oversold and due for a bounce. Further, there is reasonably strong support in the zone of $548 to $567. From a fundamental perspective, the fourth quarter is the strongest quarter for Apple. At this time, Apple stock is like dry tinder; the tiniest spark on the positive side may make the stock explode on the upside.”

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  1. Those stocks like Google which got poor results rise faster while Apple doing very good , people just pretend they don’t know and see . The result behind is big investors don’t get enough AAPL in their account . Please spread the fear Apple will die in public if u want Apple renounces .

    Anyway , 1st quarter 2013 will be a screaming blowout result .

    1. Yeah love the disingenuous stock hit when everyone knows this quarter’s earnings will be blowout unless Apple is off Wall Street’s ridiculous estimates .0001% and then the dogs of Wall Street are unleashed and the stock plummets again. No act of outstanding financial success goes unpunished. Meanwhile Google’s one trick pony rises. Sharp these investors be…

    1. That would be an “ANALyst”, not to be confused with the person who writes about the above mentioned pattern…that’s a journANALyts. Then there are those that can do both, they are called politicians.

  2. Great time to Buy for Long Term investors!

    401K 🙂 Happy!!!
    It looks like in 2013 AAPL will grow about 35% at minimum!

    iBuy AAPL because the numbers are all good. Zero debt plus a small dividend!!!

  3. Did anyone else pick up on Peter Oppenheimer’s comments on the earnings call @ 14:40

    ” In addition to shares purchased through the accelerated share repurchase program we may also repurchase shares in open market transaction in compliance with all applicable securities laws.”

    It took this to mean that Apple was using its cash to buy Apple stock with its own hedge fund as well? If this is true I hope they’re filling their boots.

  4. A P/E of 13 for one of the fastest growing large companies on the planet? Amazon’s P/E, are you ready for this, is over 2,800!!! When you see the blizzard of negatively twisted news and opinion stories on Apple, you recognize the typical hedge fund short-sale bear raid. When they’ve decided their low target has been reached, they will cover and go long. The sun will come out and all the AAPL news will turn positive. Financial markets are part of an under-regulated, corrupt investment system.

    1. The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow… But meanwhile dark storm clouds are overhead threatening to wipe Apple off the face of the earth.

      Let’s hope you’re right about Apple because Priceline shareholders have nothing but clear and sunny skies ahead of them, unlike Apple shareholders.

  5. Or, could we have seen Apple’s stock plateau?! I’m betting that Apple is seeing it’s best days now and it’s going to get some serious competition from Android tablets as Windows 8 Phone and Surface.

    1. “I’m betting that Apple is seeing it’s best days now and it’s going to get some serious competition from Android tablets as Windows 8 Phone and Surface.”…in related news, China is a very small market for electronics.

  6. If I’ve learned anything about AAPL it’s the moment you’re sure it’s at the bottom and won’t go lower… IT WILL GO FAR LOWER. Only buy when it’s so low you could almost buy the whole company with pocket change. That’s when you’re going to clear a bundle.

  7. Another day, another stock nosedive. As I’ve said many times, it’s an investor vote of no confidence on Cook’s performance, particularly his ability to solve the supply constraint, which ironically is his forte. They know strong demand, solid products, and good reviews mean nothing if Apple cannot make enough to positively improve top and bottom lines.

    iP5 short supply is chronic months after introduction. Guess what the main complaint about iPad Mini launch in Asia is? Not enough to meet demand. It used to be a good problem to hear about quick sell-outs from Apple. Well, not anymore when there are many alternatives from competitors. That’s why GOOG and AMZN go up everyday despite terrible earnings.

    Until, Cook levels with investors about supply problems and indicates when they will be resolved, AAPL goes no where but down.

    1. It’s certainly about supply. You state it very well. It’s not that Apple isn’t making great products it’s that Apple can’t supply them. And bragging about being sold out constantly only makes fanboys happy. The adult world knows better. I guess we have to blame Cook because that is his strong point and this problem didn’t just happen overnight. It’s what hurt the fourth-quarter earnings report and will sink this quarters earnings report (1st) if they don’t get their ass in gear! Don’t believe that come January Apple can’t have another bad earnings report. And I don’t mean blaming it on Wall Street either. I mean simply not making a enough product to supply demand. It doesn’t matter how many people want to buy or how fantastic all Apple’s products are it’s basic economics 101! Supply and demand! The Kool-Aid drinkers just can’t swallow that. Apple bees to do something to improve their production. Of course, that is stating the obvious. But it is still a fact. And until they can fix it don’t look for shareprice to ramp up anytime soon. Beware suckers rallies. As an investor I really need them to do better. As a buyer of all things Apple, I’m not too worried. I’ll get what I need eventually. But is one who makes a living with Mac Pros………………… we’re waiting Apple!

    2. FWIW, I’ve sent Cook an email telling him I as an Apple user and investor am disappointed at his inability to satisfactorily address the chronic supply problems with recently announced products.

      I told him his silence on the subject raised fears and doubts on investor mind about his competence and exacted terrible tolls on the stock. I asked him to immediately provide clarity to the problems and solutions towards solving them.

      I don’t think he responds.

  8. AAPL is like a cannon ball dropping in the ocean. Gut wrenching

    The market is treating AAPL like it doesn’t have 125 Billion in the bank and could buy most of its competitors and still have $$ leftover

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