Apple moves up in analyst rankings to #5, passing Marathon Petroleum

“In a study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages, for the underlying components of the S&P 500, Apple Inc. has taken over the #5 spot from Marathon Petroleum Corp., according to ETF Channel,” reports via Forbes.

“In forming the rank, the analyst opinions from the major brokerage houses were tallied, and averaged; then, the underlying components were ranked according to those averages,” DividendChannel reports. “Investors often interpret analyst opinions from different angles — a popular analyst pick could mean that many sharp minds individually came to the same bullish conclusion, and therefore the stock should do well… but it could also mean that if the company makes any slight stumble, that would come as a negative surprise and cause a downward impact on the stock.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I thought this might be a joke – like we still care what analysts think. Then I read “..a popular analyst pick could mean that many ‘sharp minds’ individually came to the same bullish conclusion..” and I lost it.

  2. MPC, headquartered where I live in Findlay Ohio sold the old Minn. refinery it got in a joint venture with Ashland. MPC is a well-run downstream company. It is in the process of buying BP’s Texas City refinery

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