Apple introduces new, faster iPad wall charger

“Apple’s new iPad charger, a beefed up 12-watt model, should juice the iPads 3 and 4 [with Retina displays] faster than the old model,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Cult of Mac.

“The new 12W adapter ups the power output from 10W, itself a big jump over the 5W adapter for previous iDevices,” Sorrel reports. “Why not more? Who knows, but my guess is that this is the maximum that can be pumped into an iPad without making it too hot (especially as many iPads are charged while in thick cases) or causing the battery to blow up.”

Sorrel reports, “Interestingly, the adapter is the only thing in the box: you need to bring your own cable.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Whoa. The biggest reason Apple will beat Amazon and Google is they respect the Chinese. Time you did too. It’s a great nation and they are a great people. Go visit. Have fun.

  1. You have to bring your own cable because people who have older iPads can’t use the new connector. Without including two cables or an adapter, they can’t include the cable without causing confusion.

    I would hope that they lowered the price, but I doubt it.

  2. Yes it can be used with all iPhones, all iPads, and most iPods (not just the touches).

    The reason it doesn’t come with a cable should be obvious, since it’s for multiple devices, they’d need to either have 3 different packages with 3 different cables, or include 3 cables which some people would never use.

    For that matter, many people will buy this when an adapter is lost, broken or destroyed, and don’t need the extra cable.

    This is a case where bundling would hurt the consumer by driving up the retail price for things the consumer might not want.

      1. He said: “and most iPods (not just the touches).”
        He didn’t say “just not the touches.” In other words, he is saying that it CAN be used on the touches, and “not just” them, but also most other iPods.

        Word order matters – I see a lot of writing where the author accidentally swaps two words in a way that reverses or otherwise drastically changes the meaning. Same is true on the reading side – don’t swap words in your head, read them the way they are (although then the sloppy authors might confuse you *grin*).

    1. Are you sure I can still use the old one? Maybe it stopped working now. It could happen. Besides, what if I buy this one and then they come out with a 14W charger?? Then I’m totally screwed.

      By the way, the Samsung galaxy tab wall charger outputs only 5V. Presumably you are posting on some other forum elsewhere what a ripoff that is.

      1. Are you stupid or just a troll?
        Clearly it wouldn’t stop working, also the 10w charger was designed for the ipad 2 which had a much smaller battery, so they had to redesign this for the new ipad, only they took a little longer than expected, so they had to release it after.
        About the samsung charger, well, you are too stupid to confuse 5 VOLTS with 12 WATTS, so i dont have much to say other than you should have payed attention is physics class.

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