Apple to stream special event online via Safari for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and via Apple TV starting at 10am PDT

Watch a live video stream of the special event online or via Apple TV starting at 10am PDT/1pm EDT.

As you watch, follow along with our live notes here.

Live streaming video requires:

• Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later
• Safari on iOS 4.2 or later
• Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

It is widely expected that the “iPad mini” will be unveiled today, possibly accompanied by a 13-inch MacBook pro with Retina display, iTunes 11 (built from the ground up), Mac mini, iBooks 3, and even the new iMac!

Apple’s live stream will be here.

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  1. Very smart Tim…. In this case “preaching to the chior” gives the faithful all they need to go forth and spread the word …. Who better to sell your product to someone than their friend or associate. A whole army of shills will be tell everyone they know about the new products…. This army will be the first on their block with the info and they will want to tell it…. Stroke of genius….Tim Cook…..Steve picked the right guy….he has the skills Apple needs to further the vision. The leader you need to manage the conquered needs a different skill set than the general you require to lead the conquest

    1. Army of shills? Go crawl back into the woods troll.

      Preaching to the choir, and the faithful? Those are all old, tired, mid 1990s arguments. Apple is a well respected company that produces great products. Its not a religion, or cult. Time has proven SJ to be a mere mortal, not a divine being. Only the trolls, tech ignoratti, and illiterate hit whore press use those terms anymore.

      Todays consumer is smart, and holds no brand loyalty. Hence, all the switchers and newcomers to Apple. If Apple doesn’t measure up, they vote with their feet and wallets by buying something else. In 12-18 months if they are dissatisfied with the something else, they re-evaluate and buy again when their contract is over.

      Please leave your short sighted antiquated ‘insights’ at the door.

    2. That’s very insightful presenting first the leadership strategy of the conqueror (Steve Jobs), then the leadership strategy of the Manager (Tim Cook) but it really isn’t complete without the strategy of the Trolls. So who is your leader, unless of course you are way too unorganized to actually have one.

  2. While I do think owners of Apple TV are “the choir” it’s still a good move by Apple as it does draw people into the ecosystem. I, for one, will enjoy the live presentation without all the snarky comments from the bloggers trying to impress us with how cute or smart they are. When Steve Jobs said he thought they had cracked the code on TV, everyone thought it meant something instantaneously revolutionary and disruptive. But what if they company knows where they need to move the industry and are working on steps to get there, like doing more live events over Apple TV? Steve was always very good at “prepping the battlefield” — if you go back to the very first iMac introduction — the bondi blue iMac — Steve talked about fashion, and how most people have a number of watches so that they have a watch for whatever style of dress they are wearing. What came next? 5 flavors of iMac.
    Even with this announcement: “We’ve got a little more to show you” Cupertinologists know that “little” here likely means small devices, i.e. iPad mini, Mac mini, 13″ MacBook Pro. Recall that the MacBook Air was bannered by “Something’s in the air.” Apple knows how to carefully and noncommittally set future details into their PR to move the world along with them.

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