Apple’s Particle purchase hints at iPad, iPhone post-PC plans

“With all eyes on Apple’s October 23 iPad mini and Mac announcements, it would be easy to spend too little time pondering the company’s acquisition of HTML5 firm, Particle. I think it illustrates a few interesting new elements to Apple’s future plans for mobile devices, apps, software and services,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Particle has been involved in developing some of the more advanced HTML5-based elements of Apple’s iTunes/Internet ecosystem. The company’s work on iAds has helped Apple seize some presence in the online advertising market; while iTunes Extras introduced a few tasty multimedia features to the iTunes Store,” Evans writes. “Apple already offers HTML5 apps via iCloud. This currently enables easy document sharing and editing between a user’s Macs and devices, with apps such as Pages or Keynote also being made available to both platforms. Surely there can be no doubt that as Apple’s mobile products become more powerful the company will choose to diversify its range of mobile apps to serve the market it builds?”

Evans writes, “Particle’s vision embraces solutions which could be implemented within the future Apple television (as and when media firms recognize the time is right to loosen up their control of that medium); but it also suggests new families of lightweight Apple mobile device; as well as future HTML5-based implementations within iOS and the apps it drives. The focus on mobile is at the heart of Apple’s mission in the 21st Century. ”

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