“Apple may launch an updated version of the iPad 3 (officially called The New iPad) at the Apple press event next Tuesday (23 October), but a newer iPad (or iPad 4) isn’t expected until mid 2013, and, according to supply chain sources will merely feature a ‘simpler manufacturing design,'” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“The new version of the iPad 3 could ship with a Lightning Connector and offer compatibility with the UK LTE 4G network that will be provided by EE,” Haslam reports. “As for the likely launch date for a The Newer iPad – which we will refer to as the iPad 4 to avoid confusion (see what you have done Apple!) – reports are claiming that Apple has told suppliers that they will be launching a next generation iPad in the middle of 2013.”

Haslam reports, “According to DigiTimes, the next iPad will feature a ‘simpler manufacturing design’ and the number of LED chips used in backlighting for the iPad will be reduced in the next model… A separate DigiTimes report suggests that Apple’s supply chain wants to charge the company more. According to DigiTimes sources, Foxconn and other partners have: ‘Demanded the brand vendor accept a price rise, as their labour costs in China have been rising.'”

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