New version of Pad with Retina display coming next week, ‘iPad 4’ in mid 2013, sources say

“Apple may launch an updated version of the iPad 3 (officially called The New iPad) at the Apple press event next Tuesday (23 October), but a newer iPad (or iPad 4) isn’t expected until mid 2013, and, according to supply chain sources will merely feature a ‘simpler manufacturing design,'” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“The new version of the iPad 3 could ship with a Lightning Connector and offer compatibility with the UK LTE 4G network that will be provided by EE,” Haslam reports. “As for the likely launch date for a The Newer iPad – which we will refer to as the iPad 4 to avoid confusion (see what you have done Apple!) – reports are claiming that Apple has told suppliers that they will be launching a next generation iPad in the middle of 2013.”

Haslam reports, “According to DigiTimes, the next iPad will feature a ‘simpler manufacturing design’ and the number of LED chips used in backlighting for the iPad will be reduced in the next model… A separate DigiTimes report suggests that Apple’s supply chain wants to charge the company more. According to DigiTimes sources, Foxconn and other partners have: ‘Demanded the brand vendor accept a price rise, as their labour costs in China have been rising.'”

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  1. If they were going to do it right, they would have kept the full size screen and fully eliminated the bezel (multitouch gestures have replaced the home button anyway, and the iSight camera could still fit on a minuscule bezel). This would achieve the size they are looking for, reduce would-otherwise-be inventory, and they can definitely afford to drop the price 1 or 2 hundred dollars.

        1. “How do you hold a device the size of the iPad in one hand”

          HOLD…. Kickstand would mean NOT holding.

          P.S. MDN, PLEASE change our posting ability. we need editing… and when we Copy/Paste something… the “Read more at…” is annoying as hell.

      1. True; this report is just tabloid rumour.

        But updated full-size iPad will definitely again slim-down since displays will be produced with IGZO materials. This dramatically lowers battery requirements.

  2. The next iPad should have the much faster processor of the iPhone 5, improved display, lightning connector, and newer smaller LTE chips which are cooler and consume less power.

    1. ahh… the desperate last gasp.
      you do know that EVERYONE else understood the comment, but the die hard leftists are trying to make it sound like something it’s not.


  3. I think it makes sense for the “top of the line” iPad to include the new Lightning connector. It would just feel wrong if the latest iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mini all have the Lightning connector and the Retina iPad doesn’t.

    So, if Apple is going to update the New iPad for the new connector, why not update some other aspects of the device. @Darwin mentions some good possibilities.
    A6 chip
    Smaller (and more efficient) LTE chips
    In cell touch display
    Newer (more efficient) LCD panels (Like Sharp’s IGZO)

    The combination of these updates would allow the Retina iPad to be much thinner. Right now the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than the Retina iPad, which doesn’t seem right.

  4. So here’s the lineup:

    2010 – iPad 1 – Original iPad
    2011 – iPad 2 – iPad 2
    2012 – iPad 3 – New iPad
    2013 – iPad 4 – Newer iPad
    2014 – iPad 5 – Even Newer iPad
    2015 – iPad 6 – iPad +
    2016 – iPad 7 – New iPad +
    2017 – iPad 8 – iPad TNG (see Star Trek)
    2018 – iPad 9 – iPad Ultimate
    2019 – iPad 10 – iPad X

    You read it here first!

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