Apple announces October 23rd special media event: ‘We’ve got a little more to show you’

Apple today sent invitations to a special media event scheduled for October 23, 2012 at the California Theatre in San Jose, California at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the “iPad mini,” a 7.85-inch iPad, but that’s not all. A new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display as well as new Mac mini could also make their debuts alongside the new “iPad mini.”

An all-new iMac is also expected shortly, either at this event or shortly thereafter. Here’s Apple’s invitation image:

Apple special media event invitation
Apple special media event invitation

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      1. A few years back I had the occasion to speak with one of the upper echelon Apple execs, and I looked to point out the merits of continuing to manufacture a number of computers based on PPC chips, alongside the (then) new Intel line. My reasoning was that there were plenty of Apple users who would actually buy both an Intel and a PPC version of the same computer, just so they could say they had both in online forums or at MUG meetings.
        “I tell ya, (his name), those dorks go goofy over the gear. You guys could easily make extra dough by running a 30% capacity PPC line (of 100% of the Intel line) and charge MORE for the PPC version, and those dorks will line up outside your stores to buy them.”
        “Korgri,” he said (meaning me), “it’ll be a cold day in hell before people are stupid enough to stand in line to buy a product at a store when it will be continuously available anywhere for the duration of it’s production lifespan. Plus, if Big Steve walks by try not to let him hear you call our customer base ‘dorks’.”
        “Why, what dos he call them?”
        “He prefers to think of them as ‘kittens’.”
        “Because any string you guys dangle they will bat at it?”
        “Right. Oh hey, here comes the cart. We have a new flavor of kool aid today…want some?”

          1. I never worked at Apple…. but it’s interesting – if perhaps not a little overly revealing into your psyche – that you came to that conclusion just because I was speaking to someone who did work there.
            So working at Apple is something you fantasize about?
            My fantasies usually involve naked gals and complex algorithms best explained via oral (trying to think of some term to follow ‘oral’ that sounds scientific but really only puts in your mind some lewd visualization). Now see, if I had worked at Apple I would have been able to come up with that creatively sordid term.
            Alas, I can only recount to you the sheer magic that rubbed off from one of my visits!
            (Korgri pauses as if about to deliver some stunning realization)
            Most of their creative magic really comes from what looked to me to be about 80 or 90 elves they keep locked up in the cellar.
            “What’n the heck are all these elves doing in these cages?”
            “Look, Korgri,” – my host spoke somewhat threateningly – “I just need your help for a minute feeding the bunch over there near where the cave moss is growing on the wall. Just grab a handful of moss for each elf and toss it through the bars. Do not hand anything directly to any of the elves, and make no eye contact longer than two or three seconds.”
            “We’re feeding elves in cages?”
            “And what was the non-disclosure document you signed?” He paused for a half a sec while I thought that one over. “See that table over there? The design teams bring their ideas down here and brainstorm while in the midst of these elves; I dunno, it’s some kind of telepathy thing Big Steve discovered back when he was a kid – you got great ideas just being in close proximity to magical beings. You can’t say it hasn’t worked, right?”
            “You mean Woz was – ” Some of the elves within earshot began to murmur menacingly and stared daggers at us.
            “Shhh, idiot…don’t say that name down here.” he took me by the arm out of earshot. “The big guy got his top job back in the late 90’s by demonstrably proving he could capture and imprison elves. His former associate had shown him years before the entrance to the cave from whence his ancestors had traversed forth from to mix with humans. Savvy? Avoid openly speaking names aloud down here, okay?”
            I had glanced back at the cages, the elves had returned to their meditative solace, or what we humans might call incessant masturbation. “Jeez, I bet it gets messy down here after a few hours.”
            My host patted the brace of firehoses on the wall. “Well, that’s where these come in pretty handy. Look, count yourself lucky. Before Jobs came back we had to deal with Sculley’s mountain trolls and then Gil’s fire pixies. You think these elves make a mess, you don’t want to know the problems you get from just one troll and any number of fire pixies. Seriously, it’s just like in the old European fairy tales. For the most consistently magical – as in pleasing-the-stockholders kind of magical – you gotta stick with elves. Just ask any old shoe cobbler.”

    1. Yeah, well, I still deny it. I say a 7 inch iPad makes no sense.

      With the iPhone(or iTouch) you get a pocket-sized device with the trade-off of a cramped screen.

      With an iPad, you get a nice spacious screen with the trade-off of it being too big to cary around in your pocket.

      Wth a 7 inch iPad, you’d get… A device with a cramped screen that’s too big to fit in your pocket. It would have all the trade-offs of the iPad and iPhone with none of the advantages. It’s insane.

      1. A smaller iPad at a 1024×768 resolution makes a lot of sense for young users, who have smaller fingers than adults, and who greatly benefit from carrying a lightweight, networking-capable, constantly up-to-date device, instead of multiple heavy printed textbooks that are re-written every year. I feel that no device manufacturer other than Apple has the wish and talent to revolutionize the education market. It’s clear to me that iPad mini is going to be very successful, likely even more than all generations of iPads combined.

    1. Yes, but what if it is a “little” more? What would you call a “new Mac mini” that has a solid state drive and an iOS 6 ARM chip in it? What if it had a cable or HD input? It could be the entertainment hub we all have been looking for. Put a standard remote’s infer red on the new iPad mini. It would be the game controller / TV remote control.

      Think different. Think a “little” bigger!

    1. I’m already jammed full of crow. I’ve said all along, “not gunna happen. Why do it? Make zero sense to me.”

      This from the same guy that watched the entire keynote for the first iPad and didn’t get it. I literally did utter, meh. Dipshit. Yes I get it now. Big time.

      I am in a wait and see posture but am looking forward to it.

      Belch…………christ am I full

  1. yippie kaye mf!

    this is a rare Apple occasion. 2 special events so close in proximity. is that the change in the Post iSteve era or Cook’s Apple?

    the last event was 2012-09-12
    only 41 days apart.
    last invite slogan “It’s almost here. 12”
    for: the iPhone5/iOS6.

    what is it this time?
    1. iPad mini
    2. Apple Remote
    3. 1st new iMac industrial design since the flat screen or 4th iMac iteration, in 2007-08?
    4. new full AppleTV?
    5. new AppleTV content deal?

    let’s see which fools will copy what NeXT.
    as long as they copy, they will always be behind.
    since when they copy and finally get it half-right,
    Apple by then doe the next gen and is always ahead by law ; )

    the only way for competitors to win,
    is to invent their own epic shit on their own,
    and they will only succeed if they compete in the same in non-Apple product categories…

    1. No slavish adherence to MacWorld schedules anymore means Apple can do it anytime stuff is ready to unleash on suspecting tech lustful consumers. Going to be a great holiday season this year! Apple Haters, sharpen your pencils, dull your wits and also be ready to be served up crow.

    1. I think there’s more to this theme than “one more.” “Little” suggests that minis will be the unifying element — mini iPad, Mac mini, and mini MacBook Pro.

  2. Using the word “show” makes me wonder if there is some sort of Apple TV remote-capability built into this device. Also, the color scheme of the invitation could suggest multiple colors of the device, a la the iPod lineup.

    If it is an iPad mini, I hope it is more than just a smaller iPad. That would definitely differentiate it from all of the other tablet wanna-be’s.

    Great timing of this announcement, to trump Microsoft’s Surface flop-o-rama on Oct. 26.

  3. I think I had posted that I thought they shouldn’t do it not I believed they definitely wouldn’t. But you guys have presented many convincing reasons as to why it’s a good thing to have a mini so I’m already convinced you’re probably right.

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