Will you buy an Apple iPad mini?

“It now seems almost inevitable that Apple will unveil the iPad’s little brother at an event rumored to be held October 23,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for Forbes. “The petite tablet, widely expected to be called the iPad mini and feature a 7.85-inch display, has been one of the most rumored and speculated products.”

“But the $65,000 question — since we’re dealing with Apple maybe we need to add a few more zeros to that number — is whether people will buy it?” Kingsley-Hughes wonders. “The answer to this is likely to be an overwhelming yes. After all, we’ve not really seen Apple trip over its shoe laces for a long time. About the only product the company has released over the past few years that hasn’t been a wildfire success is the Apple TV set-top box.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple TV outsold Xbox 360 in Q212. Apple is the world’s leading set top connected TV box vendor.

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “So, what would make you interested enough in an iPad mini to buy one on launch day? And what would it take for you to queue up to be one of the first to get your hands on one?”

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  1. Unless there is something in the “mini” that has not been leaked…


    iPhone 5
    iPad 3rd gen.

    I don’t need something in between.
    IR and apple releasing a learning remote app… Ok now I’ll think about it.

    1. I’d rather see an *optional* Bluetooth-to-IR transceiver set, this way you don’t need line of sight.

      There’s the slight problem of where you’d install the transceiver so all your devices would get the signal… maybe it’s built into another product. But I’d rather not waste space on the iPad mini for an IR module, when the more portable nature of the mini means it’ll be out of the house and away from the TV more often.

      1. Problem is, those already exist..

        If the rumor is true, the mini is wifi only, so odds are it wouldn’t leave the house much.

        And besides… The “mini” is still a rumor. Apple hasn’t even sent out any invites for this oct 23rd event the media has come up with…

        For all we know it could be MBP and desktop stuff.

        1. My iPad and my son’s iPad are both Wifi-only, but they leave the house quite often. I also take mine on trips. Load it up with apps and media (music and video) and it will keep you entertained for a long time. Some airports offer free wi-fi, which gives you a chance to catch up on email and browse the web for news.

          A smaller and cheaper iPad – the rumored mini – would be more portable and present less of a financial concern relative to loss or damage. So, I would guess that it might travel out of the house even more.

        2. IR learning remotes also exist, so it’s six of one, half dozen of the other unless Apple comes up with something completely different.

          Another small consideration with built-in IR in the rumoured mini: remember the chaos the inconsiderate jerks at Gizmodo caused when they went around with traditional programmable remotes, shutting down TVs all over a trade show? Now imagine putting a super-portable programmable IR transmitter (and less out-of-place than walking around with a TV remote) in the hands of millions of people, more than a few of whom will buy it just for the prank potential. Retailers, tradeshow vendors, bars, gyms etc would all come to despise Apple for making them cover their TV and cable/satellite box IR receivers, making it impossible to use their own remotes. Some TVs and cable/sat boxes in bars are mounted in hard-to-reach places, it would become a huge inconvenience.

          1. yeah but the IR learning remotes all suck.
            some work good, but have horrible interfaces. (Cheap touch screens etc)
            some are the opposite.

            IMO Apple should have put a IR port on the iPod touch. perfect size for TV remote.

            the “prank” aspect, that will happen no matter what. you can’t stop that and Giz was hardly the first to do/think of it.. Hell i have an old watch around here somewhere that can do that.

            1. The learning/programmable Logitech Harmony I have didn’t have the best setup software (choice of Java or Silverlight… bleh!), but it was fairly straightforward even for semi-technical people. Total non-techs wouldn’t need more than a single remote anyway, they wouldn’t be setting up TV, PVR, receiver, Bluray/DVD, speakers by themselves if they weren’t somewhat technical in the first place.

              The prank aspect–will happen no matter what, but my point is it’s EXTREMELY limited right now. Only a small fraction of a population will go around with a hidden programmable remote, screwing around with stuff. Put the same capability in an iPad mini that millions of people will carry around, and suddenly every iOS user in a place is suspect when the systems get played with. Bar staff won’t be trained well enough to recognize the feature differences between an iPad mini, normal iPad, iPhones and iPods. You think the whinging over Apple Maps is bad, the backlash from this to both Apple and iOS users would be severe.

            2. i’ve had a few Harmony remotes. (well, still do somewhere..)
              wasn’t real impressed with them, yeah silverlight… annoying.

              it’s been a few years though, so they could have improved. The last one I bought, the buttons felt clunky to press.

              and no remote (to me anyway) is laid out good for all other remotes. Thats why I always wanted a touch screen remote that allows ME to put the buttons where I want… and ONLY have the buttons I want on screen…

              I see your point, but if the bar staff don’t know the differences between the mini/iPad/iPhone then they probably wouldn’t think the iOS user *could* do it in the first place.

              Vizio and Sony both make Android tablets with IR… and with Universal remote apps.

            3. Problem with an all-touchscreen remote is you can’t find more than a few buttons near corners and sides, without at least glancing at the screen. And you have to “wake” the screen since it’ll normally be off to save power.

              Bar staff will have minimal training on tech their customers might be carrying around. If it becomes a problem rest assured managers *will* tell them to keep an eye out.

              Android tablets with IR and universal remote apps… a very, very small customer base 🙂

              One possible workaround for an IR-equipped iPad mini remote, is that the remote app only works when connected to the designated home wifi network. Not that it needs wifi for any functionality, it’s just a less power-intense way than GPS geofencing to restrict when the app can work. Still not foolproof… you’d be able to change which wifi is designated as home. But Apple could make it harder–can only change wifi home setting once a day or something–so it’s additional hassle that reduces the temptation for pranking.

            4. @mossman
              yeah I agree. IMO the iPod touch size remote with an IR port would be perfect. 7-8″ of the Mini is a little big.
              I have a “touch” screen remote, small 3″ i think.. It “works” but its resistive… so it’s a pain to use.

              Sony has a rather neat Remote that is touch, also like $400… it’s not locked just have to touch the screen to wake it up. (Granted i’ve never been able to actually touch one… just seen it in the box)

              Hmmm. I like the WiFi restriction idea.

  2. Let’s face it, at this point it could be a polished turd with an Apple logo and we’d likely buy it. The initial reviews would rave that, yes it’s shiny, but it doesn’t stink quite like a turd should. But they’d still sell millions and we would all proudly strut around flashing our turd so that people knew that we had the latest iTurded.

    But seriously, I might buy an iPad mini.

    1. No, I don’t think so, RR. Apple couldn’t even release a maps app with some data issues without being subject to a multitude of ‘it’s all over now, the fat lady is warming up in the wings’ claptrap from just about anyone who had a pulpit.

      No, I think if Apple released even a polished turd, it would be soundly rejected.

      Why repeat the stupidity and catchphrases the FUDsters and astroturfers sputter? It’s unbecoming…

    2. Regular Reader, most aficionados of Apple products are far more discerning that you appear to believe. We don’t buy turds if we can help it, and we don’t care whether or not they are polished.

      I will admit that the iPad mini would not have to be perfect to sell in the tens of millions. But it would have to compare favorably with the current version of the iPad in terms of functionality, design, speed, etc. Apple won’t go backwards on processors and such – that would not make any sense.

  3. I have no need for one, so I won’t be buying one.

    At my house we currently have:

    iPad 1st gen (passed on to the girlfriend)
    iPad 3rd gen (mine)
    original Kindle Fire (had to get one just to test things/play with)
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 4 that has now been relegated to being an iPod Touch since I got the 5. 🙂

    The Kindle Fire gets no use other than the girlfriend reading books on it occasionally.

    I think that MANY people will get the iPad mini (if it exists), but I don’t have a need.

    1. Your girl friend has to use the 1st gen iPad? Poor girl. I feel sorry for anyone who has to use that thing. It is slow, thick, heavy, has a tiny amount of ram, and can’t even run iOS 6. I sold mine for $200 and will be putting the money towards the iPad mini.

      This list supposedly shows the options and prices for the iPad mini.

      If it’s accurate it will only cost me $150 to “trade in” my 1st gen iPad for a much faster, thinner, lighter, newer model. 🙂

      1. Yeah, she only uses it occasionally and for very basic tasks, so it is okay for her needs. I agree though, over time, it became harder and harder for me to hold out on buying an iPad 2. Glad I held out though. I try to skip gens on my personal devices.

  4. My first gen iPad was getting long in the tooth. It’s very slow and can’t even run iOS 6. So, a couple weeks ago I sold it for $200. I will be putting that $ towards an iPad mini.

    Right now our family is struggling to live with just one iPad (2nd gen). A new iPad mini will help alleviate the iPad demand in our house.

      1. Yes, we have “real” computers in the house as well. From your other comments I’ve gathered that you are a big Mac user and not very enamored by iOS devices.

        For my family (and many people I know) we hardly use the “real” computers any more. We increasingly do more and more on iPads and iPhones. All of our web browsing, email, FaceTime, calendaring/organizing, entertainment, is almost exclusively done on iOS now. We still have the 27″ iMac running. My wife uses it mostly for photo editing/management. And of course the iMac runs the family iTunes Library, which streams all of our music, TV shows, movies to iOS devices around the house. (I can’t wait until that is even more seamless with iCloud.)

        And the old MacBook Pro has been relegated to its case ever since the 1st iPad. I used to sit with the MacBook Pro on the couch every evening. The iPad now does all the same tasks and is a much better experience.

        And then add 3 young children into the mix. Kids LOVE iOS. Luckily our kids aren’t nearly as addicted as many of their friends, but they will clean their room (or do other chores) to get 30 minutes on the iPad. Not a bad trade for the parent. 😉

        1. I currently have the “new iPad”. Had the iPad one and iPad 2 previously. I also have two IPhone 4S, two iPod Touch’ (4th gen), one Mac Mini server, one MB Pro, four Mac Pro’s and a new iMac. Obviously I use my stuff to make a living. But since I bought my first iPad it is seldom far from my hand. I just wish that I could do everything on it. Couldn’t live without it. I’m trying to figure out a reason to buy an iPad mini. I’m sure that I’ll figure out something. And they’ll sell like hotcakes!

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