Apple’s new iPhone 5 snapped up in Gaza Strip despite high prices

“Apple’s new iPhone 5 is selling well in the Gaza Strip despite inflated prices, reaching the Palestinian enclave via smuggling tunnels even before high-tech hub Israel next door,” Douglas Hamilton reports for Reuters.

“The cutting edge smart phone is being snapped up for almost double what it costs in the United States, its price jacked up by middlemen on its circuitous delivery route from Dubai via tunnels linking the blockaded territory with Egypt,” Hamilton reports. “The iPhone 5 will not be available until December from mobile operators in tech-mad Israel, which along with Egypt maintains a partial blockade of Gaza to prevent the entry of anything that could be used for military purposes. But the phones have been available for a couple of weeks in Gaza and they were on display on Monday in three independent mobile stores in a one-block radius in downtown Gaza City. Prices ranged from 4,500 Israeli shekels ($1,170) for the 16 GB model to 5,700 ($1,480) for 64 GB.”

Hamilton reports, “Israel’s Maariv newspaper last week reported that the iPhone 5’s controversial new Apple Maps application does not list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its built-in World Clock app shows Jerusalem as a city without an associated country. Israel regards Jerusalem as its undivided and eternal capital. Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of the state they aspire to create in a peace deal with Israel.”

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  1. Since the phone takes away Jerusalem from Israel, I looked to see if it kept Stanley in the British Falklands or called it the Malvines… It left those disputed lands with the British… I guess some countries get a pass on and others do not. Perhaps Maps can give California back to Mexico 😉

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