Apple’s 7.85-inch ‘iPad mini’ may start at just $249

“Apple will introduce its 7.85-inch, $249, iBook-focused iPad mini at a special event on October 23,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerwolrd.

“The device will be aimed at smaller tablets such as the Kindle Fire,” Evans writes. “The launch should also see Apple ship the latest version of iTunes, this seems likely to offer new iBook-supporting features designed to boost iPad and iPad mini (iBook?) sales over the holiday period.”

“Apple has been expected to introduce the iPad mini at an aggressive price. Now it seems the device will cost from €249 in Europe [via: Mobile Geeks]. If the company stays in line with the cost of the existing iPad, this suggests you’ll be able to pick up an iPad mini at prices from $249 in the US,” Evans writes. “This will create a nightmare for competitors in the tablet space at the cost of a few lost iPod touch sales.”

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  1. This will likely be for the 8 GB model. The 16 GB model will be $349, 32 GB $449, and the 64 GB version $549 for the WiFi only versions. The anchor price will seem low, but the margin will be made on the larger capacity versions. Expect competitors to offer more capacity at lower prices, but the public won’t care, the $249 base price is all that is important.

  2. I’d be very surprised if anybody outside of Apple truly knows the selling prices at this stage, but if the rumours say $249 and the actual price turns out to be higher, that will be another excuse to mark down the stock price.

    However, pricing will be critical and if Apple actually do sell a mini iPad at that price, then that will pretty well bury the competition. Only Apple has the experience, know how, supply chain and distribution channel to produce a quality product at that sort of price and get them in volume onto the shelves so rapidly.

  3. I think this could be a very important product for Apple as it could fill that gap between a full blown iPad and a Touch.

    Age-wise, it could attract 10 yr olds upwards (or even younger!) as a realistic offer for their parents to buy and could indeed be THE device that schools take on board. With the popularity of education sites, such as Khan Academy, this product may well sell in their hundreds of millions.

    It could also attract adults who don’t want the larger (and heavier) iPad but rather a more discreet device they can carry around and read books / watch a movie in the car/train/plane etc.

    It could also be the product that takes the Apple share price into the $800 – $1,000 region.

    Much will depend on the price and the features on the device.

  4. $249 is the highest that Apple can really go on a device of this nature and still deliver a devestating blow to the 7inch tablet space. At $299 or higher the premium over a Kindle HD or the Nexus 7 would be too much of a barrier to make the mini a “no-brainer.” Many would probably still make the mini their choice but not enough for it to create the iPod effect in the tablet space that Apple would be looking for. $249 is a good price for Apple since it puts the product at a slight price premium that gives it the appearance of being an overall superior device, but doesn’t put it out of range for an impulse purchase or holiday gift. At $249 I can get both my kids one for Christmas. At $299 I cannot.

    Of course if by some miracle the mini debuts at $199, then …. BOOM!!!!!!!!!

  5. $249 for the 8 GB version is just good, but not exiting.
    $349 for the 16 GB version would be ridiculous.
    $100 fo just 8 GB more would really be a joke.
    Tim, don’t do this!

    Hopefully they will really update the iBooks Author. It was a great 1.0 release, but then nothing happened until now. Will iBooks Author be the new Pages 09?

    1. Hopefully Apple learned its lesson from the old days when it put only 512KB or 1GB of DRAM in its computers (filling all available slots). With modern Apple mobile devices, you cannot even add more memory, so it would be a crime to start people out with too little.

      An 8GB version would not be wise. It is easy to fill up 32GB, as my wife just found out when taking videos at my daughter’s swim meet last weekend. One-quarter of that space would be overly limiting. If the Mac mini is primarily intended to be a content consumption device, then it had better start with *at least* 16GB. I would prefer 32GB as the new memory floor for next-generation Apple iOS devices, but that is likely expecting too much. Apple makes a lot of profit on the 32GB and 64GB versions of iOS devices.

  6. Oh boy! $249 is what I was hoping for. But not certain that Apple can do that. If they can release an iPad mini for $249 they will kick some serious ass! The competition will be singing the blues.

    1. Of course Apple “can” do that, they have enough billions to absorb a smaller margin (heck, they could give away every single mini they make for the next year and barely blink). The question is will/would they. Historically, as we all know, they haven’t cared about market share per se. But in this market segment Apple is playing catch-up, assuming they’re not releasing anything radically different from the current iPad and touch.

  7. NewsFLASH! Breaking News!

    A fairy told Faux Newz that the New Apple iPad mini will be made by leprechauns at a special LEED Platinum certified factory on Atlantis and will be delivered to pre-order customers by Unicorns with logistics co-cordinated by a special contract with Santa Claus.

    The fairy also said the reason Apple has stealthily rescheduled and repeatedly said nothing about said iPad mini is because they are so damn good at keeping secrets.

  8. Here’s a question for other MDN readers/posters. I bought the first Amazon Kindle e-reader. I sold it when the iPad was first released because I found the UI on the Kindle to be incredibly confusing and obtuse. I like to read and I have no issues with reading on the 3rd gen iPad unless I’m outdoors, which I try to be as often as I can. The iPad sucks outdoors. The new Kindle Paperwhite looks like a device that could make all other e-readers obsolete IMHO. Has anyone here anything to say from hands-on experience about the Paperwhite? I don’t think I could live without my iPad, but I am not convinced that it’s the greatest e-reader. That having been said, I have quite a few books that I’ve bought from the iBookstore in anticipation of being able to read them on the iPad, so I will need to read them there or buy them again for the Paperwhite. I find myself wondering if Apple might address the shortcomings (in my mind) of the iPad as an e-reader. Anyone have any thoughts? I am not enamored of the idea of buying all of my books from Amazon, as I already buy enough stuff from them and I like giving some of my money to Apple. Quite a quandary, huh? I feel like the 3 members of the panel on the SNL skit when confronted by the Chinese factory workers.

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