Days after Tim Cook’s apology, Apple’s Maps shows improvements

“On the heels as Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public apology to iOS customers for the poor performance of their Maps app, Apple has been quietly improving their heavily criticized iOS 6 Maps App with more accurate Fly-Over 3D and location data,” Jonathan Pena reports for AppleTell.

“Previously, users of Maps experienced inaccurate data and distorted images when using 3D Flyover visuals in iOS 6,” Pena reports.

Read more, and see screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Are you seeing improvements in Apple’s Maps app?


  1. Tim Cook, “Apple is proud to announce that Maps is less shitty than it was. Thanks to our fans and hard working employees we have raised the bar again. I have officially rated Maps ‘crappy’, a significant improvement from the previous rating ‘steaming pile of odorous dung’. That is all.”

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      1. Never had a problem with the new Maps app. Best guess is that where there were problems the hue and cry were amplified by ‘droid users and competitors.

        In a month this will be a forgotten issue, as was antenna gate. OTOH, how’s that OS upgrade thing working out for you ‘droid apologists?

  2. I drove from the SF Bay Are to Truckee, CA near Lake Tahoe (about 200 miles each way) last Saturday and returned on Monday. On Saturday the Turn by Turn worked fine, but Siri randomly directed me to take four or five non-existent turns off of the highway, then quickly corrected herself. On the way back this never happened and directions were flawless. Turn by turn maps are a vast improvement over google maps and worked perfectly. This is a much safer way to drive and with audible turn by turn, it is far better than Google Maps ever was, even with the few quickly corrected mistakes on the way up. Also nice that the maps stay on or come back on whenever there is a change of directions.

      1. Agreed. I’ve used the app to find locations and get driving instructions. Worked flawlessly! Maybe its huge metro areas with problems, NY, LA, Chicago, …

        1. Tell you what I am already preferring it to Google maps (except for some minor issues I previously mentioned) its user interface is a delight which was emphasised when I was thrown back form Apple maps to Google maps the other day through an app when, despite years of casual use i still found I couldn’t really easily work the damn thing beyond anything pretty basic as with any google held together by string, interface in fact. As Apple maps develops its going to be so much better considering its underlying technology already shines out by comparison.

  3. Maybe in US, in India it is still as bad as it can be. But still sticking with apple. Anything to avoid google shit, it is just a personnel opinion, if people are happy with google then that is all that matters to them.

    Come on apple pull up your socks you have a mountain to climb.

  4. I have looked for many addresses and businesses in houston tx since installing IOS6 and I have not had any problems at all
    And it’s way faster
    So I don’t know what all the bitching is about

  5. Didnt have any problems. MUCH prefer the new maps to Google. Turn by turn is excellent, and the Maps are easier to read than Google – less clutter.
    Another storm in a teacup, yet another ‘slow news day’.

  6. I clicked a Louisville, KY address in my address book and it took me to Maps somewhere in Alabama. Yeah, it’s off. How can it be better if here hasn’t been a software update?

    1. Seriously? You do know the map data isn’t all contained in your iPhone, right? The app can’t improve without a software update, but the data it displays is on Apple’s servers.
      This is like asking how CNN’s news page can change without you downloading a brand new version of your web browser.

  7. I have been a critic of the crappy Apple maps app, so yesterday I decided to do a test. I got in the car and typed in Subway in an area where there are 5 Subway restaurants nearby and no subway (as in transit) to throw things off. The stores are all within 1.5-2 miles of the point where I searched with the mapping app.

    It found 1 and did not have the address correctly marked on the map. It didn’t list the others nearby. It also did a marginal job on routing, as there are a number of options.

    Checked the same in an app found in the app store drawing in Google data and it found all stores and gave a better route.

    Still not impressed. It’s Betaware.

    1. Wow… couldn’t find Subway…? I fear the sky will be falling shortly and the earth will open up and swallow us all. Nice to know how serious this is, and how permanent the damage will be… I’ll have to hold up my iPhone 5 purchase until it can figure out that damn Subway problem. Those mediocre sandwiches are not to be missed at all costs…

      1. Subway was chosen as a convenient destination that had multiple locations within a given radius- not a destination to eat. It could have been 5 Apple Stores were that that many in the same area.

        Jesus, what a Fanboi.

        1. Someone replying sarcastically doesn’t mean fanboi. Just as much as your criticism doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an Applehater. Maybe they just like to be a smart ass.

  8. I have been having problems with finding certain places. But its usually because the name is off…but google maps usually could provide names that were a little off and I don’t know if apple maps does. For example, I typed Toyota Collision Center and it took me to the wrong Collision center…what I should have typed in was World Toyota Collision.
    So, part user error…but at the same time I would think there could be a little error in something like that.

  9. I’ve had good, but imperfect results from iOS6 Maps. Still, having used many different turn-by-turn systems since ’97, I am well acquainted to good but imperfect results. They all are imperfect, yet useful.

  10. Cook was a complete idiot to apologize. Sign of a whimpy ass baby. We now know that things were not near that bad, and reviews have been pretty good. He sounds like a asswhimp Bay area lib that is overly touchy feely and too queer-like. Man up you dud.

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      And ‘x’ expects us to take its illiterate ramblings seriously?
      Fuck off back to your mummy’s basement, ‘dud’.

  11. Amazing. Apple fandroids/fanbois report that they haven’t noticed any difference in Maps although Apple reports significant improvements. These morons are either too dense to recognize that problems existed or are too stupid to understand Apple’s simply worded press release.

      1. slang has a way of meaning different things to different people.

        I don’t see how your interpretation of the use of the term is the only one. Words aren’t limited only to the the highest corporate bidder’s copyrighted meaning.

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