18-day old Apple iPhone 5 already generates more Web traffic than 4.5-month old Samsung Galaxy S III

“When looking at Web traffic from the two smartphones, Chitika said the iPhone 5 now accounts for 56 percent of pages, compared to 44 percent for the Galaxy S III,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

Fried reports, “…Only 18 days since the public release of the iPhone 5, the newest Apple device has overtaken the Galaxy S III in terms of Web traffic volume,’ Chitika said. ‘Record-breaking sales numbers, along with new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage, are the most likely explanation for this tremendous growth.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Another reason for the growth is that Android lags badly behind iOS in usability, and user sophistication. That’s especially true for lower end Android phones, but clearly holds for top end phones as well.

  2. Most likely explanation is that Android’s are simply not selling so many smartphones.
    Nobody is presenting any real sales numbers from Samsung, HTC or the others. Just plain and simple.

    1. My boss recently bought a SamDung III and the large screen does not show colors accurately at all, all the photos she transferrred to it look garish. Its a big cheap piece of plastic that does not do anything well.

    2. Actually, android has the largest market share of smart phone operating systems (Because the phones usually sell for next to nothing), but its crappy and not as enjoyable as iOS.

  3. No kidding! Why would this be a surprise to NY1? Fisrt thing folks do when they are told that the speed of the device has improved 2 fold is to test it.

    ISheeps are so funny including the ones that write for low end papers and websites. Too funny!

      1. Did you know that the plural of sheep is ‘sheep’? If English is your second language after Korean then perhaps you can be forgiven for not understanding the subtleties of English. (or the subtleties of iOS 6 and the iPhone)

        1. iSheep isn’t a real word. Therefore, it can be pluralized in any way. If English is one thing, it’s inconsistent.

          Besides, I’m sure there many English speaking rabid lovers of Samsung products, just as there are many Korean speaking rabid lovers of Apple products.

          Don’t sink to the same level.

    1. Read the article. S III surpassed the iPhone 4S in August, putting it in 2nd Place just before the 5 launched.

      That means that today, the iPhone 4S is in 3rd Place on the Internet traffic list.

  4. I seem to remember stats showing users of iOS devices as being heavy data users- a.k.a. apps and web browsing.

    BTW-“Galaxy S Nexus Lexus RAZr Unbelievable with DROID TouchMy Wiz technology” is most excellent.

  5. …but Eric Schmidt said Android is winning, Android devices are nearly a billion strong and Apple made a huge, huge mistake by not using Google Maps. So web traffic must not mean anything at all.


    1. Now that Mr. Steve Jobs is gone, we no longer hear much about his Reality Distortion Field. Its place has been taken by Eric Schmidt’s own version of it, call it the BS RDF. Both represent kinds of magical thinking.

      Only difference is SJ made his predictions come true, while ES made a monkey out of himself.

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