Instapaper founder Marco Arment launches iOS-only ‘The Magazine’ for geeks like us

“I’ve always loved technology, and I especially love the recent focus on mobile phones, tablets, and truly great personal computers. These interests also increasingly include other fields, such as photography, publishing, and music, affected heavily by technology,” Marco Arment writes for The Magazine.

“This is what The Magazine is about,” Arment writes. “Many publications focus on reviews and comparisons, or bring you as much news as quickly as possible. The Magazine will not serve those roles. Instead, it takes a measured approach to the big picture: rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, The Magazine delivers meaningful editorial and big-picture articles… Rather than be limited to technology, its topics appeal to people who love technology.”

“If that sounds like you, start your free trial and browse as much as you’d like,” Arment writes. “The Magazine will publish four articles every two weeks. In the future, it may publish more.”

“Instead of the traditional labor-intensive magazine layout and expensive multimedia production, The Magazine’s article format is similar to Instapaper’s: one clean, adjustable, reader-friendly template with HTML, occasional images, and some small conveniences,” Arment writes. “It loads quickly, integrates well with sharing and system conventions (including text selection and VoiceOver), occupies minimal storage space, and shows the utmost respect for your time and attention.”

Arment writes, “All of this is a bit crazy, and it’s not guaranteed to succeed. But I bet it will.”

Read more in the full article here.

Get The Magazine (free trial) via Apple’s iOS App Store here.

Marco Arment is an iOS and web developer and technology blogger who cofounded Tumblr. Arment created and currently operates Instapaper. He also co-hosts the popular “Build and Analyze” podcast.

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, Marco!


    1. Yes, it is very short at present. 8 good articles per month for $2 is still not a bad deal, but they will all need to be of a very high quality (better than what people can get on blogs for free) for it to succeed long term.

        1. Agreed. The secret is that we ‘can’ run iOS apps on OS X, but that’s not how Apple is marketing them at this point.

          (Paid Apple developer tools include iOS app programming and running on OS X for testing purposes).

  1. I’ve been kindly paying for the e- version of MacWorld for years. But the big problem, as with the paper version, is that the articles are all about LAST MONTH. That doesn’t kill the functionality of the magazine, but it does make it useless for actual up-to-date tech news.

    Can ‘The Magazine’ be seriously up-to-date? Or will it offer analysis and commentary that is more temporally universal? It’s going to need something better than just hanging round at MDN, ArsTechnica,, etc.

    1. Download it, read the first issue. If you don’t like it, cancel your sub within seven days and the experience will have cost you nothing. Beats putting up rhetorical questions on forums.

      But as I understand it, from having done the above, the intention is to provide long-form articles that can still be read years into the future, not tech details on next week’s chip.

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