Windows 8 early adoption number 5 times lower than Windows 7

“With just weeks before the public launch of Windows 8, users are five times less likely to be running the new OS than they were Windows 7 at the same point in its countdown, an analytics firm said today,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“The newest numbers from California-based Net Applications portray a tepid reception so far for Windows 8,” Keizer reports. “Just 0.33% of all computers running Windows during September relied on Windows 8, Net Applications’ statistics showed Monday. That number represents 33 out of every 10,000 Windows machines.”

Keizer reports, “At the end of September 2009, with essentially the same time remaining before its launch, Windows 7 accounted for 1.64% of all Windows PCs, or 164 out of 10,000: That’s five times that of Windows 8 at its T-minus-one-month milestone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows 8ista.

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  1. I feel bad for the money that shareholders will see MSFT blow on the launch of their new OS. Have friends in the production business who are glad MSFT is spending what they are to ‘launch’ an operating system – for them, I am happy they are making money off Microsoft’s back. As if anyone needs any reminders, but most of the pre and post production work for these MSFT ads are done on Macs.

  2. You people don’t get it. Microsoft can experiment and afford to fail. People will just use Windows 7 for another 5 years. It’s different than Apple who has basically 2 devices they make money on. Apple doesn’t have a Windows to line their pockets.

    1. Do you know why Microsoft rushed Windows 7 out the door after Vista imploded? Because they can’t actually afford failure. Not on that level.

      Windows 8 is like god’s gift to Apple and the Linux community, in that it’s going to result in a lot of switchers.

  3. As a heavy duty Mac user, I like Windows 7 a lot. Stable, secure and not terribly resource intensive. Vista Was a disaster.

    Predictions like this are foolish. Windows 8 will be adapted at the same rate and penetration as any other Windows enterprise OS. We are not even fully Windows 7 here yet. Enterprise software is not for the drooling fanboys. There are complex interactions accruing at many levels. Apple will NEVER be enterprise ready or relied upon. You wouldn’t want that. Enterprise needs comoditized hardware. Much of enterprise software really is using a computer as a glorified typewriter. That’s fine. That’s its purpose.

    The real worry for MFST is the replacement of PERSONAL computing with tablet devices et. al. That’s where they will suffer. Microsoft seems to forget what they’re good at.

    Now, pull up your pants and get back to work.

    1. Yeah, I can see wide enterprise adoption of an OS that frequently drops in to a poorly thought out, poorly received, candy-coloured videogame UI.

      When it became clear that MS was betting their whole future on Metro, I think I had a schadenfreude overload.

  4. Enjoy the moment to take shots at Windows Phone as it will literally change the way 1.9 billion Windows users look at their smartphones moving forward and that my friends will be Apples and Androids biggest challenge in the months and years ahead.

    Want to talk about eco system well have at it, as MSFT will cover all the bases and even as we speak SkyDrive humbles iCloud. Office 365, Surface Tab, great array of touch screen portables and desk tops coupled with variety that is unmatched will serve MSFT very well as they continue to forge ahead with their plans to overwhelm the public with great GUI’s and the back end to support it trough just about any digital environment known to man.

    It’s about to get ugly for Apple as they make their way back to their rightful place at the back of the pack.

    1. Thank You for your comment Mr. Ballmer. 1.9 Billion users??? Closer to 900 million but who is counting. Microsoft is a has been, No one who has a brain in their head wants that crap anymore. Microsoft is dying from the inside out just ask Robbie Back and J Allard, ooops I forgot they quit.
      Now shut up and do the monkey dance.

  5. I hate this kind of statistical abuse.

    How can Win 8’s adoption number be five times lower than the Win 7’s? If Win 8 was adopted by n people, then five times lower would be -4n. You can’t have negative adoption.

    You can have negative sentiment. Maybe that’s what they meant.

  6. Lest we forget, Win8 “requires” a touchscreen to be of any real use. I use it on my MPB and it is not intuitive at all. Out of the box, it really sucks. Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay for a halfbaked OS, especially if they just upgraded from Vista to Win7?

    1. It takes all of two minutes to learn your way around Windows 8, and another hour after that before it comes second nature.

      If my girlfriend (tech illiterate) can find her way around and learn to use it within that timeframe, anyone can. If you find it that bad I can’t conclude anything other than confirmation bias on your part.

  7. We use windows at work. We get so many warning messages that I have to take photos with my iPhone to show IT when they arrive. I am so happy to get out of there every day to get home to my apple which has never even hiccuped and its 8 years old!

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