Many Android settlers plan upgrade to Apple’s iPhone

“An online survey of 600 smartphone owners by research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) suggests that a significant number of Android owners are planning to jump ship and buy an iPhone over the next 6 months,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Of the 40 percent that admitted to owning an Android, 22 percent said they were going to make the switch to the iPhone within the next 6 months,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “iPhone users it seems are a lot more loyal. Of the 23 percent that owned up to owning an iPhone, only 9 percent said they were planning to defect to Android… Overall, Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Buried in the data is bad news for Microsoft and RIM. Data from the survey suggests that neither company is going to do well over the next six months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once you’ve held and used an iPhone 5, you can’t deal with any other phone.

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  1. Can anyone here put out a definitive list on important Android features that an average user would give a rat’s ass about not already covered by the iPhone? I don’t mean features only a geek would love but serious features iPhone users might be missing out on? On all the Android sites they never seem to pinpoint these incredible features that Android is “10 years ahead” on. I assume these to be wall papers and widgets mostly. Maybe the light of day diminishes and destroys the trivial difference illusion much as it does Dracula.

  2. The whole Google movement with Android supporters came from astroturfing in it’s beginnings with the BS term “closed ecosystem”. Now it’s beefed up astroturfing and the lemmings that brainlessly follow it and suggest it to poor unsuspecting family members.

    “Hey! Let’s ask idiot Johnny! He’s a stupid child, but he loves his X-Box!”

    I love that somehow they (the frothy-mouthed scary and deranged Android fanatics I see on some website comment sections with their erroneous data and conveniently omitted facts) can make Apple some villain. History is unfolding in the tech sector and I think some of these Android fans haven’t done much research before piping up on a keyboard and reciting their Google-apologistic mantra. Apple is a great company. They strive for perfection. No one else does that.

    1. You hit it right on the head. I find myself using the word “disingenuous” a lot to describe the hard core Androiders because they probably do know the real story but have very selective logic, desperate to make their case. Funny how much tech and politics have in common that way, everyone has selective memory in their respective arguments. I do believe Apple users here are far more fair minded and take Apple to task for mistakes than Fandroids do Google and Samsung.

  3. Not all Droid users are blind. Chalk up 2 ditched Droids from our family. If they’d only listened to me in the first place.
    At least they had the guts to admit the error and move on, though it took 3 dead Droids for one of them to buy a clue.

      1. Yes, will be 3 iPhone 5’s for us soon.
        If the 2 upgrades were Samedung phones, there’d be a divorce. Nice trade in value for the Droids, Gazelle says $200 for the kid’s Droid.

  4. Seriously, I could care less what others use as long as they don’t attempt to impose there preference/believes on me. Does it really matter that we have a couple of folks at work with Androids? Not really. Do I think they are using an inferior product?, you bet. Do I care?, not really.

    1. That’s the spirit! Live and let live. If people want to use Android devices and those devices are not based upon stolen Apple IP, then more power to them. Just don’t turn around and throw rocks at the company that made it all possible.

    1. And not just Fandroids! Apple sheep too are defecting in droves! Just look at the negative comments right here in MDN since Apple hit that iceberg whilst using their own new Maps!

  5. Not everyone needs what the iPhone offers. I’m not buying a Fandroid, but many of the people I know who have one are quite satisfied with them. They are not uber geeks and they are certainly a step up from previous generation feature phones and early smartphones.

    These are reasonably educated people (I work in healthcare) and they seem quite content and see iPhones by the ton every day. They also skew heavily female (Android users in my experience).

    There are features that are worth having. One can easily bump up the memory of many Android Phones at the cost of a memory card- no can do on the iPhone. Replaceable batteries also have their place. A lot of the women also like the over-saturated color of the AMOLED displays Samsung is using. Kind of like a lot of consumer digicams.

    1. No phone made can have its memory upgraded. Storage yes but memory no. And let’s face it that’s one of the reasons people switch to iPhone. It only takes one time when an android phone randomly decides it will no longer recognize the sd card that’s been inside it for months before you understand iPhone envy.

  6. Given the results of the survey, one could estimate that for every (40*0.22) 8.8 Android users planning to switch to the iPhone 5, approximately 2.07 (23*0.09) iPhone users are planning to switch to an Android device. The net Apple gain is 6.73 iPhone users per 100. Things are looking up.

  7. “…Android settlers…” ???
    If my car is a Jeep, I’m a Jeep settler? My iPad
    makes me an iPad settler? Rather convoluted use
    of the word. OK, MDN I’ll settle for your definition.

  8. Come on now… Pools, Surveys etc… waste of everyone’s time. None of this ever pans out. Android is rocking it out all over the World and not sure that this is about to stop anytime soon.

    Apple fans buy Apple, Android fans buy Android end of story. The same will be said when the new Windows 8 and RIM devices hit the street.

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