Fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec said to dump non-Apple customers in 2013

“Fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec on Monday reportedly notified existing customers that it will not be offering its security technology to the companies starting next year, causing a ‘state of panic’ as the firms scramble to find comparable replacements,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“In an email to its customers, which includes Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, Apple acquisition AuthenTec reportedly said it will no longer be honoring orders come 2013, a source told Korean language website etnews,” Campbell reports. “The announcement may be an indication of what Apple plans to do with the company and its technology after purchasing the firm in July for $356 million.”

Campbell reports, “AuthenTec is well known for its work in fingerprint sensor tech and it was rumored that Apple might be looking to implement the biometric security asset into an upcoming iPhone.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. If this fingerprint technology goes into iPhones of the future kiss Mickeysoft and most other phone makers goodbye. We’ll have to guard against chopped off fingers, maybe as consequence.

  2. Anyone know what the Authentec patent portfolio looks like for mobile and computer applications? I’m too lazy to do a search.

    If they have these applications well covered, Apple will have a huge advantage in mobile payments

  3. Isn’t it interesting what you can do with a few extra billion in the bank.

    What is the next mission critical feature that Apple will acquire and block from the others?

  4. (ANDROID PLASTIC ASSEMBLERS RESPONSE) Oh no, we will have to hack something else together that is not as good because Apple bought this tech. Bad Apple making us have to actually do something more than just take off the shelf components and tossing them in a plastic candy coded shell like a swollen M&M. Maybe they will have to go to a 6 inch phone screen to cram it all in. thats the easiest solution just use a bigger screen and a larger case. Customers might want to invest in longer fingers as well. Larger pockets to hold these behemoth phones and the extra batteries it will require to get through a whole day. Then we can tell everyone how a larger screen is a feature on a phone that is supposed to go in your pocket.

    1. No matter, the current licencees will 1) go crying to DOJ about the Apple monopoly, 2) continue to use the technology w/o paying royalties, 3) say to Apple “see you in Judge Koh’s court in 3 years”, which is how long it would take.

  5. As the user of an Eikon UPEK/AuthenTec fingerprint scanner (they merged a couple of years ago) on my Macs, I just hope Apple doesn’t cast aside the Mac support chasing iOS application of the technologies.

  6. This is exactly what Microsoft would do if they bought Adobe.
    Fortunately for pros, Windows will run on a Mac. To avoid that very poor workaround, I still believe Apple should buy Adobe before someone else does.

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