Apple TV update hints at iOS multi-user accounts

“Apple quietly updated software for its second- and third-generation Apple TV set-top boxes today to make it work with iOS 6 features,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“Chief among the items of interest is a way to switch iTunes accounts, providing a way for multiple user households to access differing content libraries on the same box,” Lowensohn reports. “This is something Apple has not offered on its portable devices, and its addition suggests the feature could be headed there eventually.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Opportun” for the heads up.]


  1. “providing a way for multiple user households to access differing content libraries on the same box,”

    Home sharing already exists and makes it quite easy to share multiple libraries, I believe this has more to do with quickly being able to change payment account.

    1. Yep. That’s exactly what it is.

      I *do* expect Apple to add user switching to the iPad at some point during iOS 6’s lifetime though. I can totally understand the reasons for not wanting to do it (sell more iPads), but it is a much requested feature.

    2. It allows you to change the account in the iTunes Store, then access the iTunes Match account for the account you’re now logged into.

      This works great on the Family Room AppleTV where I don’t want my kids music only being available on that AppleTV. They can log into to their iTunes account, hit their music on iTunes Match, when they leave, I can go back to my music.

  2. In terms of the Apple TV I’d almost prefer some way to connect your iOS device to it and for it to translate your account details onto Apple TV during the period you’re using it. I have multiple TV’s around the house, and I wouldn’t want other people using the wrong account to rent/buy things, but I also wouldn’t want to have to enter a password regularly. I’d like to see a guest account as well so you can have a device with a preconfigured clean slate that you could use as a living room device or similar.

  3. And… Reorganizing a dozen icons? Why would Apple add this feature unless we could see more “channels” added that one will need to organize? Here is hoping for HBOGO and others?

      1. I have to admit that I did the same, but scrolling past a few icons really wasn’t a big deal. Not like my iPad and 300+ apps. I am just hoping that the new feature is a sign of things to come.

  4. Having a shared photo stream from multiple iCloud (née MobileMe/.Mac/iTools) accounts is nice. The whole family can sit around watching all of our photos from our vacation spent waiting in line for new iPhones.

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