Hacker ports Google Maps to Apple’s iOS 6

“Google Maps seems to have found its way onto iOS 6 with help from a hacker, though it’s not quite ready for its public debut,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Self-proclaimed iOS hacker and engineer Ryan Petrich tweeted yesterday that he was able to coax Google Maps to work on iOS 6 ‘with a little trickery,'” Whitney reports. “Before iOS users get too excited, there are a few caveats. Retrich admitted that the port is prone to crashes and that it can’t yet be distributed to the public. And apparently, your mobile device must be jailbroken for the hack to even work.”

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  1. was bound to happen…

    and by the time it’s ready for release, Apple’s Maps will be updated to work better for those that are whining.

    the Data mining Google was doing… I am 100% happy with Apple’s Maps over Google’s maps.

    the FUD will not win.

    1. Google data mining is an issue why? Everyone does it including Apple and Governments and of course they are all self righteous until they get caught. Kind of like folks who proclaim to be law bidding and yes cheat on their income tax, support the underground economy etc…

      At least this skeleton is out of Google’s closet.

    1. Mike – I’m with you! I LOVE iOS 6 Maps!!

      I had no problems looking up places and finding them, and I found the GPS directions to be very accurate – down to the feet in some instances.

      My previous “go to” Map/GPS APP was TomTom on my iPhone 4GS which chewed up 1GB+ of data on my iPhone.

      Maps, like TomTom and GoogleMaps, thinks my house is located another 150 yds past my driveway. So apparently there is something wrong with ALL map / GPS apps that thinks my house is 2 doors further down the road. I won’t blame that on Maps … but then I’m a fairly rational person.

  2. Apple’s new Maps is fine and will get better over time. My issue is with SIRI and I know I’m impatient and expecting to much but the perfect AI will answer most any question I ask it and were along way from that. And no IBM’s Jeopardy winner is not anywhere close to what was portrayed on the show. All answers (questions) were text inputted to IBM’s computer beforehand.

  3. Personally, in my tests with Apple maps, I have found it to be quite accurate. I’m sure it’s not perfect at its launch (what is?), but I have a tip on how to make Apple Maps better:

    Use it.

    At its launch, Google Maps was not perfect either. But it was new, so the world gave Google more slack. What made Google Maps improve was that every query is tracked by Google. Corrections are noted and made. Over the course of billions of queries, Google Maps has refined and matured. Apple Maps will surely do the same.

    So don’t grouse about it. Use Apple Maps. Turn in correction reports. Over time, we will see Apple Maps noticeably improve. Then, the pundits and 30-year old bloggers still living at their
    parents will move on to something else to poke their sticks at Apple. Because that’s what losers do.

    Personaly, I don’t know of a statue erected to commemorate a critic.

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