Apple iPhone 5 misses analysts’ estimates with over 5 million units sold in first weekend

“Apple Inc. reported debut weekend sales for the iPhone 5 that fell short of some analysts’ estimates amid supply constraints,” Ryan Faughnder and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“More than 5 million units of the iPhone 5 were sold in the first three days, surpassing a record set last year by the previous model, the iPhone 4S, Cupertino, California-based Apple said today in a statement,” Faughnder and Satariano report. “Demand for the new handset exceeded the initial supply, Apple said.”

Faughnder and Satariano report, “Apple’s figure includes sales from wireless carriers, retail outlets, Apple stores and online orders that customers have received, Marshall said. It excludes early orders [preorders] from Apple’s online store that haven’t been delivered, he said. ‘Units in transit could be in the millions currently,’ Brian Marshall, an analyst at ISI Group said in a research report today… Early orders in Apple’s online store topped 2 million units in one day, Apple said on Sept. 17. The company said in the statement today that ‘while the majority of pre-orders have been shipped to customers, many are scheduled to be shipped in October.'”

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    1. Agree. Apple is DOOMED>>>
      I predicted sales on the first weekend of 6.5 billion. Hey, aim big. Apple missed delivering on my estimate (and many anal……yst so they are doomed, doomed I say.) Bru.. ha ha ha. (demonic laugh… ps we need an icon for that) LOL

      Just a thought. Happy monday

  1. How about sales figures on Windows Nokia/HTC/ whatever phones, i remember these windows phones were realeased hastilly before the iphone 5 came out. can we have sales figures on the windows phone please so we can compare it to the later released iphone5’s sales result

    1. Those phones were *announced* prior to the iPhone 5 announcement. They won’t be shipping until October at the earliest and some models won’t ship until November. Hell, they won’t even take pre-orders until October on them.

      However, it *will* be very interesting to see if any of them even come close to 2m pre-orders in 24 hours and 5 million sold (not just shipped) in 72 hours once they actually do start taking orders and start actually selling them.

      1. Thanks Shadowself for the important information, as you can see i dont keep track of other makes but i will compare sales figures againt the windows phones when they do come out. should be interesting comparison

  2. So the 5 million are actually in customers’ hands. If they went by attempted orders it’d be quite a lot higher. Any way you slice it, that’s a helluva launch.

    Now I’m just hoping there will be some supply when I’m able to renew my contract on Oct. 5!

  3. Its not a sales number. The 5 million is a production number, of available units that sold out, allocated to a select number of launch countries. Who knows what the real ‘sales’ number is.

    The only way to know the real sales number is if Apple had fulfilled every single order that was made, which of course it did not because it was unable to stockpile enough phones.

    We know its over 5 million, we know a ton are not fulfilled yet.

    Figure probably closer to 7 million.

    1. no…. Apple does NOT state production numbers, or shipped numbers…. ever.

      Apple states SOLD numbers only.
      Nobody knows how many iPhones were made prior to the 14th, and Apple will never tell.

      All I know, I was first told 2 weeks… and after 11 days I will have my iPhone in hand! (it shipped from Texas this morning, overnight!)

      1. Actually, shipped to cellphone carriers is also the sold number. In the earnings conference calls, Apple then gives the channel inventory number so you can back into the actual sales.

    2. CNBC confirmed that the number of 5M phones reflects those already received and signed for. It does not include those in ordered, in transit or not signed for. So with a Sunday, I expect more phones will be delivered today.

      1. CNBC is wrong. Apple cannot speak to what is sold but rather to what they have delivered to clients directly or shipped to carriers. In Ottawa Canada, iPhone 5 is readily available through most carriers and retail outlets and even the 2 that I ordered on pre-order day via have been shipped to me 2 weeks ahead of time.

  4. wait..
    Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5’s in 3 days, sets record.

    “Analysts” said Apple should sell 8-10 million in those 3 days… and it’s Apple’s fault for not meeting the “analysts” numbers?

    How many people wanted to order an iPhone 5 and decided to wait for two reasons.
    1. STILL under contract with 4S, Carrier didn’t give them an early upgrade.
    2. Saw the 2+ week ship time, and decided to wait until they can actually get the iPhone instead of order and wait. (and wait, and wait)

    Love how Apple is to blame….

  5. Analysts’ estimates means Gene (iTV 55 inch screen is coming for the last five years) Munster. Gene is definitely an AAPL bull, but so often his estimates are more like bullshit. As usual, the news services picked up on this and his estimate that AAPL will sell 50,000,000 units in the next quarter and now are leading an AAPL dump, because investors listened to these drones. Apple sold out of all they had. You cannot sell more than that. Samsung gets a bounce because they ship and choke the sales channel and announce 10,000,000 phones shipped. When Apple introduces the iPad Mini, the same thing will happen again. They will sell millions, Gene Munster will predict tens of millions and Wall Street will be disappointed in record sales and initial months long sell outs.

  6. And with the other article that demand exceeded supply, the analysts apparently thought Apple would sell them faster than they could make them (which is true), but it also shows that analysts are pretty much dropouts from meteorology college.

    Of course, Android manufacturers can ship them faster than they can sell them. So it’s almost the same…

    1. In order of reliability and accuracy of forecasts:
      1) meteorologists
      2) economists (“no we won’t go into recession nor run a deficit”)
      3) Wall Street-type analysts

      Considering meteorologists have an almost infinite number of variables to deal with, even on the local scale, the accuracy of their forecasts (such as they are) are pretty impressive.

    1. It doesn’t work that way. While Apple had record sales, it still didn’t meet the Street’s expectations. So, if you don’t do what’s expected of you, that’s bad news right (and the stock goes down). It also works visa versa.

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