AnandTech: The iPhone 5 Performance Preview

“This morning we finally got our hands on Apple’s iPhone 5. While we are eager to get started on battery life testing, that’ll happen late tonight after a full day’s worth of use and a recharge cycle,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech.

“Meanwhile, we went straight to work on performance testing. As we’ve mentioned before, the A6 SoC makes use of a pair of Apple’s own CPU cores that implement the ARMv7 ISA,” Lal Shimpi reports. “These aren’t vanilla Cortex A9s or Cortex A15s, but rather something of Apple’s own design. For its GPU Apple integrated a PowerVR SGX543MP3 GPU running at higher clocks than the dual-core 543MP2 in the A5.”

Lal Shimpi reports, “The result is compute performance that’s similar to the A5X in Apple’s 3rd generation iPad, but with a smaller overall die area. The A6 has a narrower memory interface compared to the A5x (64-bits vs. 128-bits), but that makes sense given the much lower display resolution (0.7MP vs. 3.1MP).”

Copious benchmarks and much more in the full article here.


  1. Wow the Androids commenters are going bananas making excuses for the Galaxy S3. First the iPhone didn’t shatter like they wanted it to and now it smokes their 4 core monster you can’t even buy in the States.

    Guess they’ll have to feel all butt hurt until the GS4 comes out in February.

      1. All this Android user hardware preoccupation are like Windows users. The big problem with Android is it doesn’t come with Apple apps & ecosystem so is an automatic undesirable FAIL for a lot of us. Same problem with Windows is the hardware didn’t matter since you didn’t get OS X with it (but you certainly can the other way around).

    1. Yeah seriously. NOW they are suddenly saying that benchmarks don’t mean anything (even though oddly, they were throwing around benchmarks like crazy when their Androids were showing faster). Some are even suggesting that Apple is using tricks to optimize their results on the benchmarks, and that real world performance is no where near that.

      Of course, we’re dealing with people who still believe that clock speeds and the number of cores is everything, so they’ll never get it.

      It is quite funny to watch from a distance though.

    2. The butt hurt is so hurtful that Samsung is giving a three months supply of Preparation H with every Galaxy. They don’t expect the crappy things to last any longer than that since most Android users will probably drop the thing and have it explode into pieces. They should adopt the candy shell from an M&M and it would last at least six months.

    3. If it could ever be explained to Android cultists that high specs aren’t worth anything if they’re bogged down by crappy hardware architecture and a power-hogging OS, their heads would probably explode.

      Even more than they’re exploding now, I mean.

    1. The Yellow tint “issue” has been debated since at least the original iPhone and iPad. yes, even the ones made by Samsung,

      I suggest you inform yourself better before posting this on every thread.

        1. And anonymous Gary J. is repeatedly posting the same crap and links in multiple threads. At least show some originality!

          Seriously, MDNer’s. We need to band together to stop this trolling crap. Dissenting opinions based upon logic, facts, and experience are fine. But the FUD has to go. If MDN continues to allow anonymous posting, then the most effective way to minimize the trolling is to ignore it and not respond. Withhold the thrill of irate responses from the trolls, and many of them will go elsewhere to get their immaturity fix.

            1. Well, for starters, they are from different sources. MDN owns this forum, so our options in that regard are somewhat limited. But we can have some influence on anonymous FUDsters.

              Admittedly, that approach only affects one part of the problem. But why not fix what you can, now, and work on the rest afterwards? You make it sound hopeless, like we should give up and just accept all FUD as inevitable.

              I don’t see any better options from you.

            2. First off, FUD is FUD no matter who’s agenda is served…

              Yeah it is MDN’s website, so ultimately they can censor (as they do at will) or do what they want, at the expense of their integrity, but that makes them the same hit whores that they so condemn and they risk killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and losing valuable readers, we’ve talked about that before…

              MDN does what $erves Steve Jack and they have ignored the call to disallow anonymous posting for obviou$ reasons.

              Not sure how you conclude acceptance or defeat from my rhetorical question…as a regular contributor here, you must know that better than to suggest any affiliation  between me and giving up to any FUD anywhere…

              Ignorance and arrogance abounds everywhere these days thanks to the internet where every dog is king and every typing fool is an authority just because he/she can write ( if that’s what you call it). This used to be a Mac feedback forum, if you look at the typical number of responses to MDN polls you’ll see that MDN’s reader base ( and therefore advertiser base) has grown substantially as a direct result of their political shit stirring…

              The only thing one can effectively do is stick to facts and logic, hammer it home and advocate it relentlessly  hoping that it will expose the shit for what it is – shit. Shit always floats on the water, eventually.

              Dare to fight dare to win. FUD is a self serving lie that thrives on success.

              It’s up to those that care to stand pat and destroy the rats.

            3. The political FUD is no different from what Dvorak does, and may very well sink this ship eventually when there’s a brain drain of people finally completely fed up with it. Also, as we all should know by now- we aint converting anyone to our personal politics. So what’s the point?

    2. Perfection is nice, but I don’t edit photo colors on my iPhone, nor do I do anything serious with video.

      Hence, slight color variations hardly bother me, as I really just want reliable communications of primarily voice and text with occasional video.

      …But, then I always buy a month or two later on any new model, figuring that the early glitches will be revealed and fixed by the time I buy.

      1. Yeah and my devices all turn yellow as I smoke like a chimney. My friends smoke so much, too! And we like yellow patina, makes it all look more ghoulishly classical dramatic as in ‘ancient white’ – huarrr huarrr.

      Please do not feed or interact with the trolls. While they look human, they lack basic social skills necessary for reasoning and coexistence. Your cooperation is appreciated.

      – I try to post these signs ASAP. Sorry for being late.

    4. wow MDN…
      my comment is STILL waiting moderation.

      I posted links to the “yellow” tint stories on EVERY iPhone every year.

      4S, yellow tint claims.
      4 yellow tint claims.
      3GS, same
      3G same
      it goes on…

      Every year, every model… this story about “yellow tint” comes up. it’s FUD…

      Granted *some* do have a yellow tint, always replaced by Apple or it goes away in time. 2-3 months later.. you do NOT see the people claiming to have yellow tint screens anymore…

      Since MDN moderates comments with more than 1-2 links in a post… Just do some research on your own. you will find EVERY Apple screen ever made, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc will have this very same story attached to it.

      “Yellow tint”, and “Analyst expectations fell short” Standard stories that get posted every year.

  2. Best android fan comment thus far:

    “Please explain how Apple can’t possibly have a team of 10 engineers who’s job it is to tweak how iOS behaves so that it’ll display higher numbers on the benchmarks for which they have full access to source code, so they’d know exactly how to cheat.”

    And they say we live in a RDF.

  3. Just want to take this opportunity to once again thank all of you early adopters out there for buying/installing the latest and greatest and working out the kinks for the rest of us. Currently, I’m still on iOS 4x on my iPhone 4 and Snow Leopard for my Macs. Being two generations behind lets me avoid the pitfalls and issues you folks have muscled through. I ‘preciate it.

    1. Christian, you are most welcome. As a matter of fact, I will go one step further and make you a promise. I will always get my hands on the newest Apple releases so that two years later you may enjoy a worry free (dated) experience.

    1. Oh I am here…. doing more reading than commenting and waiting on my receipt of a black 64 and a white 16 from Apple Canada. Ordered my Nano Sims and a few cases from Rogers. For the record, I only challenge iSheeps when comments are so offside that it stokes my fire to no end.

      I have no issues with anyone expressing an intelligent point of view but when it borders on crazy worship for a for profit company then I get animated. 🙂

  4. Here we see the advantage of Apple designing their own hardware. Continue to do that and the cloners will continue to lag behind. The hardware build of the iP5 already trounces the cheap knockoff… now they this is just more nails to the Android/Knockoff coffin!!!

  5. Can’t wait to hear their report on battery life. I can give an early review: It’s awful. Even with cellular data and wifi turned off, no apps running in the background and idle, it’s losing battery power faster than any iPhone I’ve had thus far (and I’ve had every version with the exception of the 4S.) Seems to me that this will be an iOS fix of some sort to correct this problem.

    1. That’s strange, Rick. I’ve now read at least a dozen reviews and every one notes that battery life is particularly good on the iPhone 5.

      Your may be defective. I suggest taking it back and getting a replacement unit.

    2. Rick, deasystems is right – you may have a defective unit. All reports that I have seen online is that the battery life is as good if not better than the 4 and 4S.

      You may want to take it in and see about it.

    3. Actually, once I updated my 4S to iOS6, I saw a drastic drain on the battery, even within an hour or so after it had been taken off the charger in the morning, losing 10 to 15% in the first hour, hour and a half without any other use. I make a habit of turning off both Cellular Data and WiFi at night and closing all Apps (a result of the mysterious data usage a lot of folks are experiencing over the past two years. See

      One of my sons advised me of a Twitter posting that addressed the issue and they suggested the following:

      Settings > General > About > Advertising – Turn “Limit Ad Tracking” ON

      Did that with mine and t has returned to normal.

  6. Apple has a very impressive design and moving to their own in house design makes far better use of their R&D dollars. They can control the design plans and insure its what they need with each iteration and per device. Will we see the new A6 SoC in the revised iPad 3 or not until the iPad 4?

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