Apple’s ‘rock solid’ iPhone 5 kills Samsung Galaxy S3 in Android Authority drop test (with video)

“Folks, to quote our Darcy LaCouvee, the iPhone 5 is ‘rock solid,'” Bogdan Petrovan reports for Android Authority.

“It’s not often that you see such words on Android Authority,” Petrovan reports. “What could have pushed Darcy, an Android fanatic, to utter such radical words. Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out in pretty bad shape. It’s the cold hard truth that we can’t hide and we can’t ignore.”

Petrovan reports, “This morning in Hong Kong, Darcy dropped the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 a total of four times, each time from an increasing height. To make our drop test more realistic, we tried to recreate the accidents that happen most often in real life. We ruthlessly let the two devices fall to the hard pavement, just to see what happens. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty… The hard aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 withstood the impact pretty well, and the glass protecting the display remained intact. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 predictably lost its back cover and suffered damage to the casing and the front glass. Sad, sad, sad.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let the self-delusional rationalizations born of a massive collective inferiority complex flow forth with even greater urgency from the Fragmandroid settlers who not only fund and therefore tacitly, if not explicitly, condone criminal patent infringement and intellectual property theft, but who also secretly wish they were smart enough have gifted themselves with a real iPhone in the first place.

There’s still time to atone, settlers.

iPhone + iPad + iOS + Mac + OS X. Because life is short. Why settle for inferior plastic knockoffs?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Brad G.” for the heads up.]


    1. It’s really sad to see so many other ‘Apple focused’ media like 9 to 5 Mac, Cult of Mac all launched their Android counterparts, making me wonder their ‘loyalty’ and what they truly believe. MDN, on the other hand, in my mind is the true Apple focused, always supportive media. And all their takes are genuine, and most of the time razor-like accurate and fun to read. Keep it up MDN! You are the Apple media with the true ‘Apple-ness’ in your heart.

        1. I’ll second that…

          Roll on, MDN.

          Just fix the damn app already. I’ve had it since the release of the first-gen iPad, and it honestly has not gotten any more reliable, perhaps less so.

      1. Actually, along with MDN, 9to5mac is the site I visit the most. They’re pro-Apple, of course, but less vitriolic in their disdain for anything else. Although Apple by all means are leading the way, they nevertheless still learn and benefit from competitors and it’s important to acknowledge that. Pus, 9to5 always seems to be the most on-the-ball when it comes to per-release information – don’t write them off because of 9to5google; they’re at least as loyal as MDN.

            1. @ derek

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              By the way, are you having fun with your apple’s crap maps app???

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              Perhaps if you used your native language we might have a better sense of what you are attempting to say.

    2. The reason I object to the tone of this articles’ ‘MacDailyNews Take’ is because I think sooner or later these fanboy wars are gonna turn violent i.e. physical, blood. No jokes, I can imagine someone getting knifed up over ‘Apple Vs Google’. I hope I’m wrong, but from what I can see, it’s gone beyond the sensible people in the tech community who can give and take, and filtered through to the quick-tempered, trolls of the world. Everyone has a threshold, so we perhaps should take more care in what and how we say things on these websites, fans and editors alike.

      1. The violence has been going on for a while now. You can check search engines for Bill Gates pie attacks, iPod muggings and the latest craze, driving into Apple stores to steal merchandise.

            1. Guppy,

              Just proved my point, dumbass. What’s the problem?- Shamdung late with you blog trolling payment?

              Apparently you’re too thick to pick up on sarcasm too…

            2. I hear others are having issues, but my little corner of the world is going fine. Did your mom buy you a present for pulling up your own diaper? Who’s such a cutie? You are aren’t Kitty?

      2. Do you seriously believe the dweebs that propagate tech sights like these have the ability to actually do anything physical? These people are all mouth and not very likely to be into Soldier of Fortune.

    3. In all fairness that what MDN’s ‘take’ is all about. You have to take it tounge-in-cheek sometimes and every now and then even MDN takes a step back and announces an Apple shortcoming (but never put money on when it might occur!)

    1. The aluminum is anodized which would make the color literally part of the metal and not just a coating on the surface.

      It will undoubtedly still scratch and wear, but not as easily and quickly as most paint would.

      1. Coat itself does not become metal, because it is not metal, and it will never be no matter what you try to do with it. Metal can not be black.

        And metal-atom containing chemicals are not already metals. For example, TiO2, white paint, is not metal any more, it is titanium oxide.

        I do not know why I am explaining this, because this is supposed to be obvious.

        1. It was this sentence in a description of the anodizing process that inspired my post, admittedly from Wikipedia:

          “Anodization changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the metal near the surface.”

          Perhaps “part of the metal” was not the best phrasing on my part.

          Thanks for the clarification.

    2. It’s not paint. It’s anodizing. They use electricity to molecularly change the color of the aluminum. You can of course scrape off the top layer of metal but the same would happen to the white one.

      1. Technically they change the oxide layer and then apply an Anodic film. The process makes the coating much more resistant to wear. And typically they also add a corrosion sealant.

        So yeah, not paint.

            1. You are red ass retarded baboon bonehead.

              Now after this obligatory gesture of returned courtesy, I have to reiterate that I am well aware of the method used; see my comment from earlier post from Wednesday, September 19, 2012 – 5:00 pm:

              Bloomberg’s Jaroslovsky reviews Apple’s iPhone 5: The only great smartphone on the market

              But that it is still paint, no matter of the way it was attached to the metal. It will be scratched off, so you better choose white iPhone.

  1. I just trolled on that Android site and boy are Fandroids violently delusional! Spewing all the familiar cliched nonsense we have come to revile and disprove in lock step unison droidSheep. Facts matter little to them and they think WE are the ones reality challenged. Funny how opinions trump facts these days.

    Yeah MDN lays it a little think on here but I appreciate the sentiment. You will not convince the hardcore Android user of anything anyway even if it’s as plain as the nose on their face. They will defend their choice to the death sadly. Glad to hear there’s something else we can rub in their face. 🙂

  2. That is just painful to watch…. especially as my pre-ordered iPhone (at 5 AM Eastern time!!) is not slated to arrive until October 5th. Come on, man, send me mine before that schmuck’s. I promise to take care of mine much, much better!

  3. My favorite comment from the video, regarding the back of the Samsung phone:

    “…the case, really no one cares about, it’s just cheap plastic anyway.”

    So true.

    Props to the dude though – he accepted the results of his tests even thought I’m sure he would have preferred different results.

    1. No, I do care about the case. I don’t want to buy a bulky OtterBox or some other case that doubles the thickness of my iPhone. What’s the point of thinness if you just strap on a suit of armor?

      This test goes to show just how much better the iPhone is designed and engineered than Samsung. Plastic vs. aluminum alloy. Obviously much better and stronger glass for the screen (notice he kept calling it plastic in the video).

      I’ll take the phone that is built to not need a case over the one that really needs one to survive.

      1. I meant so true that it was “…just cheap plastic anyway.” on the Samsung phone.

        My post wasn’t clear.

        I care about the case too, which I am sure is one of the reasons the iPhone 5 suffered so little damage.

  4. The Galaxy S III is a junkass DuploPhone made to look expensive when it really is a cheap fisher Price phone running a free knockoff OS. Sammy loves free/ stealing if not free

    1. You are like “Jackel and Hyde”. One minute you are trolling the next minute you speak the truth. In this case there is indeed truth to your comment. “Yes, your words have a ring of truth”, as Gandalf would say.

      I’ll bet you’ll even come around about the iPhone5’s 4″ screen. I held it today at the store, and it feels good…the screen is VERY adequate. Again, J. Ives was right! He makes it all jive just as he said it would.

  5. I demoed the iPhone 5 today at everyone’s favorite fruit store and I have to say it is really light. Very little mass. After watching the video, I would guess that this is the reason for less drop damage when compared with something else that has some bulk to it.


    By bringing reporters to the test facility, Apple senior vice-president Bob Mansfield said, “We wanted to give you a sense of the level of engineering that goes on here and what it takes to make the kinds if products we make. If product design was easy, we wouldn’t have to do this.”

    Analyst Tim Bajarin, who was on the tour and has toured testing facilities in Korea, Japan and the Midwest, said he was very impressed. “I’ve never seen a company go anywhere near this level to test products.”

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