15 first impressions of the Apple iPhone 5

“The wait is over. The iPhone 5 is on the loose. Those who have the new phone in their hands have already been voicing their thoughts about the device,” MarketWatch reports.

“Although there are many grumbles about its inaccurate maps app, Apple customers still remain excited about the iPhone 5,” MarketWatch reports. “The new and improved camera that allows users to take panoramic pictures is a big hit, along with the faster cellular network. “LTE screams on the iPhone 5. I am blown away. Way faster than my home wifi,” tweeted one iPhone 5 user.”

MarketWatch reports, “Unfortunately for some customers who pre-ordered the phone, shipping is going to be delayed three to four weeks due to high demand and less availability.”

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  1. iCloud is sloooow today (as expected). Its been doing a restore for 5 hours now. I finally plugged into my iMac/iTunes and let it restore all the apps from there. That seemed to help some. Still looks like its got a ways to go.

    1. That said, the phone is freakin’ awesome. Much lighter, the longer screen is perfect for me since I do a lot of reading and won’t have to scroll as much. The Maps are badass…especially the 3D flyover. The new Circuit of Americas F1 racetrack they’re building in Austin wasn’t on the map. So I reported the problem per MDN’s instructions. No big deal.

  2. I’ve noticed a slight yellowish cast to my screen. At first I didn’t notice it, but when I was accessing my old iPhone 4 to compare settings, it jumped out at me. My iPhone 4 appears slightly bluish in comparison.

    1. Always some variance to the screens. I had two 4S’s and one screen was slightly yellowish to start with. It got less yellow over time. But I know what you mean….can be quite off-putting. If its NOTICEABLY yellow go get it replaced. Only downside with that is there are only so many times they’ll let you open a fresh box to get the exact tinge you like.

  3. Well I love the fact the the iPhone 5 is a great success.

    However Apple seems in full fuckup mode otherwise. Right now iTunes connect is about 10 hours late in giving the daily download stats to all their developers, fucking up a major promotion that this developer was planning for today.

    Thanks Apple, can you dumb assess add up numbers, or not?

    It’s bad enough the give us minimal data, just sales and download… NOT HOW MANY HITS WE GET ON OUR APP STORE PAGES, HOW MANY DEVICES HAVE DELETED OUR APPS. NOTHING!

    We have to go to the Android app stores to get that kind of info.

    Yeah, fuck you too Apple.

          1. I am sure that Apple treating us developers like shit doesn’t bother you one bit.

            I’m sure you can find all the free fart apps in the App Store that the likes of you make so popular.

            1. @ubermac

              if Apple treats developers so badly why are there hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store. They all like Pain?

              the vast amount of profits for most developers come from iOS, if think the app store is ‘fart apps’ why take part in it yourself? don’t like it go suck on Android and be done with, don’t post here.

            2. The iOS Tech Talk World Tour that I went to earlier this year was very nice. The folks from Apple are the best. Answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

              Xcode is the best development environment that I have seen, and I have been playing with code and what not, for 32 years. You are not even that old, are you?
              Apple treats their developers great. There are simple rules to follow. There are very high standards to live up to. Aim to create the best, nicest, slickest application you possibly can.
              Don’t be a total bush.
              That will turn away customers faster than anything.
              Of the thousands of people that read these comments, who would want to purchase an app from you?

        1. @uber

          you hate Apple (“Apple treating us developers like shit”), you don’t like app store customers (“To know that assholes like you are using our apps too.”) you’re in a sorry state. Why are you in the apple app business anyways? You can’t be an apple app develper if you don’t like Apple or Apple fans — your subconscious must be warring against you and making you fail.

          reminds me of a restaurant owner in my home town, always sour: didn’t like the customers (they took too long to order, they ordered the cheap items, they lingered too long for coffee, didn’t tip enought etc) . He was sour all the time and the customers felt it and never came again. When his busines failed he blamed the ‘fuking restaruant business. I hate it and I was right. No one can make money from this fuking business’. Sound exactly like you.

          but then again you might not be for real but just an android dweeb pretending…

          Do something you love dude not something that gives you loads of pain.

    1. You can always give all the money back to Apple that you made from Apple’s app store.

      If you didn’t make any, then you don’t need any stats. If you did, then stop bitching!

  4. Although I had “ordered” one seconds after midnight, the order “did not go through.” Today, I stood in line at an AT&T Store (no Apple Stores close by), three people too far back before they ran out. Normal other options aren’t available here as they are elsewhere. I’m hunkering down for a long wait now, unless one shows up somewhere.

  5. Mine arrived today and I can only report one problem: it had no nano-sim card. I wanted to transfer my “pay and go” iPhone 4 number to it. Sadly I’ll have to visit some stores tomorrow to try and find a nano-sim card so I can activate my iPhone 5 which at the moment is completely useless. As I said, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. It wouldn’t have taken much for Apple to inform me that it didn’t have a nano-sim card when I ordered it. Did I mention there was no nano-sim card?

        1. Why would an unlocked from Apple have a sim card with it? It’s abundantly obvious it wouldn’t and if you look at the contents on the web page sim card is nowhere to be seen. Jeez! What will you be complaining about next… Apple didn’t warn me that the iPhone 5 didn’t come with an electricity supply!

  6. Saw my first iPhone 5 in the wild today (guy at work waited 5 hours this morning). My impressions – very fast and responsive, very light, very tight solid state construction.

  7. I stood in line at Mall of America Apple Store. Went with intent to buy the black model, after a white 4 and 4S. I read some of the slight issues with the black, then held the white one, checking it over well. To my design eye, the white was again the overwhelming choice for me.

    Everything that’s been said positively about the iPhone 5 seems spot on. I was a skeptic until I held it in my hands, now I’m sold-out to it being the best iPhone ever.

  8. Stopped by Best Buy after work and they had 32GB Verizon Black left over but I would have to pay ATT an early termination fee. Sweet phone, but I can wait til next year.

  9. I’ve been playing around with my iPhone 5 since 10AM and I absolutely love it. I cannot believe how thin and light it is. I’m almost afraid of picking it up too fast because I might launch it into one of the ceiling tiles. The main thing for me is this is my first experience with LTE and it was well worth the wait. The speeds are insane.

    My only gripe is the lack of Lightning USB cables everywhere. The Apple store, Verizon and Best Buy did not have any in stock. I know I can order them online, but there seems to be at least a 1-2 week wait. I need at least three: one for home, work and the car. I would really prefer not to carry my only cable around everywhere I go.

  10. So far I only have only one complaint. Maps is fine. For some reason my iPhone 5 will not Bluetooth sync with my car. Yet our old iPhone 4S with iOS 6 syncs beautifully. Not a good thing I need that for hands-free operation here in California. Anybody else having a problem?

    1. Can your car pair with more than one device? You might want to try unpairing your 4S and then pairing your 5.

      If you have already tried this, my apologies for stating the obvious!

  11. Beautiful phone. Had a GS3 user play with it and then admit he wanted one when his contract was up.

    Just a small problem with mine … one of the screws isn’t in all the way: it cross-threaded or something.

    No big deal, though: Verizon agreed to replace it. Big red has the BEST customer service I have ever encountered. Always blown away by how knowledgeable and friendly (and helpful) their people are. Plus, I have 4G in the middle of nowhere!

  12. Picked mine up midday at a Verizon store, and the guy said it was the first one he sold. They only had about nine to sell. Two each black and white in 16 and 32, and a black 64.

    We had around two hundred people in line at the Apple store. Woulda been fun but I had to work.

  13. Did my 100 mile plus commute to work Friday night, playing an online stream of a radio program. With my iPhone 4 I could easily drive the entire route with no dropouts on AT & T. Last night, there were a number of dropouts in the same locations that were problematic with the 3G rollout in years past. Most of the way was on AT&Ts “4g”- non LTE network.

    How much of this is AT&T and how much is Apple’s antenna and radio is for an engineer to sort out. It needs work.

    At home base, the AT&T LTE is quite fast. Better than my Verizon LTE hotspot.

    Keep an ear to the ground regarding signal reliability on the go in rural areas. It looks like a step backward on AT&T for now

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