Apple, and the media, bury the Windows PC

“You would think the PC was six feet under by reading tech coverage this week,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “With every aspect of the iPhone 5 dissected ad nauseam by legions of tech journalists worldwide, coverage of the ultrabook at the concurrent Intel event didn’t stand a chance.”

Here are a few of the most prominent technologies that ultrabooks — the standard for cutting-edge PC design — either lack or can’t incorporate effectively:
Ultra high-resolution displays: There is no Windows laptop out there with anything close to the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro’s 220 pixel-per-inch (PPI) density Retina display, let alone the iPhone’s 326 PPI screen

Crothers writes, “Here’s a closing word of advice to Microsoft, Intel, and its partners to keep the PC above ground. Laser-focus on high-resolution displays, because a 13-inch Retina-class display would be stunning on an ultrabook.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why bother with ultrabooks? Smart consumers buy OS-unlimited MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs, not crappy OS-limited knockoffs from floundering outfits like Dell, HP, etc.


  1. Writing this from my ipad 3 and i cant wait to get rid of my windows laptop, this will be done as soon as the new imac comes,out and i will get the current imac at a discount

    1. This will be possible the moment Apple uncripples the filesystem, where I can transfer more than one file a time.

      That was ok for a phone, but for the iPad it simply is a bad joke.

      But from what I see Apple will be bone headedly stubborn pretending we live in 200 years from now where all the little people live in glass bubbles shaped like space ships and dont need to do any actual work.

        1. Everyone has their own particular needs and everyone is entitled to rant those needs on occasion. If a Windows tablet works better for you go for it. I do tons of work on my Mac trucks and rarely need to transfer iPad files but other people have different requirements we all must respect. That’s as civil as I get. 🙂

          1. Wow. What happened to MDN? Why aren’t the MDN group-think legions crucifying you for such a thought crime?

            (I, for one, welcome our new civilized overlords).

  2. Have all the latest software and OS running on iMac, iPad, iPhone and it’s rock solid, an extreme pleasure to use, seamless. Nothing is going to be able to beat it. Flying with ease, power, elegance, delight.

  3. There was an intel event…must have been a tiny thing hiding behind the iPhone release….ohhhh there it is, it’s so minuscule, and so flaccid….oh it’s, it’s mini softie!

      1. ‘Foundering’ also works fine for describing Dell and HP.

        “ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense ‘knock to the ground’): from Old French fondrer, esfondrer ‘submerge, collapse,’ based on Latin fundus ‘bottom, base.’”
        “To fall; to stumble and go lame, as a horse.”
        “To fail; to miscarry.”
        “(Of a plan or undertaking) fail or break down, typically as a result of a particular problem or setback: the talks foundered on the issue of reform.”

        “Flounder, on the other hand, means ‘struggle, move clumsily, be in a state of confusion’ ( new recruits floundering about in their first week).”

        IOW: We can use them BOTH! As in: “Floundering Dell and HP foundered after the release of Windows 8.”

            1. That was good. Even though I know you couldn’t help it, that was still good.

              Punsters still need to be slapped, though. Them’s the rules:

              (from a gentlemen’s club circa 1849, London England:

              “He who speaks a pun shall be fined appropriately.
              He who repeats the pun shall be fined doubly.”)

  4. Apple loving articles are great and the propaganda even better. Last I checked, Android is doing just fine, Google shares trade higher than Apple’s and MSFT still has a 240 billion book value even after paying dividends for 24 years and splitting 22 times. Apple’s book value is much greater than Google and that is part and parcel of Google being a very young company with far less outstanding shares.

    Apple is the modern day Nintendo (albeit with far greater numbers) with sustainability being their biggest nemesis. Enjoy the ride! Oh and yes they make nice products and the Apple eco system is unmatched hereto this comment is not Apple bashing at all.

    1. Google, after the R&D costs of putting out improvements in Android and the losses from losing significant iOS Ad revenue, is losing money on the Android mistake.

      Sure, they are hoping the revenues will come eventually, but for now, in Google’s eyes, Android is not doing fine.

      Google needs hardware revenues to make a profit on Android.

      What, you thought Google bought Motorola for their 20 year old FRAND patents?

      Google’s Android and Motorola losses will take a generation to replace.

      Google shares could plummet if Samsung made a search engine. Imagine what would happen if Apple made a search engine.

    2. since Android 2007-08:

      … aapl has gone up from around 90 to 700, goog has stayed near flat.

      …from being a SMALLER company by marketcap than Google, Apple is now more than TWICE the size 655 b vs 232 b (man, android was really a threat to apple… lol )

      Google has made about 550m (revealed in their oracle court case) since 2008 off Android ads and services. Their expenses for android include 12,500 million for Motorola!
      (which means at android profit rates they will take DECADES to make back their investment. Worse Motorola has LOST MONEY 14 out of 16 quarters… )

      Apple makes more money in one MONTH off iOS that Android has in years.

      Apple takes 70-80% of the cell phone profits of the world, the other 20% or so divided between Android, Symbian, WP, Blackberry and millions of dumb phones.

    3. Google: Banking their future on Android, which is failing in a spectacular way. The only one to benefit from it appears to be Samsung.

      Microsoft: PC sales slumping, Windows hegemony dwindling. Banking their future on Metro, which is reviled by almost everyone.

      Nintendo: New console is a muddled jumble of ideas, seems like they’re rudderless and throwing 100 gimmicks at the wall to see what sticks. Has largely failed to convey how the giant tablet controller even makes sense.

      Apple: They’ve got a winning formula and they’re sticking to it. As the iPhone 5 pre-orders suggest, this is a wise plan.

      So, which of those four companies sounds the least like a bubble waiting to pop?

    4. When Google IPOed at $85 8/18/2004 at a market Cap of @@ billion, AAPLE was trading at a split adjusted $15.87 with a market cap of about $11.6 billion. Today GOOG market Cap is $232 billion and AAPL’s is $656 billion.. Tell me which was the better investment? At that time AAPL trailing PE 56. Today only about 15.. Cash and S/T investments then $5 billion. Today, about $120 billion. Thanks, Steve, Tim, Jony and all of the Apple team.

  5. What you pay for a search engine that gets the best result, rather than the one that paid the most money for it to be at the top of your list?

    I’d give at least $5 per month, if not $10. Maybe 10-15 percent of computer users would say the same as me . . . that’s the search engine Apple would build.

    And then, as great as it would be, people would bash for only have 10 percent of the market. Never mind that it would be bringing in billions per quarter and actually be a useful product.

    That’s iOS versus Android . . . And yes, I want Apple to build that search engine.

  6. Just finished reading some of the replys to the article…. Wow, just wow, people there are in such denial that its scary…

    “Don’t say that pc is losing share to the iPad… its not true..”

    I commented to a complaint that CNET was favoring Apple, all the time…. I commented:” It just doesn’t get the same press coverage because everybody (especially Cnet) is obsessed with anything having an Apple logo on it.”

    Actually, as an Apple hardware user, I have always felt that CNET was a Microsoft devotee and really did not care about Apple…. so to each their own.

    But the comments above point to one BIG thing. Apple comes out with hardware – SHIPPING at its events, not vaporware that might be here in 6 months. That is how the industry used to be. There were big promises and then in 6 months, get the update and delayed new date.

    Apple came out with the Retina display on its UPDATED and thiner DVD less MacBook Pro, and shipped, not its iPhone 5 AND iPod Touch and nanos…. shipping…….

    See the pattern,,,,,, shipping and new better same price and BETTER…. With an ultra book we are still getting windows but in an expensive case.

    DOES it play better with your Android phone, your Android tablet, your tv device????? Well it might when WINDOWS 8 comes out much later this year…. See delayed again…

    Just a thought here, just a thought. “

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