Preliminary ruling by U.S. ITC judge clears Apple of infringement of four Samsung patents

“Administrative Law Judge James E. Gildea just issued his preliminary ruling on Samsung’s ITC complaint against Apple. At this stage of the investigation, four Samsung patents, including a couple of allegedly standard-essential ones, are at issue.,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Judge Gildea identified no violation with respect to any of the asserted claims of the four patents,” Mueller reports. “He furthermore concluded that no domestic industry exists for any of the four patents. The domestic industry requirement is indispensable for ITC complainants — without it, there is no way to win an import ban.”

Mueller reports, “…This is not going to be easy for Samsung to win. The final decision is due in four months. Apple also brought an ITC complaint against Samsung. A preliminary ruling on that one is due on October 19.”

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  1. If I understand this ruling correctly, it means that there had to be a PHYSICAL PRODUCT to infringe, which basically puts an end to Samsung’s Patent Troll lawsuits. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If not, Good. About time.

  2. More happy Apple News. Hurray!!!!

    eliminate Samsung
    then eliminate Googles Android

    fair is fair
    Pharmaceutical companies hold seven to twelve year patents before a generic drug or other competitors can make a similar product – so should electronics.

  3. We all knew Samsung’s counter-suits were mere tit-for-tat BS. No surprise they’re a FAIL.

    But I’m not into ‘eliminate’ Samsung as they are proven manufacturers. They simply refuse, very loudly, to innovate anything. That could change. In the meantime, they’re fine at making the stuff other people (Apple…) actually invent, as long as they stick with making it FOR the actual inventors.

    In the meantime, watch Samsung WHINE and TROLL and RANT all over the Internet over their latest scam setback. I suspect we’ll have a new set of Samsung-Paid-Trolls to arriving, considering how laughably lame their recent anonymous-coward-troll employees have been. 😛

  4. Samsung, a big company, is use to having their lawyers do legal hocus pocus and then watching smaller companies roll over in fear. Apple is neither a small company, nor are they afraid.

    Apple pushes too, but when they do it is usually for a valid reason.

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