3 major companies join Apple’s iOS Passbook

“Ahead of next week’s launch of iOS 6, three more major companies have officially added their support for Apple’s new Passbook feature for iPhone: Delta Airlines, Ticketmaster, and Starwood Hotels, owner of Sheraton,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Delta’s involvement with Passbook confirms a rumor from last week that suggested the airline company would join American Airlines and United Airlines in supporting the new digital wallet and ticketing service of iOS 6,” Hughes reports. “But Wednesday’s presentation [by iOS chief Scott Forstall] was the first word of Ticketmaster and Starwood also participating.”

Hughes reports, “‘One of the really cool things about Passbook is it integrates with the lock screen,’ Forstall explained. ‘So if I have my phone locked and in my pocket and I get to the airport, my boarding pass already appears on the lock screen, I slide across, it brings up my boarding pass, I scan it and get on the plane. It’s that simple.'”

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  1. The future keeps arriving all the time thanks to Apple who know how to make a smart phone correctly. Everyone else must exaggerate beyond the form factor to compete. That’s a total dead end too before you butt heads with tablets and defeat the purpose of a pocketable device. The two overlap but should not be interchangeable.

    1. Good point. I fly all the time… This would only work at the actual gate when boarding.

      You’re still going to get a paper boarding pass when checking in, break out your ID before entering security and all that. By time you get to the gate you’ve got your “probing system” down. I wouldn’t go tossing your boarding pass in the trash.

      Going to be funny to see the confusion this causes at times.

      But hey, gotta start somewhere!

    2. I flew last weekend and saw people using iPhones to display boarding passes to TSA and for boarding the planes.

      Now, how the TSA bots can tell the difference between a real electronic boarding pass and a Photoshopped mockup is well beyond me. But TSA is just security theatre anyway.

  2. all iPhone5 busters/naysayers are pure bitchy bitches. they always find gadgetry minuses in iPhones just because they’re jealous, neurotic & too stubborn to convert, only buying phones to show off how different each iteration looks instead of how it feels inside.

    apple fans are so loyal because overall their products simply just work, smoothly. no viruses. no crashes. 100% convince and security.

    the bitchers/complainers will regret there’s no NFC eCash antenna. but think 1st. nfc exists in only 1 competitive phone: samsung galaxy s3. but it’s just show. it doesn’t work smoothly. it’s too soon. it is hackable or unsafe. it is not compatible with many services.

    so apple waits for when the time is right to give users only 100% satisfied user experience. they don’t rush. they just do it right.

    anyway PassBook is a much more convenient solution than NFC for its own sake. sofar, this is how useful & slick apple solved it in iPhone5/iOS6:
    Delta/United / AA / Amtrak / Sheraton / W Hotels / Ticketmaster / Target / Starbucks / Starwood / Fandango / Apple Store etc!

    before you bitch, do it better!
    after all, whose your daddy? apple is in the Black, are you successful or rich or recession-proof?!

  3. Yes I do love that so many analysts claim a bigger careen as an advantage. I remember when iPhone was launched how it’s size was put forward as as a disadvantage against more compact phones. How times change but surely iPhone 5 is now the optimum for usability and convenience.

  4. I certainly hope that we see a rapid use of the Passport feature and perhaps this could be a driving standard, of course if it does Apple will find a way to patent it, screw everyone else over instead of actually doing something to benefit the tech world and users alike and not leeching off of them.

    Yes I said it, Apple waits, watches and “reimagines” everyone elses ideas and then calls it magical. The trial show us what an ugly design the iPad first had so when you rain crap down on MS for their tablets look at what Apple did first.

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