Apple designer Jonathan Ive buys $17 million mansion in San Francisco

“Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, has paid $17 million for a house on San Francisco’s “Gold Coast,” according to people familiar with the deal,” Sally Kuchar reports for Curbed SF. “The house, on one of the city’s most exclusive blocks, was listed for $25 million.”

“Designed by the architectural firm Willis Polk & Co., the five-level brick home was completed in 1927 and has six bedrooms and 8½ bathrooms,” Kuchar reports. “The 7,274-square-foot house also features views of the San Francisco Bay, an oak-paneled library, a courtyard garden and six wood-burning fireplaces. An upstairs bedroom has cathedral ceilings with exposed beams, while on the lower level there is a two-bedroom, one bathroom staff apartment.”

Read more in the full article here.

Photos via SF Curbed here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more roots Jony Ive puts down close to Apple HQ, the better.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. You are right, it is ugly. For a house, the only thing that matters is the place it is at. That seems to be right, but it is on a block, fixed to other houses! No sale! No yard…… For that kind of money a nicer house can be bought in this economy.

      1. In SF $17 million isn’t as much as it may seem elsewhere. I just did a search and the average price for a house is between 500k in the worst neighborhoods to over a million in many if not most.

  1. Ain’t nothing left for Jonny boy to do at Apple HQ now, except drink daiquiris.

    iPhone 4 -> 4S -> 4SS -> 4SSS for the next 12 years will remain the same.

    iMac 2007 -> 2020, no change whatsoever.

    MacBook Pro 2007 -> infinity, same old, same old.

    iPod 2007 -> infinity & beyond, just look at the iPhone evolution, no changes needed, none whatsoever, nada, nope.

    Mac Pro 2007 -> 2013 RIP dearly departed. Apple doesn’t want you hanging around any more.

    Mac mini 2007 -> 2014 aluminium toaster. Thank you and goodbye.

  2. I had a similar view when my wife worked in S.F. a few years back. Her company paid for the place in North Beach for the summer and we had an amazing time. Nothing like waking up and opening the curtains to a view of the Bay.

    I’m sure Jony will streamline things a bit 😉

    1. Hmmm…if you bought a house in Shanghai, where one of the Foxconn factories is located, and if it were a period home in the French district, you might have to pay over $10M. I don’t think too many worker bees could be housed for $17M.

      I sold a plain, small house in a suburb outside of Shanghai for over $600k a year and a half ago. I took my capital gains and bought more shares of Apple, about $338 at the time. Given Apple’s current price, it feels like I sold my house for over $1M!

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