High-quality images claim to show ‘iPad mini’ housing in detail

“New photos claiming to show the machined aluminum back casing bound for a rumored 7.85-inch iPad hit the web on Wednesday, adding to the mountain of purported leaks relating to Apple’s fall iDevice lineup,” AppleInsider reports.

“While the pictures from Chinese website digi.163 (via nowhereelse.fr) appear to match previous images of the so-called ‘iPad mini,’ closer inspection of the part reveals slight discrepancies regarding the rumored tablet’s design,” AppleInsider reports. “Perhaps most obvious is the placement of the headphone jack, which was thought to be located at the bottom of the device alongside the device’s dock connector and repositioned speakers.”

iPad mini

More info and photos in the full article here.


  1. What’s most interesting is that it’s really not that hard to bang out a CAD drawing of a concept and then shoot it out of a 3D printer. That shell could very well be a rapid prototype fake.

  2. i think this is fake. The holes from the left side looks wider than the holes from de right side, even if it’s just a perspective view thing, they’re quite different. And look trough the dock hole you can see the reflection of the ThinkPad

  3. On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me that the headphone jack stays at the top of the device. Something even this large is likely to often be rested on a lap or on a stand, and a bottom-end jack would only get in the way.

    The other possible explanation for the flexcable discrepancy is that there may be different dock/headphone flexcable arrangements for the new iPhone and new iPods, and they don’t actually have a leaked iPad mini port assembly yet.

  4. I agree with most here that is an obvious fake

    (well most all except for BLN so perhaps all is right with the world…)

    Oh BTW BLN, when you get your new 5 inch Samdung streak Phoblet, could you post a photo of you actually using it (you know holding it up to your face)… it’s been a while since I had a good belly laugh)

  5. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! – Just look at the KERNING on the iPad type – the Chinese just don’t get that Apple cares about the way type looks! this is also very clear with ALL the so called iPhone 5 leaked images.

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