Samsung claims over 20 million Galaxy S III phone sold in first 100 days

“Samsung says it has sold over 20 million units of Galaxy S III in the first 100 days of launch: 6 million in Europe, 4.5 million in Asia (excluding Korea), 4 million in North America and 2.5 million in Korea,” Ingrid Lunden writes for Seeking Alpha. “While we don’t have like-for-like numbers, we do have some historical figures that give us some points to ponder; and in my opinion, the only company that Samsung’s figures should matter for is Nokia. Apple’s last launch, the iPhone 4S, sold 4 million devices its first weekend out of the gate.”

“And Nokia yesterday told analysts that it had sold 7 million Lumia devices since launch in October last year to end of June (that’s the whole range of Lumia models),” Lunden writes. “Samsung’s Galaxy S III sales therefore put it somewhere between those two, closer to the Apple end of the spectrum.”

Lunden writes, “Partly because it looks like this next iPhone will represent a real evolution over the 4S, and partly because there is simply pent-up demand for a new iPhone, the momentum trend should also give a big boost to Apple this time around. One analyst, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, has already predicted that the iPhone ‘5’ will sell as many as 10 million units in its opening weekend. At that rate it could take 14 days or less for Apple to kick Samsung’s 20 million figure into irrelevance. Samsung’s numbers therefore might look good, but are in fact a Red Herring.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 20 million sold to end users or 20 million stuffed into the channel?


    1. The Samsung spokesmen Tommy Flanagan said ” Yeah I was just saying to my wife… Morgan fairchild, yeah. Honey guess what we sold 10, no, 20 million units of out new Galaxy Phoblet!
      Yeah… that’s the ticket!

  1. That Nokia Lumia has a 4.3″ screen. Looks pretty tasty to me. I don’t know how well as 4″ screen will stack up against the bigger screen rivals. I’ll probably live with 4″ screen if Apple releases an iPad mini to take away the pain caused by squinting at a tiny screen.

    Apple started the smartphone revolution by bringing out a device that had a significantly larger touchscreen than the competition. Now it stands in danger of being overshadowed by its larger screen competitors. I don’t know if Tim Cook is betting the house on the iPhone 5 but judging from the leaks that I have seen so far it looks like more of the same, albeit in elongated form.

    Has Jonny Ive retired or is he still with the Apple organization?

    1. You continually profess worry on behalf of Apple, as if they should be somehow scared over phones that are larger than 4″.

      From the ChangeWave numbers that I have seen, Apple’s competitors are the ones that should be plenty worried, even to the point of significant switching from Android phone owners.

    2. Apple chose 3.5″ for a reason. You don’t seriously believe that they just slapped on a screen on and said “yup, that works,” do you? They’d have created multiple prototypes in all shapes and sizes, and, after testing, testing, and more testing, they made the informed decision to go with 3.5″

    3. If you are squinting at the iPhone screen you must have some serious vision problems, because the iOS user interface does not have user elements that are too small due to the size of the screen, inhibiting users from being able to see them.

      Stop being dramatic. If you need a larger device, go buy one.

    4. If you’re squinting at the iPhone 4s, you’ll be squinting at whatever comes next — the screen resolution (dots per inch) is the same. In the iOS space programs specify everything in points, which iOS interprets for the dpi of the device. So when I say to make a rounded rectangle 40 points tall by 250 points wide, it will be the same size on every iOS device (measured with a ruler, let’s say). So if you are having to squint now it’s because the graphic designers designed things too small for what you are comfortable with. While not particularly “every day” workable, you can use the Zoom feature within iOS to blow up the screen (Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom)

    5. You already mentioned your caveats and desires on this subject before. Wouldn’t you agree there’s a point of diminishing returns with a larger phone? At some point size turns into a Phablet. I don’t want to talk into a boogie board or portable plank. I think Apple’s take is Goldilocks – just right. And I’m trying not to be Fanboyish in saying it. God I wish September 12th would just get here already!!

    6. You can’t hold a too big a phone in one hand and use it with the same. That’s iPhones strength. This race to a ever bigger screen is nothing I understand. Reminds me of the useless MHz race in computers years ago, the core race and the MP race in portable cameras and camera phones. The industry manages to excite consumers about something and now they think bigger screen = better. Soon this screen fad will be over and the industry will rush to race in something else. The latest MEGA PHONES from Samsung looks just stupid and when people are using them they hold then
      In one hand and point with one finger from the other hand at the screen which looks even more stupid. Like putting a guy in front of a keyboard that has never used one before.

    1. Good point! And to take it further into the damages the judge can award, 4 million GIIIs in North America (apologies to Mexico and Canada: I’m going to give Judge Koh jurisdiction over Samsung sales in your countries) means another $2.4B in lost revenue to Apple ($600 per device, which is low but can’t remember the specific number). Here’s hoping she likes my math and dislikes their “willful” nature so she triples it 🙂

  2. Must be mostly to feature phone buyers. It is so…plastic, and the touch screen is not nearly as responsive as the iPhone. It took me 5min just to figure-out how to copy/paste, but that’s just Android – not Samsung’s fault.

    1. Android truly sucks, and so do samesung’s cheapo plastic “phablets” They can’t be operated one handed nor easily be stowed or retrieved in or out of normal sized pockets (i.e. the front pockets of jeans.)

      Samedungs Phablets:
      They feel like crap
      they work like crap,
      and BLN loves them.

      I think that easily passes the Cheech & Chong criteria.

  3. As we know from previous episodes, Samsung considers stuffing inventory into wholesale channels to be the same as actually selling phones to consumers, so this number is meaningless.

  4. “this next iPhone will represent a real evolution over the 4S”

    Too bad it comes with the same crippled iOS as the 4S, which turns a simple task like deleting an app that you don’t know where it is into a F$Ucking Rootcanal.

    Or try put 5 files on your iPad that you want to work on.

    iTunes is the biggest piece of shit produced by Apple.

    It is retarded, monstrous and idiotic.

    Apple makes great hardware, but software has been going down the crapper for 10 years.

    1. Are you serious? If you don’t like so much, why don’t you return you iPad and get something else and see how it works.

      Good luck with Android. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

  5. I’ve actually seen quite a few Galaxy IIIS’s around (many more iPhones, but some nonetheless). I’ve played with a few. Some observations:

    -Android is horrid- even on the latest and greatest hardware, it still lags noticeably; It’s disorganized (e.g., all kinds of different sized icons, scattered all about; buttons everywhere; etc)
    -The device itself feels very cheap- It crunches if you give it the slightest squeeze.
    -It’s too big. I understand that people are ‘wowed’ by a bigger, brighter screen. But practically speaking, it sucks. You can’t put it in any pocket, and it takes up your whole hand.

    Just my opinion.

    1. I’ve no idea why people want larger PHONES. Tablets and computers, sure, but not something one has to carry around all day long. Personally, I wish Apple would make a SMALLER iPhone… even if it meant giving up some “touchability”.

    2. Whats the point of a big screen if it’s hobbled by the Android OS? I played with one too and whooh boy, what a messy stinker that planky turd is. A big screen of crap is still crap. My feeling is people who use these have no organization of the mind. Like stream of consciousness mobile phoning aka nightmare.

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