Amazon says Kindle Fire is ‘sold out’ ahead on next week’s launch event

“Amazon has quenched the Kindle Fire, saying its first tablet computer is now sold out,” The Associated Press reports. “The Internet retailer has a major press conference scheduled for next Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif. It’s widely expected to reveal a new model of the Fire there.”

“Amazon doesn’t say how many Fires it has sold, but says it captured 22 percent of U.S. tablet sales over nine months,” AP reports. “Based on iPad sales reported by Apple, Fire sales can be estimated at somewhere around 5 million units.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Likely the production run was for X number of units and the supply ran out a few days earlier than estimated, so that’s it for the first generation of Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire. Enjoy your moment in the sun, Amazon, Google, Microsoft’s Nokia, etc., Apple’s total eclipse looms.

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  1. Stillborn as Christmas presents when iPad Mini, the iPocket, or whatever the 7.85 inch iPad comes out. Cases of Fires gathering dust at the Amazon warehouse nearly instantaneously. Prepare for a quick Fire fire sale Mr. Bozo!

  2. This is really a lie. I was in Best Buy yesterday looking for a portable USB hard drive and I noticed the locked cages they keep their electronic equipment in. There were a few IPads, but there were literally hundreds of ASUS, Samsung, and Kindle “tablets.” They are obviously not talking about “sold out” as in they actually were sold for money, but they are just not in the Amazon warehouses anymore.

  3. We used to call that starving the channel. So they guessed wrong how long their limited inventory would last or they knew exactly how many to build so they could make this silly announcement.

  4. Bah, Apple does the same thing when new models come out. Companies that are good at inventory management make sure the old model is sold out before selling the new one.
    Maybe the original Fire will be after next announcement at a new lower price.

  5. Sold out my ass… it was a firesale. Would you want to have all these fire tablets around when Apple is about to eat your lunch I think not.. I feel sorry for the poor bastards who got one… dashed dreams against a hard rock of life.. Mommy and daddy dont love me.

    Its ok children its been proven you dont need true parental love to make you way in life. Many people never even had parents and turned out ok.

    I dare not make the reference if you buy your daughter a kindle fire she will grow up to be a stripper because that would be wrong!

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