Facebook integration: New in Apple’s OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion

“Apple shipped their first OS X Mountain Lion update to world last Thursday and quickly followed that up with OS X 10.8.2 beta seeds to developers, asking them to focus their testing on Messages, Game Center, Safari (v6.0.1), Reminders and the newly minted Facebook integration,” FairerPlatform reports.

“iOS 6, which also includes Facebook integration, is likely due on or quickly following widely anticipated September 12 iPhone 5 intro,” FairerPlatform reports. “Apple’s counterpart desktop operating system update, OS X 10.8.2, is [going to] happen concurrently or within days of that event.”

FairerPlatform reports, “However, there is an oddity in Apple’s official vs. rumored messaging in that Mac Facebook integration is promised “this Fall” and the iPhone 5 + iOS 6 introduction is “scheduled” for September 12 with delivery coming September 21 — the day before fall.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ron” for the heads up.]


  1. Seems to me to be like fiddling while Rome burns. Why are they focusing on the irrelevant when Finder is still a dog’s breakfast and Save As is still broken.

    Seems to me they’re going down the insane path of appealing to the technologically insept.

          1. No, it probably offered to correct it, and you tapped the suggested word, which cancelled the suggested correction and left the misspelled word intact. Instead, you should have kept typing. Let’s face it, that’s how it works.

            1. The word is at the end of the sentence. To apply a period I double pressed the space bar and then posted. That was all. There’s no way to continue typing and rejecting an offered correction and your analysis is incorrect.

            2. “insept” is a modified version of “In September.” (I’m reaching here.) BLN would then be correct that it learned a new word in passing when he accidentally pressed (who knows what shortcut) when he’d mistakenly typed “insept”.

              (How’my doin’, BLN? Do I git the pay ya promis’d fer stickin’ up fer ya?)

            3. I love beating a dead horse. 😉 But there would be no reason to double tap space at the end of the sentence. Simply hitting period once would have typed a period (and would also have accepted the correction). Again, I say you tapped the suggested word and hit “Post Comment”. It happens. 😉

      1. +1
        This is the same question I ask about so-called “reality” TV. The unfortunate answer is the same; apparently a lot of people. As with so many changes in OS X since SL, I hope it can be turned off, or at least ignored.

      2. I imagine that for many it would be great for keeping Contacts synced and up-to-date, as well as perhaps fleshing out iPhoto libraries and adding more to the face recognition.

        I rarely use my FB profile nowadays, but these features would be extremely welcome for me.

      3. Apple is angling for future customers. These will be young people whose first computer was an iPad. Apple figures it will be easier to transition these kids into Mac computers if they can bring as much of their iPad experience with them.

        Yeah, that annoys much of the current customer base. But Apple has never minded annoying or even alienating customers if it means more customers long-term.

        Will it work, long term. I have no idea. But betting against Apple’s vision has generally been a mistake.


    1. You are not the target audience my friend. Someone who wants to use a computer to get work done is obsolete in the eyes of Apple.

      Now it is all about iOS, making OS X into iOS and Social media.

      The only thing missing from the Finder is the ability to post pics of your package directly to facebook.

      1. @ Really:

        Well, I am with BLN, Jeremy, jaundiced, Joe, Dan, and the majority of desktop users that prioritize efficiency over fluff.

        Apple has truly lost its way if it feels the need to buddy up to Suckerberg IN the Mac OS. There are plenty of Face-crap applications and browser plugins that can distract the masses, the new “target audience”. Those of us who spend money to get the best most efficient machine are sorely disappointed in the last 2 versions of the Mac OS. This is a whole new low.

        DO NOT MAKE Mac OS into iOS!!!!! iOS sucks for productivity work, and everybody knows it. Merging will only create a kludge like what Microsoft is currently rolling out.

        Screw Zuckerberg and offer a clean desktop OS, darn it!

        1. I’m with you dude! I want a solid OS and want refinements to the Finder and a better OS X.

          If I wanted iOS for my productivity machine I’d buy an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard and call it a day!

          I was being sarcastic in my reply to BLN.

  2. I hate Fuckerberg and Fuckbook. Parasites scraping your private data and hawking it to any willing buyer for targeted advertising. Please give me a fucking break.

  3. I don’t go into Farcebook or post stuff about my life there but It’s actually a convenient way to keep your contacts and birthdays up to date.

    I think Apple was just listening to customer feature requests here.

  4. Gotta go along with the majority here. How about focusing on YOUR system (Apple) and stop worrying about other peoples crap. I know. We’re all sociopaths or something.

  5. I’ll probably get a bit of hate for this, but I’m actually quite looking forward to Facebook integration. I can see why a lot of people don’t like it, but I think Facebook is quite useful for stuff like messaging friends.

    It certainly makes more sense than Twitter integration. Twitter is a complete bloody waste of time, can’t understand why anyone uses that, apart from maybe to inflate their egos.

  6. It’s all a “bloody” waste of time, social media. No one who is serious about their life & privacy uses it… Only bored, self-aggrandizing housewives, who trades in watching daily soaps to posting every inane detail of their day and living vicariously through other bored housewive’s posts. Gimme a break… I’ll hack the OS to turn the dum

  7. It constantly baffles me how apple seems to forget their origins as a platform of productivity. Wtf is this social stuff good for? What does it give me that email doesn’t cover? Seriously, if this is the future of computing I’m going offline.

    Anyway, since I’m not yet fully convinced to move away from SnowLeopard, could someone please let me know whether there’s a global switch in Mt.Lion to disable FaceBook? Or is it now a part of the OS?

      1. I agree with you. As far as I’m concerned, Facebook’s is really good for only one thing: it gives me a central convenient hub to keep up with my relatives who are scattered across the country – literally from Alaska to North Carolina. That’s the reason I joined in the first place, and it has fulfilled that function beautifully. It has also allowed me to find and be found by friends (ACTUAL friends) that I had lost contact with, in some cases for over 30 years… including my first girlfriend.

        That being said, I maintain it as a strictly walled portal. I do NOT allow apps access to my information, I do NOT click on ads, and my friends list is confined to people that I actually know or knew. My best friend has something like 700 gazillion “friends” on his list… me? Right now, 36. 😉 It remains to be seen whether I’ll activate FB integration when it becomes available in ML (which I do like a lot). At this point, I’m doubting it.

        1. You do know that by signing up you sign over all rights to the personal information you upload … ie. Facebook could sell your photos to feature in an advert for incontinence pads and you’d not see a single dime.

    1. 10.8 and 10.8.1 don’t have FB integration, its in 10.8.2 which is in Beta.

      I suspect 10.8.2 will be like 10.8.1 handles twitter, if you don’t add an account you won’t see the twitter stuff. At least I don’t use twitter and have not seen anything twitter related in 10.8 or 10.8.1 so far.

  8. My MacBook Pro works just fine, and it is running Mountain Lion, thank you. And no, I don’t have Facebook or any other app that specifically asks for my date of birth. Month and year, no problem; but everything? Only Apple has that because I trust them.

    I hope Apple knows what they are doing. I hope there are no slipups, and my personal, prized, private information does not fall into the hands of Zuckerberg gang. I have no business with them and do not intend to. Let’s keep church and state separate; Facebook-integration and Apple even further apart.

    Apple, don’t lose my trust. It’s the only stock of value to me right now. Cheers.

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