Sony confirms ‘Sound Forge Pro’ coming to Mac

“Back in June, we pointed to a teaser site at hinting at a major music software title coming to the Mac for the first time. Our research and the general theme of a teaser video posted on the site suggested that Sony was behind the campaign and that the company’s Sound Forge audio recording and editing tools were the product in question,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Since that initial video almost two months ago, additional videos have been posted periodically showing new hints of the software, with the clips further suggesting that Sound Forge is indeed the subject of the campaign,” Slivka reports. “And now today, the fifth video in the campaign has been posted confirming that Sound Forge Pro will be coming to OS X. No details on pricing or a release date have yet been made available…”

Links and video in the full article here.


        1. Frankly, I don’t know, and can only speak about my experience with Logic, which has improved since it moved exclusively to the Mac. It’s certainly not better for users who are already professionally invested in Apple’s pro apps; not a problem for me, as I’m part-time with it, but for some, it’s not good, to say nothing about the stagnation with the Mac Pros.

      1. Not even CLOSE to true. I assume you’re talking about FCPX, which is far beyond anything else out there. Logic could use an upgrade, but it beats the snot out of sound forge. The towers could certainly use an upgrade, but I get the feeling Apple is working on something pretty great behind the scenes. In the meantime, iMacs and powerbooks are powerful enough to do most of my heavy hitting, and tossing a PCIE SSD in the towers is like getting a whole new computer. I think they care a great deal about the pro segment.

  1. This is good news, I have an old old version of Sound forge that I use from time to time.

    Course it’s Sony, so no way it will be cheap for the Mac. I say $100-150 easy.

    1. That would be an OK price for a truly professional product, which Sound Forge is. But there’s been a lot of progress elsewhere in this 2-track editing realm. Twisted Wave with a package of Waves plugins is hard to beat.

  2. Who cares? Apple expects it loyal subjects to install this new software on machines with last decades technology. Apple has forsaken the desktop. Pity that Apple has squandered its opportunity to remain a leader much less relevant in the area of desktop computing.

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