Apple v. Samsung: Apple’s closing arguments summarized

“Yesterday Apple’s [attorney] Harold McElhinny presented the firm’s closing arguments in the massive Apple v Samsung patent trial,” David Price reports for Macworld UK.

It’s a complex case, so we’ve summarized Apple’s arguments below:

1. Documents, not witnesses, are key
2. Look at the timeline
3. Samsung has been reluctant to co-operate
4. Apple’s designs aren’t simply functional
5. Samsung hasn’t proved that Apple’s designs are obvious:
6. Consumers were confused by the products’ similarity
7. …and this made Apple’s products seem less special
8. Samsung copied Apple-designed functions
9. Samsung’s figures for revenue and lost sales are not properly sourced

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. And finally: do you value American jobs, economy, and innovation, or would you rather a Korean knock off company be allowed to steal our ideas and hard work and siphon money from our economy to Korea?

    1. And that has nothing to do with the case before the jury. That’s a reason why we have a patent/trademark/copyright system, but it’s not an issue for a jury to decide. That is a policy decision for lawmakers, who have already instituted the current system.

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