Developer: OS X 10.8.1 Update significantly improves MacBook battery life

“When Apple released OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) back in July, one of the few things users complained about was its impact on MacBook battery life,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “The software seemingly contains a frustrating bug that causes some of Apple’s notebooks to lose around 38% of their normal charge.”

“Apple has been working on a fix that will be distributed with the OS X 10.8.1 update,” Bell reports. “And according to one registered developer who’s currently testing the beta, it significantly improves battery life by adding up to four hours.”

“‘Until I installed 10.8.1, my MacBook was showing 4h:05m after a full charge,’ he told Softpedia, referring to the amount of time his MacBook had before the battery needed charging again,” Bell reports. “‘After installing 10.8.1 it’s showing over 8h,’ he said.”


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  1. Brand new with lion my mbp showed 4.5hrs after charge. Runs for 3hours max on charge. If I do anything more than email, it’s like 2.

    If I install ML 10.8.1, and it shows 8, I bet I still only get 3. My usage pattern won’t change.

    We’ll see. I will install the dev tomorrow

  2. Forget battery life, does it fix the apparent bug in drivers for the HD4000 GPU of 2012 Macbooks that can cause total system freezes?

    It’s not Chrome, it’s anything that taxes the GPU and runs it hot. Games, WebGL, video encoding… even two attempts at an initial Time Machine backup to a new hard drive (and nothing else running), resulted in identical, complete freezes after about 5 minutes.

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