7.85-inch iPad mini supply volume to hit 4 million units per month starting in September, sources say

“Supply volume of Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad is estimated to reach four million units per month starting in September in order to prepare for demand from year-end holidays, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Max Wang and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that the supply chain already started supplying a small volume of 7.85-inch iPad in June with a monthly volume at around several hundreds of thousand,” Wang and Tsai report.

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    1. Of course not! This is for the Samsung iPad mini.
      I still am very doubtful that any such product – whatever it’s called, iPod or iPad – will come from Cupertino.

  1. What worries me about these fantasy products (smaller iPad & new TV) is, that if they don’t materialize, then Apple stock falls. I often wonder if some aren’t doing this for the purpose of creating some negative spin on Apple if these products don’t appear as promised by the rumor makers.

  2. iPad mini is called iPod Touch. There is no reason for something squeezed in between. Same is true for an iTV. Why be forced to buy an expensive TV with an Apple TV superglued onto the back? Both would be very non-Apple products. But with Apple’s latest WalMart-style of design and management, both products will help Apple circle the drain faster.

    1. “Apple’s latest WalMart-style of design and management”?

      Oh, really?

      Apple’s store design style hasn’t changed since they opened the first store. There have been alterations to general layouts over the years, but the basic style is the same.

      As for store “management”, Apple nixed Mr. Browett’s intended plans and never actually went there.

  3. Expect nothing less than $299. IPod Touch price would have to lower or get better at its existing price.
    I still want digital radio across all devices.

    I just discovered by accident a qwerty thumb keyboard on the iPad….maybe I am the last to find out. Press and hold the bottom right keyboard button and select “split”, and, to my surprise…takes any excuse away from anybody sticking to their Blackberry keyboard because of speed typing. Go ahead and flame me if am the last person to discover this.

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