Samsung to invest $4 billion in Austin mobile chip plant

According to a Reuters report, Samsung announced Tuesday that it will invest approximately $4 billion at its Austin, Texas chip plant.

Samsung’s goal is to renovate an existing chip producing line and boost production of system chips, widely used in popular smartphones and tablets.

The investment is in addition to nearly $2 billion in spending that Samsung announced in June to build a new logic chip plant in South Korea.

Samsung earlier this year converted two chip lines from memory to logic chip production in order to meet growing demand from mobile gadget customers such as Apple.

MacDailyNews Take: Ya hear that, U.S. jury? 😉

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. +1
      Perfect timing, much? Too bad the jury will be seqestered and probably won’t hear about this “benevelent” plan!

      MORE jobs Apple is responsible for creating, resulting from profits lost to Scamdung from stolen IP!

  1. They will let Judge Koh know so she lightens Samsung’s judgement to 22.5 million dollars instead of 2.5 Billion. A small tap on the wrist with a whisper to Samsung “Don’t do that again Samsung. You and Apple have really affected my summer vacation plans this year”

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