Apple CEO Cook, Samsung CEO talk but no trial settlement reached

“The chief executives of Apple Inc [Tim Cook] and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd [Kwon Oh Hyun] have talked but did not settle the high stakes patent dispute between the two electronics companies, a Samsung attorney said in court on Monday,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh had requested that the two talk on the phone at least once more before the jury begins deliberating this week,” Levine reports. “Apple accuses Samsung of copying the design and some features of its iPad and iPhone, and is asking for a sales ban in addition to monetary damages.”

Levine reports, “In court on Monday, Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson told Koh nothing had come from the talk.”

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  1. For clarity, here is the transcript:

    Tim: Hello.
    Kwon: Hello.
    Tim: You’re still copying our stuff.
    Kwon: You’re still copying our stuff.
    Tim: You need to stop.

  2. Kwon: You need to stop.
    Tim: Look – The jury is going to side with us.
    Kwon: Look – The jury is going to side with us.
    Tim: Uh, so as long as I keep doing anything you’re going to copy it, is that right?
    Kwon: Yup!

  3. Thought Jobs and Cook attempted earlier settlement plans with Samsung prior to the trial… Samsung refused. As a partner Samsung, to plot against your major partner Apple, it would be horrid if after all this; that Cook settles.

    Attempts were made. Steve decided after to go global thermal… on all this… So Cook should see it through.

    Do not settle. If Samsung now is investing 4 billion on a chip plant… they plan to continue and break Apple. Why is Apple not investing in a PLANT? Why always teaming up to get things done? Buy out Foxx Conn. Stop them form assembling other devices.

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