“Apple is reportedly in talks with cable manufacturers to manufacture set-top boxes to sort of reinvent TV, but there’s an easier and more obvious route to take—buy TiVo,” Larry Dignan writes for CNET.

The Wall Street Journal has chimed in on Apple’s set-top box plans for two consecutive days. The first story highlighted how Apple is in talks with cable operators to be set-top box partners. Today, the set-top box market is dominated by Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, and Cisco via its Scientific Atlanta acquisition years ago,” Dignan writes. “If these reports are true—and frankly they could just be a diversion to take focus off of an iTV—Apple has decided that if it can’t beat the content-cable establishment it’ll join them with a few new icons and the familiar iOS interface.”

Dignan writes, “What’s a shorter route to TV set-top box utopia? Just buy TiVo.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iCloud storage, Larry. You won’t need TiVo-like record capability. You won’t record anything, or much of anything, locally on the set-top box itself. it’ll all just be there waiting for you, “at your command.”

In fact, you heard it here first, a little birdie tells us to expect Apple to use “at your command” and/or “at your demand” in their marketing.

Apple won’t be buying TiVo, they’ll be killing them – along with every other DVR-maker out there.