Apple’s iPhone 5 to include fingerprint sensor in Home button?

“On July 27, seemingly out of nowhere, security company AuthenTec announced in a regulatory filing that it had agreed to a $356 million acquisition offer from Apple, making it one of the Apple’s biggest mergers in its 36 year history,” Matt Brian reports for TNW.

“Terms of the deal included provisions for the company’s patents, control of its fingerprint sensors, touchchips and security technologies, but much of the detail was missing from AuthenTec’s document at the time,” Brian reports. “However, with the recent filing of a PREM14A proxy statement with the SEC (a document which notifies shareholders of the deal and how it was finalised, allowing them to vote on whether it should be completed), the security firm has shed more light on why Apple decided to acquire the company.”

Brian reports, “During the talks, Apple’s representatives noted the company’s desire to move quickly with the deal due to its ‘product plans and ongoing engineering efforts.’ …It’s safe to assume the new technology will be fingerprint related, which could play nicely with its new eWallet, which it calls ‘Passbook.’ …AuthenTec announced on May 8, 2012 that it had introduced ‘its first smart sensor specifically tailored for secure NFC mobile commerce.’ The product is a new 192 pixel by 8 pixel fingerprint sensor… a sensor that is 1.3mm in size could even be incorporated into a Home button.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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        1. Why this obsession with the next iPhone being iP6? Since when did 6 follow 3 and 4 in a conventional numbering system?
          Saying the next iPhone WILL be the iPhone 6 doesn’t make it fact, those saying so have no concrete knowledge of what Apple intend, and are just trying to make themselves look clever, possessors of secret knowledge.

          1. I am frequently asked about the iPhone 5. And have been fielding that question for about 16 months. The first 6 months of that, the answer was “I don’t know?”

            Then the iphone 4S came out, and since then, I’ve been able tell them “It’s right here. Only they called it the 4S.”

    1. Agree; “quick” in terms of engineering means some time. The new iPhone design was completed early spring already. It takes about half year to shift finalized design into large scale production.

      Since this new sensor was only announced in May, it means that it will be in real production months from that time. And huge scale production will be possible even later.

      iPad (4) and iPhone (7) from 2013 are more probable variants to include this sensor.

  1. The fingerprint scanner in the home button and the new, to be rumored, retina laser eye scanner that will be integrated into the iChat front camera, it can mean only one thing..,,, yes, a new rumor on a new iPhone model that is larger than the current rumored larger model-The iPhone 5 Get Smart model. Or would that be smaller one?

  2. MDN: bogus title. The article is about legal wrangling. There is no hint at which product Apple wants this technology for. Could be MacBooks. There is a guess that it might fit in a home button, but it’s a wild guess.

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