The Verge reviews Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: A disappointing Android tablet

“It’s no secret that I’ve been excited to review the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for weeks now,” Nilay Patel reports for The Verge. “But is the $499.99 Galaxy Note 10.1 really all I’d hoped it to be? Is proper stylus support on a modern tablet finally a reality?”

“You won’t notice much of a difference between the Note 10.1 and the older Galaxy Tab 2 10.1— in fact, they look almost identical. It’s interesting Samsung’s stuck with this design, since it first debuted as a hasty lawsuit update to the original Galaxy Tab after Apple sued Samsung for copying the iPad,” Patel reports. “Unfortunately it’s all plastic all the way around — and you’ll feel it the instant you pick it up. Not only does the plastic back flex in your hand, but the shiny finish quickly picks up fingerprints and other smudges, belying its faux brushed-metal texture. It all just feels a bit cheap.”

“The front of the Note is of course dominated by its 10.1-inch display, which is… okay… but at 1280 x 800, it’s nowhere close to matching the resolution or clarity of the new iPad’s Retina Display,” Patel reports. “A pretty good pen system built on top of a disappointing Android tablet still makes for a disappointing Android tablet… There’s just no reason to suffer through it… The iPad costs the same $499 and offers an unrivaled selection of apps, an industry-leading display, and so many stylus accessories and note-taking tools… Perhaps Samsung needs to perfect its basic recipe before it starts mixing in additions.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: People don’t want cheap, plastic pretend iPads designed by lawyers and saddled with terminal cases of AppLack™. They want real Apple iPads and the lush, vibrant, spacious ecosystem that comes with them.

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  1. Thats funny, i just read forbes and usa/xchange report stating its a great product. Ive decided that this forum is so unbalanced and fails to provide even coverage of any issue that its just a waste of time commenting here at all. beating of chests for a company that only owns 16.9% of the mobile market aint a big deal. Yes, they may have more money than gates, but when u dont pay shareholders for 17 years u would want to be loaded. Get your heads out of the sand, or should i say asses.

    1. As denoted in the headline, by the quotation marks, the attributions, etc., the above is a review from The Verge, although I’d love to read MacDailyNews’ review of this latest piece of shit from Samsung, that’s for sure.

      You need to get a clue, so here it is: Fake iPads suck even worse than fake iPhones.

      1. Its pretty obvious these days that “Chris” and others that sound like a samsung commercial….. well………are one. I am sure that they get paid to troll the Apple sites and post trying to get an unwitting Apple user to try Samsung or Microsoft or whomever…..

        Actually, for a laugh, go to a standard Android lovers site and read the comments on any article about Apple. Talk about 11 year old kids trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. So humorous.

    2. @chris

      If Forbes and usa/xchange concluded that the Galaxy Note 10.1 is a “great product” despite it being made of cheap flimsly plastic that dirties easily and having a poor display, then what you should take away from that is that the Forbes and usa/xchange reviews are full of crap, not that The Verge one is.

      *read’s wzinc’s comment*

      Hold on, did you just make up the existence of the Forbes review? And the usa/xchange one? I assumed they were at least real. If not, then you’re an even more special troll than I thought.

    3. In related news, scientists fear an outbreak of an epidemic known only as “Internet Tourette’s.”

      “It’s a baffling disease,” said Dr. Goodwrench. ‘Perfectly normal people suddenly start spouting complete and utter gibberish for no apparent reason. It’s clear that they, themselves, think that they are making sense, but their sentences are disjointed, logic non-existent and they seem to jump from topic to topic with no regard for context or continuity or common sense.”

      The Centers for Disease Control are taking a long hard look at the matter. “It’s a serious problem,” said Israeli professor Telly Prompter. “It appears that when certain key words like ‘Apple,’ ‘Jobs’ or ‘patents’ are uttered, those afflicted with this debilitating ailment simply lose touch with reality and start to mindlessly ramble on and on and on about unrelated matters. It’s similar to a psychotic break — only it’s a lot more boring.”

      “There’s only one known cure for Internet Tourette’s,” opined government guru, Manny Petty. “Step away from the keyboard and shut down your computer. Just. Step. Away.”

      For victims of Internet Tourette’s, like chris and the millions of other sufferers like him, that is good advice. Very good advice indeed.

    1. To be fair (why, I don’t know), the Samsung stylus is an ADDITIONAL input method, not the only one. Lots of iPad users have a stylus device for drawing, writing, etc. I would be thrilled if Apple would develop a pressure sensitive stylus addition for iPad. And so would millions of others.

      1. Spark I would LOVE to have a real (professional) stylus (pen) for the iPad (and yes the blue tiger is close, but falls short)

        But, the samsung is a generation short of what is already available for the iPad. It’s like the iPad all over again, “Here we have this cheaply made plastic rip off of what was available from apple last year for about the same money as they want for their current model, Ok?”
        Only a hater is going to say yes to that.

    2. What they have created is something no one wanted. Non artists don’t really need or want it (the iPhone and iPad proved that) and artists want far far more ((and generally are willing to pay) more like a cintiq (though I doubt Wacom will be the one to bring out that accessory (and no the bamboo pen is not it) for fear of killing their own product))
      So true to form samsung brought out a product that is aimed at people who don’t want it, and won’t work for the ones (few) who do.

  2. It’s interesting Samsung’s stuck with this design, since it first debuted as a hasty lawsuit update to the original Galaxy Tab after Apple sued Samsung for copying the iPad…

    And you expected NOT lazily designed crap from Samsung because WHY?

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